Application Task •Application Project on Situational Analysis and SWOT common to all themespgs MM-112 to MM-122 PART B and C (to be posted together) (15+ 5 Marks) Company –Strengths and disadvantages Analysis Remember this project is in continuity to the previous marketing project. Here we do a durability and some weakness analysis to get our company am?iais -a- vis competitors. We should know: A. What special strength/ skills or assets company has to satisfy the requirements of customers? N. Who competes with us in meeting individuals needs and what is their particular competence, strength or advantage?

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Can we size our own organization and the major competitors on those competencies and advantages? This kind of an analysis uses a 3-step process.

1Identification of all our Competitors. Competition does not control only from goods or organizations that contend directly to your market share but also by any company that satisfies a similar customer require. (Refer for the ‘Market idea of competition’ by the end of the project ) 2List the areas through which your organization or maybe the competitor gets the competence.

Needless to say the particular areas must be industry relevant.

An indicative list of areas in which a company can have got strength / competence is listed below. Advancement? Ability to develop innovative goods? Amount of Rs. invested in R&D? Us patents that a company has to their credit? Specialized product or service superiority Manufacturing? Good Cost Structure? Flexible production operations? Access to Raw materials? Top quality of work power? Capacity? Freelancing Finance- Access to capital? Ability to generate money in the brief and long haul? Ability to work with debt and equity loans? Parent organizations willingness to finance

Management? Quality of top and middle management? Knowledge of organization? Culture? Strategic goals and plans? Gumptiouspioneering, up-and-coming thrust? Organizing or operation system? Commitment? Quality of strategic decision making. Marketing? Product quality popularity? Product differentiation? Brand name identification? Customer alignment? Breadth with the product line? Segmentation? Distribution? Retailer relationship? Promoting / Marketing skills? Salesforce? Service Consumer bottom? Size and loyalty? Business? Growth of portions served

This list is only indicative to serve as strategies for the major areas in which a organization can include strength/ proficiency. You can add in or erase items to go well with to your organization and market. 3Scaling your business vis – a – vis the competitors on the parameters listed above-The Competitive strength Grid *(Please direct exhibit by the end of the assignment) Once the strong points / possessions relevant to the industry have been completely identified, you have to size one’s personal firm and the major opponents on individuals strengths. One particular grid has become done pertaining to the Luxury car market.

The left side from the grid pinpoints the areas in which a luxury car maker can have strengths/ competencies specifically product quality, product differentiation etc . Within the right area various brands have been scaled with both less than normal, average or perhaps above average position with respect to the strength/ competence discovered. For ex girlfriend or boyfriend. Cadillac offers above average situation in merchandise quality, average when it comes to merchandise differentiation and fewer than average on dealer satisfaction, every 3 areas being key to success in a car market. Assignment questions 1 )

Identify each of the major competitors to your product. (Already done in part A of the assignment) •ICICI lender •HDFC •SBI •Deutsche Lender •Citibank •Goldman Sachs installment payments on your Identify and list every one of the major strengths/assets/ competencies relevant to your sector. Core competencies: •Customer services •Risk managing & Conformity •Strategy & Development •Strong leadership and management •Sales, marketing and Procedures •Client foundation and company 3. Range your organization and virtually any two additional competitors about these strong points in a Competitive Strength Grid as is shown in the case in point. HSBCICICI lender

Deutsche Traditional bank •Customer service •Reach to the customer is good •Good relationship supervision •Premier consumers focused cellular material •Reach to the customer is good •Premier clients centered cells •Reach to the customer great •Good marriage management •Premier clients focused cells •Risk management & Compliance •Credit Risk •Operational Risk •Market Risk •Credit Risk •Operational Risk •Market Risk •Credit Risk •Operational Risk •Market Risk •Strategy & Development •Reach to global marketplaces •Presence in emerging economies •Specific to a single country •Reach to global markets

Good leadership and management •Business expansions & Leadership support •Culture of developing and retaining leaders •Strong foreign management and leadership •Business expansions regionally •Strong management presence •Business expansions & Leadership support •Strong foreign management and leadership •Sales, marketing and Operations •Consumer / Transactional Sales •Advisory as well as Relationship Supervision Sales •Consumer / Transactional Sales •Advisory / Marriage Management Revenue •Consumer / Transactional Product sales •Advisory / Relationship Management Sales

Clientele and brand •History and strong company •Your local banker way •Internationally distinguished brand •Strong regional company •History and strong manufacturer •Internationally famous brand 4. Do you have a competitive benefit superior to those of the rival in any or even more area? Do you see key areas pertaining to improvement in a competitive area? The areas of competitive edge are: •Strategy & Development •Reach to global markets •Presence in emerging financial systems •Strong leadership and managing •Culture of developing and retaining frontrunners

Strong worldwide management and leadership •Client base and brand •History and strong brand •Your local banker approach •Internationally renowned company Areas for improvement: •Larger presence in retail businesses in appearing economies •Leveraging technology to increase efficiency, access to markets and risk management •Innovation by providing weekend banking and banking in non standard hours PART C Assignment question 1 . Based upon COMPONENT A and Part M of the assignment, consolidate the Strengths, Weak points, Opportunities and Threats to your organization right into a SWOT Main grid.

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