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Aguirre, Alonso et al. Contagious Disease Monitoring of the Decreasing in numbers Hawaiian Monk Seal. Record of Animals Diseases. 40. 2 (2007): 229-241.

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This information seeks to monitor contagious diseases afflicting endangered Hawaiian monk finalizes. It should be noted which a study of this nature is not only relevant via a preservation point of view, although also a valid tool for assessing a few of the prominent threats to the long lasting survival of endangered Hawaiian monk seals. Two of the most prominent causes of mortality in such a case have been recognized as mitotoxin and ciguatoxin. The authors are of the view that the significance of ongoing surveillance may not be overstated while an approach to the first detection of numerous infectious illnesses. Coupled with various other conservation tactics, this is a technique that could greatly help in foreseeable future conservation initiatives. The fact that the authors in cases like this make use of a proper sample size further improves the precision with the studys quotes.

Kittinger, David et ing. Sociocultural Value of the Endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal as well as the Human Proportions of Preservation Planning. Endangered Species Analysis. 17. (2012): 139-156.

Human conflicts with species have, in some quarters, been blamed for the extinction of some kinds in the past. This effectively implies that human disputes with varieties is one of the concerns that should be highlighted in the assessment of some of the potential reasons for the endangerment of Hawaiian monk seals. Based on the authors, there were numerous cases of intentional killing of Hawaii monk finalizes by fisherman on the main Hawaiian Island destinations. The article features great relevance as it is targeted on the human sizes of endangered species, rather than the biological facets of the same. Inside the authors opinion, the future of preservation efforts in such a case will depend on how well the human dimension in human-wildlife issue is understood. In this study, the experts make use of a various set of trustworthy sources, which in turn further improves the articles believability.

Lopez, Jessica et approach. Geographic Variety of Persistent Organic Pollutants in Hawaiian Monk Seals Monachus Schauinslandi in the Main Hawaiian Destinations. Endangered Kinds Research. 24. (2014): 249-262.

The impact of organic toxins on marine life has been well documented. However , very few studies have got sought to assess how Hawaiian monk finalizes have been influenced by persistent organic pollutants (PoPs). In this case, the authors make an attempt to map

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