Armor Pit Services (AVS), LLC is a company that provides applications that are especially developed in order to meet the demands of anyone who qualifies to get hospice treatment, personal care or homemaker programs, from your simplest custodial care towards the most processes concern. They will recognize convenience the emotional, physical and financial stresses imposed after the client and family. AVS is focused on building a working environment where folks are better able to do well. It stimulates achievement with personal sucess as a significant contributor to success.

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With this lifestyle being at the top we are able to present a friendly disease within the corporation.

People are in-line to prevalent goals and objectives to help with basic safety awareness. Even though, more schooling is needed to help accomplish this, the members all have one common direction of taking care of the client’s requirements. These outcomes indicate that my corporation is focused on the users actively support each other to spot problems and locate workable alternatives.

I am an individual Care-giver, as such, I carry out services such since bathing, washing, preparing meals, sitting with clients and assisting these the daily needs of life. I’ve been working part-time with AVS since Sept of 2009.

The problems discovered are the insufficient training and private care directed at the individual individual. Most of the people are aged or struggling to do on their own. So we need to take the extra step to generate them experience needed and wish to give that extra force to live. Likewise untrained staff can cause anyone to lose their particular life. Although this is a little upcoming organization all precautions should be taken up ensure safety first. This really is a very important aspect for me, since I avoid want anyone hurt from a lack of learning. Other complications observed, may be the lack of improve the staff.

If you don’t have enough patients for the worker, how come hire another person to operate and you are providing both workers part-time work. On the other hand, I understand why because it keeps company from having to provide any benefits. Preliminary Problem Declaration AVS would not have enough well-trained employees for this type of task. We are coping with elderly clients that have a multitude of problems. We are not been trained in medical events, to include CPR. I have abreast myself in ensuring that I use just the fundamentals of CPR and the know-how to know when emergency assistance is needed.

Having untrained workers can cause risk, law suits and trigger someone to lose their your life. AVS also is trying to reduce their expense by not providing satisfactory hours with their workers. Having insufficient hours can cause a big turnover and lack of passion in your workers. With these types of working conditions, how can the worker effectively do their job; how could the clients get the greatest service; and just how can the organization retain and look after the best possible work ethics, in case their main focus is on cost effectiveness?

The TCO’s my own problem is related to are B- given the influence of factors such as ideals, attitudes, values, feelings, and personality on individual patterns, demonstrate just how knowledge of person difference factors to help understand, predicting, and influencing individual behavior and C- presented the array of theories of motivation, display their software to effectively guide staff toward achieving organizational goals.


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