Exas Israel, Incorporated is a privately possessed company by simply Japanese entrepreneur and work and managed by Japanese people consultants and experts. It’s main business since the birth of their mom company happen to be METAL RUBBER STAMPING PRODUCTION (transient or manual and accelerating dieset) and TOOL and DIE DEVELOPING, PROCESSING and VALIDATION. My spouse and i belonged during these two creation businesses.

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Each of our department gets customers’ merchandise technical sketches. We make tool and die design as basis for quotes then customers feedback for approval for the design price.

In that case processing uses on metallic parts aspects of the get project(s). Set up will follow with the processed tool and die. Validation comes after to deliver architectural samples based on specifications essential. Once the sent samples happen to be approved within their line assemblage, mass production will follow for our material stamping development area.

Today, Exas Israel has been taking on several strategies and techniques to add and improve it is methods of productivity and top quality that is greater than existing technology. This development nevertheless , fully suffered daily activities that affect daily production result of the making industry which includes transportation.

In fact , the result of particular method and process displays as one of the largest components that helps the company to become more competitive in the market today. Within it, this methods and creativity plays a main role in satisfying buyer demand developing trust and confidence and others.

One noted product that the company created is PRIMARY PLATE, a metal rubber-stamped part that serves as the main component of camera to be assembled in Pentax Philippines, a single known consumer of ours. Among other parts suppliers, Exas Philippines remains to be one of its biggest and trustworthy plastic molding and steel stamped parts supplier for almost a decade. Trust and self confidence we performed to endured and keep pertaining to future relationship ahead. With this matter, some market, for some reason develop a one of a kind and effective process procedure in all its product and services. In such, inquiring new and state-of-the-art tools and machineries, successful management plan and improved process that could allure buyers and potential customers in general.

Additionally, products and services services in an wide open market like us, have to innovate and enhance procedure to the optimum utilization of methods and cost to be more competitive, specifically commercial worth of our product or service were tremendously controlled and dictated simply by our customers. Where for point, it is just a need for the manufacturing market to forecast total revenue prior to generating or starting a certain project through extensive process evaluation and evaluation of every part of manufacturing and somehow build and improve unique and well-develop processes.

Since main plate making process and cost consists of values must be considered and improved, furthermore, it has the longest and overmanned procedure to date while evidenced by results with the operation creation and delivery during the 1st two months. With the company’s shoot for ” Continuous Improvement and “Process Optimization, the investigator conducted this study pertaining to possible remedies and measure which has to get developed to improve this poor performance process operation.




The study helps you to improve the present methods to be a little more efficient and productive. As a result, it is the target to optimize production result of Primary Plate. The study conducted especially and systematically to provide response to the following:

1) Are the present methods or perhaps set up successful in terms of the subsequent? 1) Method lay-out actions evident intended for cheaper and safer method. 2) Process flow graph implemented specifies steps required in terms of lay-out cost. 2) Can the material be superior for cost analysis?

1) Pricing

2) Material kind

3) Materials rejection or perhaps scrappage

3) Is the manpower offered sufficient enough?

1) Time vs . Method lay-out

2) Personnel vs . Equipment

3) Man-hours necessity vs . Development plan

4) Machineries and fittings fully applied?

1) Press rubber stamping machine utilization per day

2) Along with drill to get chamfering and tool parts utilization

3) Pneumatic tool grinder, cutting and polishing tools utilization

4) Degreasing Machine Usage

b) What would be the pitch to modify or improve the pricey production of Main Plate in terms of? m. 1) Labor cost w. 2) Machine and Equipment set up c) How will modification in the process rewards the company, the department, the employees, the valued customer and also the researcher?


The analysis helps the company understand the mother nature and authentic cost of job and minimizing unnecessary costs, and handling processes inside the line to generate work flow smoother. In addition, it helps the corporation to be more competitive within an open market, highly productive and lucrative in return. As well using successful techniques which will enhance control time can eventually raises productivity with less expense, less staff members and man-hour requirements. This study serves as the guidelines intended for the production department to ascertain man and machine powerful planning, set up time and motion standards to boost production preparing and materials preparation on the whole.

It will also provide relevant info in deciding financial statement, resource share and product estimating cost and worth. For the employees, it will increase their well-being for work since there is that right division of workload, improve their functioning conditions and environment. This will likely also benefit me as I learn time and action study out of this project. I really could apply this kind of at my working section, at my home since learning to get my family intended for time management for better results. To the company’s valued clients and organization partners, the assurance of on-time transport with fulfilling high quality method highly guaranteed.



Opportunity and Constraint:

The study executed by the researcher is focusing mainly about ten (10) different procedures involve in producing MAIN PLATE merchandise. The following are processes: 1) Blanking 6) Flattener 2 2) Piercing 7) Tapping 3) Chamfering 8) Degreasing 4) Flattener one particular 9) Visual Checking 5) Polishing 10) Final Providing The entire finalizing of the product is the main scope of the job where almost all of the critical complications has been located and recognized. The primary objectives of the research are to set up standard time and methods to be followed in the processing of the said product as well as to increase productivity and reduce manufacturing expense.

The job involves extensive cost. Some of them involve many activities which will must be thoroughly planned and coordinated. There are few which may be completed punctually, cost and performance targets. Furthermore, another purpose of the study is always to determine how profitable are the fresh and better methods established by the investigator.


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