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Excerpt from Case Study:

Alternatively, those who decide to break the newest laws would be swiftly reprimanded. The punishment would be inside the vein of the Singapore approach, i. elizabeth. wonks on a violator’s hindquarters with a brine-soaked rattan walking cane. One could presume this disciplinary perspective can be maximally effective as Singapore boosts among the lowest crime rates in the world.

Rate 3: Pre-emptive Force

One of many core tenets of the Bush doctrine is usually “anticipatory self-defense” or pre-emptive force. The concept is that to be able to prevent a terrorist attack it is necessary to hit at the enemy before he/she/it can coordinate, coordinate, and/or execute an attack within the U. H. (Beres, 2005).

In order to prevent future incidents, it’s important to adopt the disciplinary perspective of pre-emption. In short, we must be positive. We need to go after future violators. Now, sadly we you do not have oracles vis a am?iais Minority Survey, but what we can do is train at the very top force of community watchdogs who will screen bike routes and areas heavily trafficked by both equally bicyclists to consider non-compliance or perhaps non-optimal tendencies. Punishment intended for non-optimal behavior will be meted out accordingly (rattan walking cane, non-soaked).


I highly believe that these three disciplinary perspectives could possibly be integrated to generate a society not really unlike the one Winston Smith lived in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. And that’s truly the point with this satirical examination of disciplinary points of views, to show how the integration of certain philosophies or disciplinary perspectives – totalitarianism, mass surveillance, militarism – can result in the full usurpation of one’s basic human rights.

As far as solving the problems related to bicycle mishaps, one could legally argue that these kinds of disciplinary views, if bundled, would cause a world with little bicycle incidents. However , various would suggest which the costs of implementing these specific disciplinary viewpoints would be too high.

That said, which is where perhaps the irony kicks in, the U. S. uses many of the above mentioned disciplinary perspectives to lead the free world. For example , to take one of the less obvious cases, one may possibly say that corporeal punishment is definitely illegal in the U. H., but it isn’t very. In fact , all 50 says permit corporeal punishment at one’s house. And in about 20 Says, it’s nonetheless legal intended for schools to manage forms of corporeal punishment.

The key then, and also to circle back to the bike problems, is to decide how much freedom the city is ready to give up to assure optimal safety. And the reply to this query varies from nation to region, state to mention, town to town, and house to accommodate.

Works Offered

Beres, L. B. (2005, July 24). Anticipatory Self-Defense. The Buenos aires Times.

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