The graded power made from the engine of a high quality vehicle can simply become beneficial when effectively transmitted in the engine with the fly wheel to the transmission system of the truck and finally to the last drive. The propeller the whole length or the drive shaft which can be the mechanised component employed for transmitting torque and rotation is used in transmitting these kinds of generated capacity to the final drive.

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However , if the Ghana Military introduced the Chinese built Dong Feng trucks that are five lot troop holding vehicles (TCVs) for its businesses, their propeller shafts noted a high rate of failure.

This unavoidably affected the morale of troops as well as the operations from the Ghana Military. Some individuals of the truck fearing the propeller shaft failure could result in accident, hanged nylon string or sequence under the vehicles to prevent a failed shaft from striking the floor.

Below are images to that impact. This job therefore aims at identifying what causes the failures of propeller shafts and recommend excuse measures to them.

Fig. 1 . 1 Synthetic Rope Beneath the Propeller Shaft 1 . 2Objectives The targets of this job work are: ¢To recognize the causes of propeller shaft failure of high quality trucks with the Base Workshop. ¢To suggest mitigating and preventive measures for the problems. 1 . 3Justification

It is anticipated the findings on this project brings to the knowledge of truck owners and users especially the Bekwai, ghana Armed Forces what causes propeller shaft failures and recommended actions to prevent all of them from occurring. 1 . 4MethodsUsed The methods to become adopted include: ¢Visit for the Dong Feng Base Workshop, Burma ” Camp. ¢Consultation with Academics at the Mechanised Engineering Section of UMaT, Tarkwa. ¢Data collection and analysis. 1 ) 5Facilities Intended for the Research The facilities to be employed include:

The Base Workshop. ¢Relevant literature review. ¢Library establishments at UMaT. Internet features at UMaT. 1 . 6Scope of work This project is limited to research into the causes of propeller base failures on Dong Feng trucks in the Base Workshop, Burma-Camp, Accra, Ghana. 1 ) 7Work Corporation This job work is definitely organized in to four chapters as follows: Chapter one includes the statement of the difficulty, objective, methods used, exploration facilities utilized, justification in the project targets, scope of work and function organization. The other chapter presents relevant information about Base Workshop by way of a summary and some department at the Basic Workshop and the maintenance treatment.

The third chapter gives a simple introduction to the truck and its particular technical data, detailed description of power train system and a general overview of the propeller base universal joint, General Causes of Propeller The whole length Failure and Mitigating Measures carried out through this chapter. Phase four will dealInvestigation on the Base Workshopinto the causes of propeller shaft inability, Outcome with the Investigation, a conclusion and recommendations. CHAPTER 2 RELEVANT INFORMATION REGARDING BASE WORKSHOP (B/WKSHP) 2 . 1Introduction After the first and second community wars, the Army considered forming a workshop to undertake repair work in the Army.

In 1946, a center workshop was formed and located at Bubuashie at Accra to undertake the repairs from the Royal West African Frontier Force’s (RWAFF) weapons and equipments. Later on it moved to a new internet site at United Africa Business (UAC) Workshop, opposite Accra Railways Place. In 1950, it was chosen as No . 1 Stop Workshop, Western world Africa Electric and Mechanised Engineering (WAEME) and relocated to a new site at Duala barracks, Giffard Camp, right now Burma Camp. In 1952, the Number 1 Train station Workshop was re ” designated since No . some Command Workshop with 300 military and civilian staff.

The vehicle is definitely received as of this outfit, a complete evaluation of the repairs is performed in the existence of the drivers to check the fuel level, notice is definitely taken of any blemishes or physical damage to the car and the articles is also examined for arsenic intoxication tools, car jack, fire extinguisher and the like after which your vehicle is brought to the maintenance section. installment payments on your 3. 3Servicing Section In this article, all the various types of repairing in the workshop are completed. It is also using this outfit that vehicles intended for repairs and maintenance happen to be sent to the right floors intended for work to be carried out.

After the cars have been done, they are brought back to the maintenance section, exactly where personnel cross check with the task card to make sure that all that is definitely on the job credit card was completed before it is sent back to R and i also where bank checks are again conducted to make certain the gasoline gauge, tools fire extinguisher dents amongst others are unchanged as before the vehicle was sent to the workshop floors. 2 . 3. 4The Workshop Floor (Civil Pattern, Steyr, Land Rover, Tata, Large sections) This is how the main automobile repair functions takes place.

The workshop floors is divided based on specialization of staff according to vehicle type. There is the detrimental pattern section that deals with all city pattern cars on demand to the Bekwai, ghana Armed Forces, the steyr section, which handles only steyr trucks. Terrain Rover section handles simply Land Lover as the name suggests. The STRUKTUR section is in charge of buses and last but not the least, Heavy section that handles Jingle Feng trucks (Arkoful, 2000). CHAPTER three or more LITERATURE REVIEW 3. 1Introduction In recent times, there are many propeller shaft failures on the Jingle Feng vehicles at the Basic Workshop, Burma- Camp, Accra.

This could have already been avoided with the proper care and attention to information. An investigation with the workshop in to the causes of propeller shaft failures was performed to obtain a concept of the most common causes of propeller shaft failureof the Jingle Deng pickup truck. The effects of this analysis indicate two main causes of the base failures on the Base Workshop i. at the. Improper Set up and Poor Lubrication. a few. 2The Dong Feng EQ1093F6D Truck The Dong Feng EQ1093F6D 4×4 is a five-ton logistics and troop transporting vehicle (TVC) manufactured by The Dong Feng Motor Corporation of Cina.

The original EQ240 vehicle, run by EQ6100/6105 petrol search engines, has been continuously updated and a number of even more `new technologies have been included into the design since the eighties. The current model, designated EQ1093F6D is powered by an increased Cummins 6BT5. 9 5. 88-litre diesel engine. Design of the truck is entirely conventional, with the engine forwards, the steel cab with capacity of the driver and two passengers, and the weight area towards the rear. An established C-section chassis is used, with beam-type axle assemblies sprung by leaf spring suspension. The typical cargo body system of the pick up truck has a metallic and solid wood floor, steel side racks and a tailgate.

Optionally available equipment features a power take-off and a 4, five-hundred kg cabestan mounted lurking behind the front bumper (Anon., 2010). The People’s Liberation Armed service (PLA) of China works on the large number of these kinds of vehicles, which are similar in features to a wide selection of Dong Feng bonneted commercial 4×2 vans. However , it had been introduced in to the Ghana Armed Forces a few years in the past. The Jingle Feng Electric motor Corporation was originally referred to as Second Vehicle Works, and was established in 1967 by relocating portion of the facilities and technicians of the First Automobile Works towards the rural area in Hubei Province.


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