The issue to be considered here is if the legal form of a preference discuss or a descapotable note is usually paramount or even more important than all other items? I do imagine this affirmation is not really appropriate as well as the substance of a preference discuss or a collapsible note is more important compared to the legal kind.

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From the perspective of users, the disclosure economic statements is considered the most vital way of provide advice about the financial position, overall performance and within financial position of the reporting entity.

As the equity and the liability always lead to diverse effects to the reporting organization, so the disclosure of the fairness and the legal responsibility could lead to users’ different decisions. Therefore , once classifying the equity as well as the liability, the reporting business should adhere to the basic principle of element over form in AASB Framework em virtude de. 35. Based upon the above affirmation, some evaluation of this case are because follow:

1 . As demonstrated in AASB 132 em virtude de. AG25, desire shares, that are redeemable over a specific date or at the option of the holder, should be classified because liabilities instead of equity, plus the reason would be that the issuer has a obligation to transfer assets to the holder of the inclination shares; nevertheless , preference stocks and shares, which are redeemable at the option of the company, should be grouped as collateral rather than debts, since there’s no commitments for the issuer to transfer resources to the shareholder.

AASB 132 em virtude de. AG25 and AG26 also outline that, the classification for non- redeemable preference shares is based on the material of the set up or the rights attach to the shares, as opposed to the legal contact form.

2 . As shown in Framework, the convertible records would be grouped as collateral if transformation to fairness is the potential outcome, even though the convertible records would be labeled as liabilities if redemption at maturity is the probable outcome. Or perhaps as displayed in AASB 132 para. 29, descapotable notes must be classified separately based on two components: liabilities, since convertible notes will be contractual agreements to deliver cash or another monetary asset; and equity, as convertible records are phone options approving the holder the right, for the specified time frame, to transform it into a fixed quantity of ordinary stocks of the enterprise. In addition , AASB 132 para. AG32 illustratethat n conversion of a descapotable instrument in maturity, the entity derecognizes the liability component and recognizes it as equity, plus the original equity component remains to be as collateral.


Foundation on the above analysis, I actually do believe that this statement through this is not appropriate. Seeing that when classified a preference share or a convertible take note, according to AASB Framework and AASB standards, the substance more than form.


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