My report’s focus is usually to see how the brand new Zealand id is described in Fresh Zealand artwork and literature. The texts I chose come from the early nineteenth century – The Keyboard – towards the 1940s in Frank Sargeson’s short stories. Even though these texts might not be very contemporary, you can still see that there are a number of different factors that are in them which will link to my theme. New Zealand Contemporary society In the brief story ‘The Hole that Jack Dug’ and in the song ‘Whaling’, the male is one of the working course.

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In “The Hole that Jack Dug”, Jack is known as a married person who a worker in a scrape.

His wife doesn’t like this he does not get a better job, such as one in your office. Even though Jack has the ability to get a better work, he wants labouring than anything else. In ‘Whaling’ this kind of man is usually stuck like a whaler for the job, possibly because he is lacking in proper education.

“But I’m whaling… Not exactly where I want to become. ” Absence of education forced him into a work he did not want, which might have been what men did at the time. This brings up another issue of women being better educated than men.

This could be seen in ‘The Hole that Jack Dug’ where Jack’s wife is educated in England. “… she would been a governess … read more than ten catalogs by a writer called Hugh Walpole. ” Because the girl with interested in literature and Jack port isn’t, all their marriage isn’t a very great one. Jack port shows rebellion against her and her interests, because of her resentment towards him. This can be seen as New Zealand not valuing education during the time which triggered people just like Jack having working category jobs. These kinds of working course jobs can be seen as a New Zealand traditions.

Jack and the Whaler were both labourers, a distinctive line of work which includes continued its way in to our modern days. This is obvious by the reality the New Zealand has a powerful farming sector which takes a large amount of work. It can also be related to today’s Fresh Zealand males, who will be do it yourself type people who prefer to fix things themselves. Women and men have not often got along well, since seen in Jane Campion’s film The Keyboard. The Keyboard follows a widow and her daughter. The widow has been married by her father into a New Zealand settler. Since Ada can be mute as well as the act that she had not been very willing to be married produces problems with her new hubby. Ada likes playing the piano, a concern that her husband will not care excessive about. Wujud also has an affair with one of her husband’s personnel which makes him so upset that he cuts off her finger. This conflict among men and women can be seen today by means of sexism and increasing divorce rates. This is also shown in ‘ The opening that Jack Dug’ exactly where Jack’s better half convinces him that the opening was a awful idea and gets him to re-fill it. This really is seen today as females overcome sexism.

People just like Helen Clark simon are chosen in excessive positions in our society rather than men. Stereotypes In all with the short tales that I examined, one issue became very clear: men avoid say much. This is displayed in the ‘They Gave her a Rise’ and ‘The Making of the New Zealander’, both by simply Frank Sargeson. In ‘They Gave her a Rise’ the male in the story will not say very much. In ‘The Making of your New Zealander’, there is a small farmhand. However the story is usually centered about him, the narrator says very little “Maybe there’s nothing in it and maybe there is. This is hard to comprehend, which is might be why they will didn’t claim much. It is clear there are many different factors to the New Zealand id and they are shown in superb depth and detail in NZ materials, and that you will find indeed numerous viewpoints than it. In the most my texts the issue of working class was dealt with more than other issues. The importance of working category is still observed in modern NZ society. I think it is a good thing that these issues experienced the effect they have because in the event society retains advancing, after that so will certainly our sense of identity.


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