Ethical courage can be described as concept means doing the ideal thing, it implies listening to mind that what does it saying. Standing on what believe. Moral courage offers three main elements witch are theory, endurance and danger. it means moral courage and doing right things make us in the risk, we may face fear and danger by way of example with dropping o job and security, reputation or perhaps etc . Although falling in the risk is definitely not subject because all of us follow the conscience and it is important because I believe that conscience is founded on values and show us the way to be human being.

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Moral courage is standing up for values such as trustworthiness, fairness, consideration, respect and responsibility but just having these principles are not enough we have to try to put them into practice and we have to determination to ethical principles as well, so inside the practice we might face with danger and have to self confidence to endure hardship, suffer and sacrifice.

With this sense we can see moral courage in action. In accordance to Kennedy (1956) meaning courage can be “the Basis of All Individual Morality.  he mentioned that Brave men carry out as they carry out because that they love themselves, they admiration themselves and their reputation for integrity and the personal standard of their ethics all are more important than their popularity with others or desire to keep their offices. For having all of these values they must fall in raise the risk as it done with senator George Norris, with Nelson Mandela and Malala Youssafzai, that all of them was standing on what they believed and what they recognized that is proper.

They struggled for larger purpose and having greater values such as human privileges and for proper rights and they identified these straggle as their responsibility to fulfill their very own obligation. To be able consequence we saw that all of them up against challenges and danger and so they endured hardship situation nevertheless they could to acquire significant acheivement. for World War 1 that was started in 1914, US authorities declared that they would remain neutral however in reality it absolutely was not like this kind of and US supported Britain by holding guns through Armed Merchant ships and was against German so after The german language submarines sank three American Merchant Delivers in 1917, president Pat declared to get entering into WW1 and requested congressional endorsement. Senator Norris was rival of US entre into Community Ward one particular so he filibustered the Armed product owner Ship costs and he faced with very hardship condition and ruined by American press but he failed to gave up and he believed on the rightness of his course, he was not love holding his office this individual just believed his notion and attempted to say real truth to people. And so finally he did and informed persons about the truth that is lurking behind of this insurance plan he said that these delivers used for having war provider to England and nation try to type in the battle because of economical benefits of a specific groups of people. Senator Norris did a moral bravery action because he said the fact to the people he knew about the horrible result of concerning in the WW1 and this individual believed that war delivers no wealth to superb mass of individuals so his consciences manufactured him to generate judgment although his political career was under risk but this individual pursued rights. Regarding Nelson Mandela, I have to say that this individual struggled against apartheid and racial elegance and inequality.

Many movements and protests were elevated with his management against Apartheid and this individual also joint to Blanket National Congress and attempted to provide equality for the black persons and give them their privileges but this individual understood the particular kind of non-violent protests or movements do not work in the society that is commanded by simply group of people who have doesn’t adhere to their notion so he decided to entail in skade and prepared for provided struggle. If he arrested by simply state, this individual and his geniuses didn’t deny his involvement in skade and armed struggle this individual said the facts and he indicted express for discrimination, for inequality, for misuse of dark-colored people’s right and freedom. He declared state ought to feel guilty. Mandela desired a light future for black people and the basic privileges which were neglected by state. He wished a contemporary society that all persons can live together in a peace and harmony. Inside the court he spoke up with integrity and truth because of this he could bring abundance for dark people. This individual suffered and endured twenty-seven years of his life in prison for his eyesight and when he was elected being a president, he focused on cultivating racial reconciliation and flexible his oppressors in Racisme regime. Especially show his moral courage struggle and even after he arrived at power since president. Malala Youssafzai likewise was one other example whom stood about women perfect for education when it was banded by Talban regime. First the girl understood that it can be her directly to continue her education and wanted this kind of right for different girls too so the lady tried to speak up and stand onto her right. Your woman followed and listed to her conscience and believed that the is right. The girl had many speeches to describe and inform others that what is happening beneath Taliban routine and as a result the girl shot by Taliban and had very hardship situation nevertheless after recovery she don’t give up and straggled to get women’s until she may influence about girl’s option of education in Pakistan.


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