The Internet is one of the great technology of human kind. Go along with the development of science and technology, Internet changed the face area of the world. Especially, in business, Internet plays a huge role because it links all factors to create the achievements of business. Net links customers and suppliers into the steady and mutual benefit’s romance. Firstly, Net changes the partnership between buyers and suppliers from indirect to direct. It helps to remove the “middle ” man to connect straight the customers and suppliers.

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In past times, there was simply way to buy a product that customers went to your local store, where they have contract together with the suppliers to provide goods for them. Therefore , customers and suppliers never fulfilled together in the real meaning. This process improved a lot of costs.

Yet , when Net developed, clients and suppliers have for you to meet jointly. To buy the stuff, consumers can order directly from suppliers through Internet. By this way, not only does the charge decrease, nevertheless also the purchase price is more sensible.

The main advantage of Internet came up with the formation and development of Web commerce and net marketplace. In respect to site 373 inside the textbook, “online consumer product sales grew to the estimated $362 billion news, an increase greater than 15 percent over 2010 (including travel around services and digital downloads), with one hundred and fifty million people purchasing on the web and an additional thirty four million buying and gathering information but is not purchasing (Laudon, K., & Laudon, M., 2014). Second, once Net developed, the relationship between consumers and suppliers is press to improve towards the partner relationship.

Customer started to be the partner of supplier. The position of both clients and suppliers are similar. Customers no longer depend on the supplier; in comparison, they are stronger in selecting their suited suppliers. Third, it boosts the satisfaction and quality of customer service. Nowadays, purchasing and exchanging started to be easier than ever. To draw customers, suppliers have to take care of their user’s demand and tend to meet it mainly because customers have a lot of choices among a thousand of sellers. Buyers can take advantage of price, quality as well as model of product. As a result, to make this relationship get a long term collaboration, besides the diversification of products, suppliers must concentrate on their assistance tokeep buyers closer.


Laudon, E., & Laudon, J. (2014). Management Information Systems: Handling the Digital Firm (13 Ed. ). Upper Saddle River, NJ-NEW JERSEY: Pearson Education.


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