Which is NOT a technology that has been used to deliver assistance during times of crisis?

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QR rules

Intellectual surplus implies that we now discover many people with

Excess some free tools for effort

Collaborative consumption can be when people meet to

Raise the use of an individual product by simply sharing use of it

Crowdfunding assists startup businesses by

Gathering financial contributions from supporters.

The crisis of your growing digital divide is being addressed simply by

the Next Einstein Initiative job

Medicine delivered through pills with embedded sensors

Allows the physician to track the patient’s heart rate.

The MACH job shows that

Computers can help people who have interpersonal abilities development.

Which with the following enables retailers as a solution to customer buying habits?

Data mining

Computer system forensics uses computer systems and technology to

Gather potential legal facts

Is it doesn’t abbreviation pertaining to

Information technology

Social networking

can be incorporated as part of political approach by many politicians.

Web 2. 0 has led to a change from consuming content toward

producing content.

Instances of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing consist of

Kickstarter and Mobile Tone of voice

Being computer well written includes to be able to

All the above.

avoid spam, adware, and spyware.

use the web effectively.

analyze and resolve hardware and software problems.

Laptop forensics

Evaluates computer systems to gather potential legal evidence

The Khan Academy can be

A free technology tool intended for education.

The move toward gain access to instead of control is a signal of collaborative consumption.

The case

Another Einstein Initiative uses the strength of supercomputing to boost mathematical education.


QR rules conduct a “quick release of information through your phone to a website.


Legal investigators might find evidence on the computer, nevertheless that evidence cannot be employed in court.


What Occupies Your brain?

Whatever we think about is usually influenced by information given to our brain all day long. Web 2 . 0. 0 has created numbers channels for people to provide their own be employed by free ” open-source software program, free music, books, and artworks. How has this kind of affected the thinking? Maybe you have created things to share freely with the on the net world? Has it changed the worth you put about music, literature, and skill?

Doing work 9 to 5

This phase lists ways in which becoming computer well written is beneficial. Considercarefully what your life will probably be like once you’re were only available in your career. What areas of computing will be most important for you to appreciate? How might an understanding of computer hardware and software help you in working from home, dealing with groups far away, and adding your talents?

one particular

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