Tumor is the second leading cause of death in the usa. This year, above 1 . 2 million Americans will be clinically determined to have cancer and about 560, 000 will pass away from this. The rates have doubled in less than four decades. In my opinion, tumor is totally preventable. This may be a major statement nevertheless I believe the facts will demonstrate it is true.

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In 1952, Dr . Ernest Krebs suggested a theory that tumor was a insufficiency disease, just like scurvy. His theory was that the cause of the condition was the deficiency of an essential vitamin in a person’s diet.

He identified this as supplement B17, an element of the nitriloside family which can be found in more than 1200 edible plants. It is found in the seeds of apricot, cherry wood, nectarine, peach, apples and others.

To prove a theory it must be examined scientifically. An effective way for Dr . Krebs to prove his theory can be for thousands of people to eat a diet plan very high in vitamin B17 and then examine the results.

This would have already been very expensive but , fortunately, the experiment was not necessary as it had already been done the natural way. Between West Pakistan, India and China is the remote valley of Hunza. The folks of Hunza have two hundred times even more B17 inside their diet compared to the average American. In fact , within a place high is no funds, wealth can be measured by simply how various apricot trees a man has. Medical clubs who have traveled to Hunza found that there has never been a case of cancers. The average age of the Hunza people is around 85, but many live to be 100 years or perhaps older.

Eskimos are one other group of cancer-free people that have been observed for a few decades. The standard Eskimo diet plan is very abundant in nitrilosides, or B17, that come from the various meats of caribou and other grazing animals and in addition from salmonberries.

There are many different groups of persons throughout the world ” from all races and regions. The single thing that they have in keeping is that the level to which they are really free from malignancy is in portion to the amount of nitrilosides found in their native diet programs.

While it is available in most countries, vitamin B17 cannot be sold in the United States. Associated with because it is actually not approved by the FDA. That process usually takes years of analysis and costs millions of dollars. The only firms that could afford which might be the large pharmaceutical drug companies. Because you cannot get yourself a patent to get a substance found in nature, it is not necessarily likely that this vitamin will ever be approved. In fact , since cancer treatment in the United States is actually a billion buck industry, pharmaceutical companies are interested in discrediting the vitamin deficiency theory.

The FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) started a false campaign which will claimed that nitriloside was toxic and dangerous since it contains cyanide. It does, in minute amounts. If you eat the seeds from 100 apples each day you would risk serious unwanted effects, possibly death. If you consume enormous amounts of anything you work serious health hazards. Aspirin is twenty times more poisonous than the same amount of B17.

In the 1970s Memorial Sloan-Kettering, a tumor center in New York, analyzed vitamin B17. While that they publicly came out with a report in spite of this the results were “inconclusive and that it performed no good, research doctors knew the truth. Years later Dr . Ralph Tree, one of the research workers, confessed that he had been told to provide statements precisely opposite of what they had been finding clinically.

Scurvy (vitamin C deficiency) was able to end up being controlled hundreds of years ago. In my opinion the evidence to get vitamin B17 has been scientifically proven to do the same to get cancer reduction. Since the American diet is lower than ever in nitrilocides, it truly is up to each individual to try to take in foods that can help us live healthy lives.

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