1 . you Explain so why personal hygiene is important

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Preserving personal health is of key importance for many reasons; personal, social, well being, psychological or just as a way of life. Keeping a good regular of hygiene helps to avoid the development and spread of infections, health issues and awful odours. Poor hygiene may also have a negative impact on a persons social life as friends and family with detect your physical appearance or odour for example and thus wont wish to bother with you.

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1 . two Describe the effects of poor care on health and wellbeing

Poor care can have a selection effects on your own health and wellbeing, for example; A build up of sweat and bacteria may cause body odour or W. O. which is probably the most prevalent effect of poor hygiene. Certainly not maintaining personal hygiene can cause an individuals pores and skin breaking down, leading to sores that may lead to infection and pain. Poor personal hygiene can also have an effect on an individuals mental health and can lead to a loss in confidence and insecurity.

A persons health is effected by different things.

Physical health and wellness is influenced if an specific health deteriorates. Emotional well-being is afflicted with an individuals feeling. Social wellbeing may be affected by the individual having body odour for example , other folks may find hard to be around them if there is a unpleasant odour.

2 . 5Describe how to maintain the dignity of an individual the moment supporting close personal cleanliness

When I support a person with personal personal care, for example , the moment showering.

I always guarantee the doors, window blinds, curtains, etc . Are shut to often ensure that the keeps all their dignity and respect. I always make sure that the moment moving from your bathroom for their bedroom or vice versa, the is covered, using a dress up gown or towel, toensure that the individuals privacy and dignity are maintained constantly.

2 . 6Identify risks to possess health in supporting an individual with personal hygiene routinesThere are several risks to yourself when supporting an individual by using a personal cleanliness routine, just like; The individual lashing out, being physically injure, getting splashed or protected in bodily fluids, etc . I think the greatest risk certainly is the risk of disease and therefore I take the necessary precautions to minimise the way infections are spread. I take advantage of gloves when it is necessary as I can come in contact with body fluids and squander.

When supporting an individual using their routine I always wear mitts and are always frequently communicating with these people, letting them really know what I am doing or what I i am about to do, simply to give them the feeling or perhaps being engaged and to make them feel much more comfortable. Once I use completed the routine I always rinse my hands thoroughly and dispose of my own gloves and apron when needed. The PPE is always discarded in the right bin in order to not contaminate personally or others.

2 . 8Identify others who may be linked to supporting the to maintain personal hygiene

There are several individuals who may be involved in supporting a service user to keep up their personal hygiene, these could be;

The individuals partner, all their parents, close friends, relatives, important worker, various other members of staff or even the individual themselves.

3. 1Identify underlying personal issues that might be a cause of poor personal hygiene

There are many factors or elements as to why a person may be neglecting themselves. They may be in discomfort or uncomfortable of their body, they may be embarrassed that they need help to wash. Could be getting out for the shops to purchase toiletries to scrub themselves is definitely difficult and so choose to dismiss their personal hygiene. The consumer may feel that they don’t need to wash or look after themselves if they aren’t escaping . anywhere. Or perhaps they avoid feel comfortable getting undressed looking at care employees and therefore cant be laundered.

3. 2Describe how fundamental personal problems might be tackled

The right way to tackle an individuals underlying concern all depends on what the concern actually is. The first step would be to speak to the individual, obtain an understanding of how they look and explain to them that the there to aid, get an awareness of the concern, constant confidence is of important importance.

When you are aware of the matter then you can make up your mind on what step for taking next. By way of example; If the person is in pain, then you can support them to see the GP. If the individual has financial concerns, then perhaps a review of their particular finances and possibly a collection budget may help If the person is feeling depressed then again a trip to the GP features key importance as well as getting them to talk.

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