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As Farrell (June 14, 2000) states: “The idea is usually to make milk the “cool” drink. The “mustache” nonetheless runs, with current actors such as Britney Spears. inch The success of such milk advertising and marketing to young adults, it seems, presents an especially skilled endeavor, seeing that milk is otherwise a whole lot (and traditionally) associated with babyhood and early on childhood, life stages (and self-images and reflections simply by others) that teens particularly generally yearn to leave far in back of. Moreover, the considerable accomplishment of the “milk mustache” campaign proves very well the fact that just about anything can be successfully directed at teens, as long as it is aimed toward them with enough imagination, study, and skill (and with plenty of advertising and marketing dollars).

Some advertising to get teens is usually currently going through some interesting media adjustments, internationally. Within just one global mega-conglomerate, Coca Cola, in accordance to Foust (March you, 2004):

Cola has diverted money into new initiatives that give it time to embed by itself into the favorite activities of its target audience, everything from athletics to music to the Internet. Vacation, Coke launched a Web site in which the large reveal of twentysomethings who even now live at your home can design their own “virtual apartment, inches Sim-City-style. In Britain, the soda giant created a Web site, myCokeMusic. com, that let us surfers blend their own tracks – and then submit them for a “thumbs up” or perhaps “thumbs down” review by peers. (Business week online)

But the Cocaína Cola Firm has also been similarly hard at your workplace at home lately, developing and energetically testing out on suv American young adults new advertising and marketing media and messages (U. S. variation of Coke’s new advertising practices piloted in Europe). The idea in back of these, as with the Euro ones, is that Coke is not merely a product; a “lifestyle” (or at least a new way of ‘hanging out’ with other coke-sipping friends) as well now comes combined with product. Especially, Coke has established a whole “cool” [to teens, in least] experience intended to be integrally and automatically connected with “cool” Coca Cola.

To achieve that, Cocaína Cola has begun using a combination of upscale mall locations; trendy, expensive decoration; and well-liked music, that is, “Coke Lounges” strategically positioned inside popular teen purchasing spots. The overriding idea seems to be that the consumer delights of Softdrink need not always be limited ever again to the pure physical consumption of it. Because Foust (March 1, 2004) further clarifies:

When the entrepreneurs at Pepsi Co…. wished to reach out to teens like Lauren Salapatek, a 17-year-old secondary school junior in suburban Chicago, the soda pop giant lured her towards the Coke Crimson Lounge, a gathering area for shopping mall rats built in a shopping center inside the northern ‘burbs. The lounge… offers distinctive music, films, and movies piped in… [It] features quickly become a gathering spot for Salapatek and her friends. “It’s cool, it’s comfy, it’s in the center of the shopping mall, ” she nods approvingly as Linkin Park’s Weak blares from the hooded audio speakers. (Business week online)

This really is arguably one of the most insidious, yet also very most likely the most deeply persuasive, kind of advertising directed at teens (or at anyone). Through companies’ using these types of cleverly ingratiating marketing tactics, products become associated, through “lifestyle experiences” with a now-desired mood, feeling, or way of living, always much beyond (and scarcely associated with, if actually that) what the product alone ever truly delivers.

An additional recent teenager marketing trendsetter in the United States is definitely the Toyota Motor unit Company, with its, economically costed, custom accessory-laden Scion vehicle line. Toyota’s Scion department currently forms three types of unusually-shaped, offbeat-looking, relatively low-priced autos investigated and marketed to appeal to teens. Apart from the cars themselves, Scion also holds various themed “events” around the nation, where fresh Scion owners can meet up with, mingle, and possess off their particular custom color jobs and optional Scion car accessories (e. g., polka-dotted floor rugs and gear move decorations; neon-colored cup holders, and other sorts of effects, gadgets, and decorations, to their many other Scion drivers and aficionados.

Toyota’s teen-targeted Scion internet site homepage as well features backlinks to “Culture” (which after that offers sub-links to “Events”; “Music”; “Scionware” (customized extra car accessories), ” an installation artwork auction, and “Scion Talk. ” As well, from Scion’s homepage, possible consumers of the (supposedly, at least) hippest object on four wheels, may, whenever they choose, “Play the Scion Shuffle”; “Unleash Your Interior Flash Artist”; “make a music video, ” and “Show off your design abilities and Scion love” (,October 15, 2005). Clearly, precisely what is being promoted is (or so it shows up, at least) very much more than just a relatively fuel-efficient economy car. Implicitly, after that, to own and drive a Scion is to have joined up with a cyberspace-inspired “club” including other drivers as hip as your self. Such masterfully brilliant marketing and advertising, on company Toyota/Scion’s component, has handled so far to very effectively “sell” the combination of childhood; short of funds, and a Scion drivers, as an exceptionally attractive teen place to “be. ” Again, what is staying convincingly sold to teen customers, in much the same way while at Cocaína Cola’s “Coke Red Lounge” in provincial Illinois, is definitely not so much a tangible product as a great implied, linked, accompanying image or way of living (or, better, the phony promise of one).

Customer marketing, naturally , by the very mother nature is designed to be, and indeed must be, income oriented to ensure that companies to survive. What is harmful about techniques many products are promoted is that numerous advertisers of all products, for any age groups, connect their products with an image or lifestyle over and above what the item actually really does or gives. However , more mature consumers generally know via experience to be skeptical of such tactics, while teens do not. Most unfortunate is that, with the young years becoming so difficult in any case, teens enthusiastic by marketing and expert pressure to acquire certain things can sometimes seriously hope or maybe expect that ownership will transform these people. In the future, perhaps what could possibly be useful and beneficial to teens (and every consumers) would be wider, even more frequent, better known availability of books; websites; seminars; classes; articles, etc ., like these so ubiquitously available to promoters, for cautious (and/or inexperienced) consumers themselves. While it can be unlikely that such resources would make all of us any significantly less susceptible to both peer pressure or to misleading or sneaky advertising, they may at least better enable consumers, particular the most youthful, to better identify, understand, and critically assess what promoters are really about.


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