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“Fast Food Nation” is a film directed by Richard Stuart Linklater and presented in 2006. It storage sheds light on the quick food sector as a big machine centered on making junk food and money without any proper care of the food quality, its security, and security of their workers. The viewer gets to know that at the rear of the well mannered smile of your pretty young lady at the package office conceals the extreme truth and mysteries of many fast food companies. The very principle ‘fast’ neglected the concepts of meals, humanity, dedication, safety, and responsibility both from those who work for the industry and people who ingest its foodstuff. The film opens the viewers’ eyes about each of the pitfalls with the fast food market and the results it has in lives of so many people some way.

The matter that impresses the most is just how much cruelty and cold ignorance is included in producing the hamburgers and other food in the menu. It concerns the cattle: how they are kept, fed, and slaughtered, it concerns the workers: the way the administration cares about the significant conditions, security at the workplace, accidents, workers’ mental and physical health, it worries the consumers: the quality of food they are served, its protection, and the quality of service they get (the instant when a dude spits upon the burger and places the cutlet with simple, maybe, soiled hands, and after that gives it for the client who may have no idea the thing that was going on in the kitchen is a perfect example).

Another impressive simple truth is that people know very well what is happening, what company they are working for, what food they make and provide, they know it is hazardous and soiled, infected with E. coli, and many clients also heard about this but continue ordering hamburgers and Fries in McDonald’s and other similar restaurants. The immigrants, whom come to work, also know about the working conditions with the plank, they will know about hiding smell of blood and excrement, shocking pictures of killed pets, danger of getting your arm or leg cut or perhaps broken, they will know this all, but they continue coming below and participating in a great criminal offenses against animals and humanity called “Fast Food”. No-one is making anyone to operate or to get and take in these products. It truly is all about liberty of choice, and as long as people will certainly continue to swallow everything they are really given with no saying anything, there will be no change intended for positive, the youngsters will pass away from Elizabeth. coli, and their parents will become invalids till they make a decision it is enough and stop promoting and encouraging the Fast Food sector by eating their food finding something that is definitely safer and even more useful.

The information, presented in the film “Fast Food Nation” is extremely relevant and is also of great importance. First of all, since it shows the great nation of consumers who usually do not care about the quality of what they produce or ingest, the only things which matter are the acceleration and amount. “More and faster” seems to be a emblem of present world. However, the price for this kind of rhythm of production and life is way too high ” lives and wellness of thousands of people, and the benefits are very uncertain if they are worth these restricting. As for myself, the most crucial information I can take from seeing this film is that humankind should be especially. I understand evidently that if I am doing something, I have to do it with respect to those pertaining to whom I am this process. The forget I present towards the other folks (like the boy whom spits in the hamburger) may be returned in my experience or users of my family. The lesson is that I will treat others the way I want them to handle me. Being a manager, I know that there are much more things except for my own pocket to love. First of all, it is necessary to think is usually my performing right, secure, and good for the people, environment, and entire world. Finally, as being a guest, I will be more mindful and mindful when choosing lodging or have lunch time.

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