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Afraid to Know the Truth

AIDS is definitely an extraordinary sort of crisis that may be both an unexpected emergency and a long-term development issue. Inspite of increased funding, political commitment and progress in broadening treatment, the AIDS crisis continues to outpace the global response. No place of the world have been spared. The epidemic is still extremely powerful, growing and changing in character because the virus exploits fresh opportunities to get transmission. The UNAIDS/WHO global overview of the AIDS/HIV crisis has reported in the year the year 2003, almost five million persons became newly infected with HIV, the very best number in any one year considering that the beginning of the pandemic. At the global level, the quantity of people coping with HIV is growing.

Back in 2001 the phone number increased via 35 mil to 37 million in 2003. In the same yr almost several million individuals have died of AIDS, over 20 million have got died considering that the first instances of SUPPORTS were recognized in 1981 (5). In line with the Center of Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 850, 1000 to 950, 000 folks are living with HIV/AIDS in the United States one quarter of which are unaware of their infection (par. 6). Based on these figures it is an evident fact that this can be a growing problem which is constantly on the get worse every year. The ASSISTS epidemic continues to be established as not only a countrywide problem, and well while an international issue. In 2003, young people (15-24) accounted for nearly half of brand new infections of HIV worldwide, more than 6, 000 started to be infected each day (par. 3). I become very dismayed to find out that almost all people that happen to be infected with this terminal disease are at the ages wherever many at this age go out in the world to make a your life for themselves. But , because of insufficient responsible actions they must experience this disease for the remaining of their lives. Even though there are many types of treatment for anyone infected with this disease and with treatment AIDS/HIV patients can live a lot longer than two decades ago if the first instances of SUPPORTS were discovered, the fact still remains it is an incurable disease.

The most vital factor that will have to come into enjoy to make a significant difference in slowing down or possibly halting this crisis is reduction. But , inspite of the seriousness with this problem there are plenty of factors that can come into enjoy that discourage steps in reduction. In my opinion, both main boundaries that interfere with preventing even more infections, satisfactory care and support and treatment to lessen the impact of HIV/AIDS will be shame and apprehensive thoughts of being discriminated against. These two barriers may be set off by many people factors. Many of which include deficiency of understanding the disease, myths about how precisely the disease can be spread, bias and interpersonal fears. Thoughts of mortification and becoming stuffed with fear of getting discriminated against can dissuade many persons from having tested, lead to them slowing down others preventing people who are infected from having adequate treatment and care.

Lenders positions in society could have a tendency of fueling waste, discrimination, and risky habit. It seems that it really is many times thought that all members of a community who also are seen as living proper lives are unable to become afflicted with HIV/AIDS. Only individuals who do not have virtually any morals and therefore are promiscuous would be the ones who have go out and become infected. If the thought of only being viewed as living an appropriate life is set into a persons head, this easily turns into linked together with apprehensive thoughts of being discriminated against. People who become infected with HIV/AIDS may become fearful of how people will interact with the news and may become frightened that they will take a look at them in another way now. Because of this it makes people afraid to find out if are not they may have this disease mainly anxiety about others reactions. According to a recent Chef Family Groundwork poll discovered that one-third of Americans had been concerned that people would think less of them if they found out they had been examined for HIV (par. 7). Another key factor which may lessen the effect of likely prevention of HIV/AIDS is that many think they are not really at risk of contracting this disease. For example , individuals that come from a small community may possibly see that a majority of people who agreement this disease are in more urban populations. Because of these thoughts they may believe the HIV/AIDS epidemic would not relate to all of them or all their community. Relating to a fresh national review 8 of 10 (80%) heterosexual adults say the number 1 reason why they don’t get tested is that they tend not to consider themselves at risk of being infected with HIV, a sign that more HIV/AIDS prevention education is needed to get heterosexuals (par. 4).

One likely solution to these kinds of many elements that join way of prevention of this pandemic could be wider access to VCT (voluntary counseling and testing) it could lead to openness about HIV/AIDS and lessen anticipation of stigma and discrimination. In the event that people may actually see individuals who have HIV/AIDS speak away about their illness it could after that encourage others to come forward to receive tested. In the event that people who have recently been tested and also have found out that they had HIV/AIDS speak out ahead of they become significantly ill, this may change the image of HIV/AIDS illness from suffering and fatality to living positively together with the disease.

HIV positive individuals participation in actions that help the reduction from the two key barriers of prevention, disgrace and fear of discrimination could possibly be vital. People speaking out about living with HIV and how they are finding out how to cope could be one of the many steps that need to be taken to tackle these barriers. This may make people realize that HIV can be part of all their community which is not just omeone elses issue. A HIV negative persons role within their community really should not be undervalued. Friends and family who show support to get an HIV positive individual could have an immense affect on other folks to show larger support if you’re infected. Just one action can not be taken to conquer these a large number of barriers from the prevention of the epidemic. But , there are many points that could be completed overcome these people. The fear of prejudice that lies at the core of HIV discrimination needs to be tackled at both community and countrywide levels.

A more up to date community has to be established and so there can be a growth of acceptance of HIV positive people and can be viewed as a normal component to society. A lot of may disagree with this, others might suggest that if perhaps HIV positive individuals are considered as a normal part of society it may lead individuals to think it is satisfactory to have HIV/AIDS and further safeguards in safeguarding themselves via it may not be taken. I would suggest that many individual desires acceptance, however it depends on the condition that the person is in that will result in the sum of popularity that could quickly be given.

In other words, it is difficult to become accepted in contemporary society when acceptance is hard as it is to come by, and obvious elegance that is associated with having this kind of disease. Fear of being discriminated against is one of the main reasons how come a person is scared to find out whether or not they are a transporter of this disease. It is clear that many persons believe that contracting this disease is very unwanted, and would not view it as being okay of contracting this. In conclusion, so many people are afraid to be aware of the truth in fear of how people will certainly react and are worried that they may be looked at in different ways. Many are simply afraid to discover the truth, mainly because they may not be capable of accept and deal with the reality of the truth appropriately. A CDC( centre of disease control and prevention) study interviewed 2370 HIV-negative or perhaps untested persons, 25% of people who were tested and 23% of those who also delayed testing said the worry of a great result was the main reason so why they delayed testing (par. 2). The largest step in stopping this crisis before it continues to offer an even bigger impact on the world is obviously prevention.

People need for being more aware of the risks and must are more responsible in protecting themselves. A crucial element that would help the prevention on this epidemic even more is getting tested. I must quotation the infamous lines which might be said in enabling tested ads that are often aired upon MTV and VH1, ŔKnowing is Gorgeous.

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