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Mister. Mort Philman is a 64-year old Caucasian male. His wrinkles, off white hair, and slightly stooping stance indicate his era.

According to him, his body will no longer functions the way it had within the past years. His renal heart failure slowly but surely declines his health and his most recent surgical procedure seriously damaged his daily routine.

Being bedridden for weeks deprived him of the enjoyment of doing those activities which he used to be engaged in. Regarding his intellectual functioning, his memory remains to be intact, they can still understand his caregiver, sons, and also other relatives. He is also up to date when it comes to current events in spite of being homed in an organization for seniors.

He had been happily married to his wife for 23 years, till his wife passed away 5 years ago due to breast cancer. They were blessed with two sons whom now have groups of their own. They visit him in the establishment once every single two weeks.

Nevertheless , Mort nonetheless feels tired and miserable because of solitude and frequent feeling of nostalgia. The more this individual grows old, the more this individual feels useless about living.

Coming from a working-class family, Mort had to function to fund his schooling. When he was in his early 20’s, he was working as a bartenders and at the same time attending college in California. He was an out bound type of person and wished to be with his friends most of the time, but his work schedule did not allow him to accomplish that.

Also, this individual did not have much time for love interactions at such an early time because he focused on his studies and work. He discovered to drink due to his work, but only did it from time to time because of his health condition. He was also encouraged by his doctor to never smoke because would influence his center ailment poorly.

Fortunately, Trépas was able to complete college with a degree in Accountancy. He got a good-paying job in an accounting firm found in New York where he met his first girlfriend/future wife. At this point, he was living independently albeit he couldn’t afford to acquire his individual house.

He got married at a practical associated with thirty-two great wife provided birth with their first boy, Jed, 12 months after their wedding. His wife quitted her work to become a full-blown housewife and mother to their son. Just before Jed’s 2nd birthday, his wife provided birth to a different boy known as Lloyd. These were living a simple yet completely happy family life until his first myocardial infarction when he was 48 years of age.

This recently had an immense influence on his profession and house life as well mainly because his sickness was incapacitating. Nevertheless, having been able to restore and resume work for another six years. By that time, his health was deteriorating together to stay home. This stagnation greatly damaged his character wherein this individual felt weak and had to depend on his eldest boy.

Several years later, his better half was clinically diagnosed of having cancer of the breast and eventually perished because of that. This started to be another accident in his existence which produced him more depressed and alone. This build-up of negative thoughts caused him another myocardial infarction which essential surgery for him to outlive.

Since his sons were afraid that no one can attend to him once another myocardial infarction occurs, they admitted him to an organization that cares about the elderly.

Studying Mort’s creation from early on to late adulthood, there are different areas to become discussed. Relating to his physical development, Trépas underwent the standard changes in a person: decline of physical functionality, noticeable wrinkling and sagging of the skin area, grey curly hair, and reduced perceptual awareness like blurred vision (Santrock, 2002).

His main health concern is his cardiovascular condition which in turn he continues to be nursing as he was young but became severe if he experienced mental difficulties during middle adulthood. For his cognitive expansion, it is noticed that Mort’s functioning with the reflective, sensible and genuine according to Piaget’s look at of individual cognitive expansion (Plotnik, 1999).

These characteristics are manifested by his capacity to introspect, make reasonable assumptions and address his present circumstance.

Delving in Mort’s meaningful development, regarding Kohlberg’s theory of moral advancement, it can be deduced that this individual has reached Stage 5 (Social Contract). With his experiences and intelligence, Mort offers appreciated and evaluated the us government laws as he thinks that it encourages equity and human legal rights.

To give a concrete example, he was a victim of his sons’ decision of placing him in an institution for the elderly because he understands that it is pertaining to the common good (Santrock, 2002). Lastly, taking into consideration Erikson’s psychosocial stages of development, Mort was able to attain intimacy during young adult life.

However , he stagnated during middle adult life due to his heart condition and this developed into despair just recently catalyzed by his wife’s loss of life. Moreover, although he offers accepted what happened in his life, his pessimism and thoughts of inability remain.

We recommend that Mort continue having medical check-ups to deal with his center condition. It is additionally advised that he sign up for a support group for people of his age and be offered the opportunity to perform worthwhile actions.

His family members should also allocate more time intended for him and be involved in a number of his actions. Such advice could help him restore his self-esteem and enable him take advantage of the remaining numerous years of his existence.


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