This paper will certainly analyze the Sunflower Nutraceuticals (SNC) as well as the decisions their very own company can make to increase seed money and take full advantage of the organization’s growth potential. Moreover, this paper can examine some of the decisions manufactured in each phase of SNC’s simulation, illustrate how SNC’s decisions influenced their seed money, and evaluate the general effects associated with limited access to financing.

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Company Background

Sunflower Nutraceuticals (SNC) is a privately owned nutraceuticals distributor that provides buyers, distributers, and retailers with dietary supplements such as, herbs for girls, vitamins, and minerals.

In 2006, SNC widened their business into a lot of new stores within the nutraceuticals industry. SNC found achievement introducing their particular brand of athletics drinks, vitamins for teenage girls, and metabolism-boosting powders that helps to increase women’s metabolism. SNC has the potential to grow into one of the main distributors in the nutraceuticals industry. However , SNC struggled to break even about more than one occasion, as well as exceed the company’s credit line of $3, 200, 500 to finance payroll and operational demands.

For their restrictive financing options, SNC must just use a little percentage (approximately 12%) to gauge, and invest in new business undertakings and options in countrywide and intercontinental retail marketplaces.

SNC’s Simulation (Years 2013-2015)

During the initially phase in the simulations, SNC was presented with four options that could support their organization maximize all their growth potential. The 1st opportunity was going to acquire a fresh customer. The company is taking into consideration adding Ocean Wellness, an effective health meals chain. Through on this fresh customer, SNC will increase sales by $4 million per year and EBIT by $260, 000. Yet , the profit margins and net working capitalterms would stay the same. The second opportunity is definitely leveraging their very own supplier price cut. SNC approved the Atlantic Wellness contract to increase company sales of $4 mil. SNC likewise accepted Ayurveda Naturals and that contract offer is good to SNC as its payment terms happen to be 2/30 with a net gain of 70. SNC can lower their AP to $153, 000 if it would be to pay Ayurveda Naturals within 30 days, and that payment can give them a discount of 2% on some of their raw materials.

The 3rd opportunity should be to tighten accounts receivable. Because Super Athletics Centers be the cause of 20% of SNC’s product sales figures, all those receivable accounts takes the organization approximately two hundred days to pay, and those 200 days and nights are well over a normal 90-day average. To solve this issue, SNC could drop Super Sports activities Centers and improve their DSO number; however , that come at a cost, as SNC’s sales would drop $2 million. The last chance presented is usually to discontinue you’re able to send poorer providing nutraceutical items.

Because SNC have more than 100 SKU’s products within their stock, some of the products can end up being dropped off SNC’s inventory because those products are not regarded and every-day purchase things for most SNC’s consumers. Minimizing or discounting those products will allow SNC to reduce it is DSI to 86 days and nights, cut their EBIT simply by 65k, drop sales to $1 million, and create extra room to the even more popular, and higher selling inventory items. Doing this can rationalize the SNC’s SKU count.

SNC’s Simulation (Years 2016-2018)

During phase a pair of the ruse, SNC was presented with three different chances. The initial opportunity should be to pursue big-box distribution. SNC established a partnership with sales large Mega-Mart, and this decision allowed SNC to find out an increase in sales of 25%, 10%, and 5% during 2016-2018. In addition , this decision dropped SNC’s from six. 5%, to 6%; however , their charges were paid on time causing SNC’s DSO to drop. Starting a relationship with Mega-Mart is a good idea. Nevertheless , this alliance will drop margins and minimize SNC’s EBIT. The second prospect is to increase the company’s on the net presence. Since SNC would like to grow their procedures into new retail markets, its organization was offered an opportunity to work together with Senescence Nutraceuticals.

The goal of the relationship is so they could reach a larger, more diverse consumer bottom. From 2016-2018, this collaboration reduced SNC’s DSO statistics because the web product sales began to becollect more rapidly from seven, to three, to two days and nights throughout the duration of 2016-2018. In addition, SNC as well saw a 10%, a 5%, and a 3% embrace their sales from 2016-2018. This will always be an ideal chance for SNC since it will allow them to increase their product sales with having little-to-no influence on the company’s working capital.

The third option is to produce a private label merchandise. SNC provides a partnership with Fountain of Youth Health spas, and Fountain of Youth Spas wishes SNC to produce their own plr product to ensure that SNC can easily expand their particular nutraceutical products line and increase their revenue and buyer base. Doing this would increase SNC’s 2016-2018 sales by 5%, 4%, and 3%. Additionally , it will also increase margin by 2% while elevating SNC’s DSO’s and NINTENDO DSI. This partnership will allow SNC to increase all their EBIT whilst slightly raising their accounts receivable numbers.

SNC’s Simulation (Years 2019-2021)

During stage three of SNC’s simulation, there were 3 opportunities pertaining to SNC to consider. The first prospect is to get a high risk consumer. Midwest Miracles is a potential high-risk customer for SNC because of Midwest Miracles’ abnormal debt and risky financial situation. However , purchasing this customer will increase SNC sales by simply 30% in 2019. Midwest Miracles is known as a potential exposure to possible SNC his or her company has a 20% potential for going insolvent and a 50% chance of a full restoration. Other associated with this customer, include a very likely increase in DSO by one hundred ninety days, and higher costs, with a for a longer time than typical invoice pay-period. The second opportunity is to renegotiate supplier credit rating terms. SNC want to renegotiate the credit terms with other vendors, so that they used their very own main merchant Dynasty Enterprises (located in China) since leverage (SNC wanted a 3% low cost for payment in 12 days) with other vendors.

SNC could use their negotiation strategies with other sellers because their particular main seller, Dynasty Enterprise offered SNC profitable terms of 2/10 with a net of 35. This decreases SNC’s costs of revenue by one hundred dollar, 000 and their AR by $812, 500. The last opportunity is to adopt a global development strategy. SNC acquired a new Latin American client (Viva Familia), which usually helped SNC expand their business businesses into Latin America. SNC’s partnership with Viva Prole allowed SNC to decrease their DSO simply by 2 times because Viva Familia will cover delivery expenses. However , this new partnership improved the company’s DSI by two days, and it also increasedSNC’s sales by simply 2% with margins leftover parallel to current organization.

SNC’s Final Metrics Results

Final Metrics Results (Figures Reflect 2013-2021):

EBIT (600% Increase): Figure went from $440 to $3080

Revenue (213. 4% Increase): Physique went via $10, 000 to $31340 Net Income (985. 90% Increase): Figure proceeded to go from $156 to $1694 Free Income (406. 03% Increase): Physique went via $365 to $1847 Total Firm Worth (60. 38% Increase): Number went coming from $3, 248 to $5209 General Effects of Limited Use of Financing

There are numerous general effects limiting access to financing, which can have several effects in entrepreneurs trying to start or grow her or his businesses. For instance , limited use of financing can result in higher rates of interest on a business loans, credit costs, or pressure a business to handle a complicated and expensive admittance (registration costs, policies, products fees, and so forth ) and exit methods (Parrino, Kidwell, & Bates, 2012). Furthermore, limiting the number of growth (profits, SME, consumer/client base, etc . ) a firm can have in a provided new industry would have the same affect. Furthermore, making it more challenging (longer and more expensive reaction) to apply property and intellectual legal rights of privately owned and developed brand products.

In Summary, the SNC simulation demonstrated managing growth and capital can become quite challenging in today’s organization markets, particularly if a company features limited financing or assumes business partnerships they cannot monetarily support with the credit line or resources.


Harvard Business Publishing. (2014). Seed money simulation: controlling growth. Gathered from, Parrino, Ur., Kidwell, Deb. S, & Bates, T. W. (2012). Fundamentals of corporate fund (2nd ed). Hoboken, NJ-NEW JERSEY: Wiley.


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