From the case study with the Financial Private investigator, 2005 the aim is to you can put correct organization to match the given economic data and ratios. I will analyze and compare the financial proportions of the firms in every single industry and interpret them to identify the right company.

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Health Products:

Company A is definitely Johnson and Johnson (J&J) as it is apparent based on its financials. The price tag on goods offered is twice as higher while Company N because J&J has a incredibly broad range of goods that would need many different methods and suppliers.

J&J has a high inventory and receivables turnover mainly because it is reflecting its mass-marketing strategy. Also because J&J mass marketplaces its extensive line of products, they have high net fixed resources as they create in huge amounts of volume that would need many production facilities and equipment in order to produce all of their products.

J&J has a much higher ratio of money, short term investments and receivables that is data that it features cash accessible and large creation facilities.

Company W is Pfizer and evidently has a greater ratio of intangibles that comes from their copyrighted products that has led them to higher monthly premiums to support their very own robust R&D budget. Expense of goods offered is lower because they produce more over the counter products which experts claim not need any further considerable research.


Company C is Anheiser-Busch which is the owner of a amounts of beer-related businesses they have bought which compares to their high debt ratio at 51. 19% to be able to finance these types of acquisitions. They likewise have a high amount of net fixed possessions needed to production their products in their many breweries and topic parks. Business D can be Boston Beer because they may have such a compact net income margin due to their smaller production in volume. Even though they have higher rates, it takes more resources to make their periodic and all year round beers and so their SG&A expenses happen to be greater than Company C. They have a great percentage of cash and current assets as they are fiscally conservative and aware of all their cost-savings strategy.


Organization E can be Dell, evidently because they exclusively carry out mail-order and built-to-order PCs allowing its customers to design their own goods. Due to their strategy in moving on the cost benefits to the clients, they have lower SG&A when compared with Company N. However , Dell purchases most of its products made by its a large number of suppliers that is why they have a excessive accounts payable. Company Farreneheit is Apple as it has a higher Beta than Dell due to its dramatic decline in market share rendering it more high-risk than the remaining market. The organization is led by its charismatic founder, Steve Jobs, and is one of many highest competition in the market due to the innovative companies retail store presence.

Books and Music:

Organization G is Amazon based on its online presence description. Amazon’s net profit margin is excessive because offers to customers through their vast retail presence that offers a variety of goods with discount rates which has helped them earn higher income. Their arrays are lower because their very own strategy is to keep low inventory to minimize the possibility of risk due to new product launches, changes in customer tastes, etc . Their beta is usually significantly higher because that they haven’t been around as long as Business H. Business H is definitely Barnes and Noble also because of their existence in retailers, they have a larger net set assets and higher inventories because they have to keep all their stores and warehouses well stocked in order to meet buyer demands. Their particular high intangibles accounts for their various logos also.

Daily news Products:

Business I is usually International Paper and features higher intangibles due to proudly owning numerous packing-product facilities. Downgrading went up as they knowledgeable a net loss as a result of closing of inefficient generators. Company T is Wausau Paper and has higher inventories because it is such a compact firm that it must take sufficient inventory to meet buyer demand. There is also lower fixed assets mainly because they choose the wood fiber used in its products on the open market

Components and Equipment:

Company E is Snap-On as it is a worldwide manufacturer and marketer of tools and has a lower percentage of receivables as it sells its products primarily to retailers, bulk suppliers and distributors which may possess fasterand regular payment conditions. The company also has a higher net profit margin due to not incurring as much costs associated with maintaining a sales force. Company T is Black and Decker since it obviously provides higher SG&A expenses because they market their products via its technical associates and portable franchise dealers. Their receivables are also higher which can be related to the loans it provides to its buyers.


Company M can be Wal-Mart as evidenced by their known low prices and excessive volume-oriented approach. They have large net set assets with Company N close at the rear of because they are carrying on to increase their network of syndication centers. All their inventory turnover ratio is usually high because they are able to renew inventory quickly due to having so many circulation centers. Firm N is usually Target because it is more of an upscale low cost store instead of just centering on low prices. Their particular receivables are significantly more than Wal-Mart’s mainly because they offer bank cards to qualified customers.


Company U is Shelter and has a higher net profit perimeter because it is a fierce rival with low threat. Business P includes a significant quantity of intangibles due to acquisitions.


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