Can anyone control their life? Is the benefits of control in human beings’ hands to make choices and place or understand the exact outcome of those alternatives? Personally, My spouse and i don’t believe human beings will be awarded with this kind of a power as to be able to change any kind of aspect of their very own lives. The purpose of my article is to give attention to the life of Willy Loman, a protagonist in a enjoy called Loss of life of a Store assistant by Arthur Miller. Is usually Willy Loman an existentialist or this individual thinks he has no control over his life? According to my own perspective, Willy Loman is which is not an existentialist.

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In the life, Willy Loman wants to be a prosperous and well intentioned man. His blueprint of becoming successful in life is what this individual often says, “Be enjoyed and you will under no circumstances want (Miller 21). Willy believes that the key to success has been well liked by simply everyone in the commercial world. There is an eighty four yr old salesman Sawzag Singleman, who was such an experienced in his work that he would make a package by dialling the potential buyers without giving his office.

Willy Loman started to be extremely inspired by Dave Singleman that he thought being a sales person could be the greatest career a male could want.

Unfortunately Willy did not come to be the greatest sales person as Sawzag Singleman was. According to an online dictionary, existentialist is usually “a thinker who focuses on freedom of choice and personal responsibility but who have regards human existence within a hostile whole world as unexplainable (“existentialist). As I said before, Willy Loman can be on both sides of being and never being an existentialist. A way that Willy can be not an existentialist is that, when Willy goes to Howard, that is Willy’s manager, he maintains confidence in the mind the reason that he’s going to Howard for is going to turn out to be in his favor.

Willy wants to request Howard for a raise and a job by which he noesn’t need to travel. Willy’s method of attaining success if it is liked does not work out here. Willy’s confidence fails when Howard terminates him from the job. So Willy could not control the outcome of his choice of going to Howard to talk, therefore he’s no existentialist. The other method by which Willy can be an existentialist is that on the conclusion from the play, Willy thinks of taking a responsibility of his family and consequently doing something that would gain his entire family.

Willy makes a significant decision; being a mater of fact, the biggest and the most significant decision of his lifestyle. Willy chooses to finally take control of his life and end it. This time he knows and he’s self-confident that the final result of his decision will probably be in his favor. Ironically, Willy is excited to terminate his life, because that would provide his family the twenty thousand dollar insurance that Willy had. Twenty 1, 000 dollars could assist Biff in getting a good start in his career.

Willy got control of his life and made a choice that he thinks is liable and useful to his family, especially to Biff, for that reason Willy is an existentialist. Willy Loman was as well as was not an existentialist. There might be many point of sights whether Willy Loman was or had not been an existentialist. This dissertation demonstrates my personal view and perspective of Willy Loman. Works Mentioned “existentialist.  WordNet a few. 0. Princeton University. 21 years old Apr. 08.. Miller, Arthur. Death of the Salesman. Nyc: The Viking Press, 1998.

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