Our company is kept on this earth to create a difference, but we do not really know what for. The poem “A Soldier” by Robert Frost tells the storyline of a fallen soldier. A soldier provides fallen on the battle discipline. We do not find out why the soldier dropped; only that fallen enthusiast knew so why. In this poem Frost uses metaphor and personification to compare a soldier to a lance.

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First, Frost uses personification to compare a soldier to a lance. Using this method you do not understand if the soldier is the puncture or in the event that he also comes in to the tale later.

It also means that the soldier has fallen in battle, yet we do not understand why. In the poem that says “He is that dropped lance that lies because hurled” (“A Soldier” 1). Therefore , Ice uses representation to evaluate a soldier to a suerte.

Second, Ice uses simile to compare our understanding of what happened in order to being males. It is so since sometimes we look too closely at some thing, and we miss the big picture.

Or, we look with the big picture and miss the little things. Just like, we see the soldier’s fatality as unimportant. We simply look at the big picture, and what someone else performed. For example “If we whom sight along it around the world, observe nothing valuable to have recently been its mark, it is because like men we look to around, forgetting that as fitted to the sphere” (“A Soldier” 3-6). Even though we at times don’t understand why someone’s lifestyle was significant, we will have honored the brave guys that have fallen for each of our country.

Finally, Frost uses personification to give human features to a missile. He performs this by detailing what the missiles do. They fall, and rip the grass. Just like when a enthusiast is shot; they land and grab the turf. In the composition it says “They help to make us cringe for metal-point on stone” (“A Soldier” 11). By simply saying this kind of Frost features compared a soldier to a missile since when a missile makes impact on something it makes us cringe. When a soldier is catagorized, it makes us recoil at the scary of it. Consequently , Frost applied personification to compare a soldier to a missile.

In conclusion Frost uses personification and simile to compare a soldier to a fallen pilum and a missile. He also even comes close our negligence to just becoming men. We are kept on this earth to make a difference, yet we do not really know what for. I think that Ice is recommending you to find the calling on the globe. A enthusiast has dropped on the challenge field. Do not know for what reason the soldier fell; just that dropped soldier realized why. This is similar to the theme, we are with this planet for the reason, and it is up to all of us to find out for what reason that is. Therefore , Frost connects personification and simile to help urge all of us find out each of our reason to get on this globe.


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