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I enjoy Canada with the whole of my cardiovascular system, it has been my dream country since I used to be in secondary school, I did previously have this Indian-mathematics teacher inside my secondary institution then who is always informing us regarding Canada, which includes made me to produce interest in heading there at some point, With my own findings, My spouse and i believed Canada is truly excellent, and its a home to many good people and area of many options, land filled with multicultural beliefs, multi-languages minus minding the religion background of any person. Canadians discover themselves together family. Canada has one of many largest foule of immigrants in the world. This is actually the only nation in the world that took time to spot the demands of their citizen to make economic grow by providing an avenue pertaining to Express Entrance for experienced workers.

Leadership: Canada is blessed with a leader that has the love of people in heart, Mr. bieber Tradeau can be not a presidential candidate, because typical politician might only care about their personal interest first before other folks. He has demonstrated what real leaders is centered on, a leader who will be very young and open-minded, he was just forty-four years old if he became the top minister of Canada and he has done pretty well displaying how a head should lead a country. This individual has made myself understand that women are not simply to be in your kitchen cooking or perhaps taking care of the kids, he has given even more opportunity to ladies in his cabinet. This is one of the system I want to be part of.

I have hardly ever seen or perhaps heard nearly anything bad about Canada, which has made the region to be safe and peaceful, a country where they don’t see a issue with race, colour of skin, religion or social background of other would prosper. Canada does not seems to have time to produce hatred, alternatively they are and so busy creating wealth, good and safe environment for anyone, without anyone declaring to be the actual Canadians or immigrant.

I chosen to study in because Canada has the top educated people in the world, which will made them to standout between other countries in terms of coverage and perceptive, economic expansion and human being development. Which has helped these to become independent. Canada is usually sweet of course, if I have an opportunity to come to the world again, I would rather choose to be a Canadian, because of what I found out about their education system, which I consider is one of the best lawn mowers of the world if not the very best in the world. But good things are certainly not usually low-cost really, I could understand why education cost is around the high rate in Canada. Everyone in the world want to have their educational experience, in contrast to here in Nigeria. I wish I’ve what it takes to obtain my education from my own early level in Canada, I really like education but i was sad for me to end up being among the 18 children of my father who have do not love western education, I originated from a family exactly where they enjoy only giving birth to many kids as their main priority is obviously, rather than taking care of the children. Although my later mother do try to me, until I lost her when I is at my 1st year in college although I could certainly not continue my personal education due to fund thus i later dropped out of school. I made a assurance to my personal late mother that I will attempt everything conceivable to make sure We go back to school and finish up and also to never only university in Nigeria, but to go outside the nation to have more education. Their a take great pride in to be well-informed in my nation now. I would like to become somebody in life, so I can help to relinquish to the world, I know 60 lack of education. Education is the key to achievement in life, their an eye-opener to civilization. I know the things i went through prior to I was able to finish up my college.

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