How to Move From Class-Room to Web-Room as Easily as Possible

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1 ) 0 FUZY Getting your program onto the internet (WWW) is the most suitable done

by using a systematic strategy. There are a number of steps that really must be taken

prior to starting any of the actual web function. Meetings must be held with

various groupings within your company. Once the actual coursework is begun

there are some essential parts and some recommended components. You will find

specific expertise and skills that you possibly need to get or you ought to

access. Every web-based course is unique, nevertheless they often have a large number of components in

common. Some are essential, others may be optional. Resources are available on

the campus, from the many web companies and from the web itself.

2 . 0 KEY WORDS The net, WWW, Distance Education, HTML CODE, Web-Based


3. 0 INTRODUCTION The amount of degree credit courses on the World

Vast Web (WWW) has increased exact same astonishing price as other pursuits on

the WWW. There are some specific actions that can be used that will help to

transport the professor through the idea level to the delivery of a course over the

WORLD WIDE WEB. Also, just like any other educational technology, web-based instruction

works better for some situations than others. Web-based instruction is advantageous

when you want to make a virtual environment which is not quickly or, maybe

safely accessible. An example is usually sending learners to a virtual nuclear lab or about

a digital tour with the Louver in Paris.

some. 0 INTERNET BASED INSTRUCTION Web-based instruction it allows learners to gain

knowledge and skill more effectively than traditional methods. Simply

copying material such as lecture notes towards the web is definitely not making use of the

technology to its finest advantage. Extended text such as lecture notes happen to be, in

fact, best printed because many learners knowledge eye pressure and sensory

disinterest studying long pathways of text on a display screen. Some particular situations

tend to lend themselves to web-based instruction. some. 1 Encouraging Communication

You want to encourage interaction through meeting. Through internet

conferencing students may be involved in discussions or perhaps group use one

one more with or perhaps without the involvement of the instructor. Role takes on

simulations of historical events and debates are also samples of how learning

can be caused through the conferencing option. some. 2 Interacting with Source

Papers You wish learners to use source paperwork to complete

assignments including conducting an analysis or perhaps designing a project. These origin

documents is probably not readily available to learners or maybe, based on the

assignment, will not be equally significant to all the learners. For example

you may question learners to analyze and analyze issues pertaining to Canadian

elections. To full the job, various students may get archived

info such as newspaper and journal articles which usually specifically correspond with

their particular fascination or point of view. One example can be described as site controlled by

the University of Victoria ( robinson/index. html)

which contains letters, maps, biographies and newspaper articles or blog posts about the

murder of William Johnson committed about Saltspring Tropical isle in 1868. The

information at the web page allows students and the public to pursue their research

because they please and access unique documents that are not generally

available. Persons are free to interpret the meaning of the documents and

reach their own conclusions. 5. 3 Overall flexibility of Learning You want to give

maximum versatility to allow learners to undertake learning and analysis in the

purchase which best suits them. As the web permits learners to move

around whenever, they do not need to follow a methodized hierarchy.

Generally learners want and want some way but the internet allows a more

flexible procedure. 4. some Further Examine You wish learners to pool info and/or

research to find habits and styles or to undertake further examine.

5. 0 ASSUMPTIONS For a starting point also to keep all of us on track in this paper, I

will go over degree credit courses shipped by the School of New Brunswick.

I will imagine for your case there is all set WWW internet access for the mentor

as well as net access for individuals. Again, to get consistency, I actually expect my own students

to acquire at least Netscape 3 (or the equivalent), their own internet service

supplier (ISP), and the skills essential to access the WWW. These are generally my

starting points although most principles discussed can transfer across institutional


6. 0 BEFORE YOU START YOUR COMPUTER 6. you Steps to Take There a number of things

that you need to do before you start to do any coding, contracting or night time

computer cracking. There are gatherings to setup, there may be paper work to be done

and decisions to be manufactured. Then, and only then, do you get to enjoy

with the computer system. 6. 2 Meetings I might advise that you consider this

meetings as part of your endeavors. They will help you arranged the ground guidelines

help you avoid some of the mine-fields, and start you off on a working

relationship with groups that can be possibly wonderful allies or strong

combatants, and hopefully help keep you on track as you work at a done

product. 6. 2 . 1 Your preliminary meeting with your own division I feel it is

imperative for almost any relationship you and your providing agency (Department of

File format, Continuing Education or University in the World) to start out

with a good romantic relationship with your own section. In this appointment you may need

to have the approval of the supervisors of your department to be able to deliver

in something aside from the traditional in person, on campus mode. These in

power may have to make sure the academic support for some period after the

begin of delivery of the study course (at UNB, the period is definitely three years). At

the University of New Brunswick, trainers delivering courses through the

Section of Extension are suggested by the faculties. This is something you

may additionally wish to consult with your individual department currently. It is often

believed that the person(s) developing a study course will be the one(s) that wish to

teach the course and the one(s) that the faculty is going to appoint to train the

study course. This is not constantly the case. Its also wise to discuss conceivable sources of

help for the introduction of your training course. There are times when stipend relief may

be available via various resources. There may also be funds offered from other

organizations. 6. 2 . 2 Your first ending up in your delivering agency Having gained the

approval of the faculty, you should next discuss with your delivering agency. In

this getting together with, you should go over the ways they can help you in the

development of the course. They might also reveal to you what they learn about

possible money sources. Because Web-based learning is different via regular

face-to-face lecture learning, they will need you to use good

educational design strategies. This is often a place where they can help.

Below are a few items you may wish to talk about at that getting together with: a. possible methods

of web-based delivery for your training course, b. technique of payment to the instructor

c. ancillary support materials and the delivery to the students, m. how the

elements, assignments, markings and sales and marketing communications flow between parties e.

liaisons with the libraries farrenheit. liaisons with Computer Providers g. on-going

checkpoint conferences with your delivering agency. In regularly planned

intervals, you must meet with the delivering organization as they is going to wish to

screen the development of the course. Your delivering firm should be checking

with you to: * keep abreast of your time and efforts lines. They require this to be able to

best industry your course and to notice that it receives the coverage it justifies, *

make sure the consistency of an Instituto look and feel * ensure the

consistency of any requirements for web-affiliated courseware creation (for a great

example, you should see * continue to keep abreast of

your preferences and success. These group meetings are intended to make sure the standards

and formats like delivery of the institutes programs, and should

suggests be an attempt to impact your instructing.

7. 0 NOW YOU MAY START YOUR COMPUTER There may be an ongoing issue as to whether

you ought to do any some of the world wide web work oneself, or in case the work ought to be

jobbed out. I enjoy working with the web, I use instructional design training

and have been involved in courseware development intended for quite a few years and thus

as long as I possess more time than financial resources, I will do the function myself.

There are plenty of very good professional agencies that can be developed to produce

courseware for you. These types of agencies could be contracted to carry out a wide range of the

jobs required to complete almost any web-based program. There are most likely

agencies as part of your institution whom specialize in training design and

courseware expansion. These devices should be contacted. For certain areas of

the development which you do yourself, you should have some particular skills. several. 1

Skills and Skillsets 7. 1 . 1 Important Skills (Talents) You will need to become very

acquainted with these or perhaps will need entry to people who are and may do these kinds of

aspects of the task for you. 7. 1 . 1 ) 1 HyperText Markup Language HTML Stands for

HyperText Markup Language, and on a range of one to ten, learning the basics of

HTML is about a three. The net is a great reference (see the Resource list

below), and a plethora of very good books about them. I maintain your most

current version of Teach Yourself Web Submitting with HTML CODE in a Week by Laura

Lemay around my computer. As with almost all aspects of the WWW, printed support is usually

changing regularly, but the most current edition is often the best. 7. 1 . 1 ) 2

Educational Design Once again, there numerous excellent resources and my own

favorite is definitely Jerry Kemps The Instructional Design and style Process (New York: Harper

& Row, 1985). However, it is, out of print, which is one case where I do

think the next copy was not as good as the first. Another good choice is

Robert Branchs Common Instructional Design Methods Employed by Second

School Teachers, Educational Technology, thirty four, (Englewood Coves, NJ: Educational

Technology Magazines, 1995). several. 1 . 2 Optional Skills (Talents) 7. 1 . 1 ) 2 . one particular More

CODE The more familiar you become with HTML, the more you will be able to

enhance your classes web site. This can be a good thing, this means you will also be certainly not

so good. Adding components and further bells and whistles on your web

site should be done as being a conscious choice to support your educational targets

and not just for the reason that bells and whistles exist. 7. 1 ) 1 . 2 . 2 CGI

Stands for Common Gateway Interface and is the coding which allows the

data collected from forms upon webs sites to be altered. This can be as

simple because allowing pupils to send particular assignments to you, or could be as

elaborate while on-line enrollment. 7. two Components of the net Course Just about every

Web-delivered course will have a number of components. These types of will vary depending

upon your requirements, your style plus the degree of interactivity in the course. Presently there

are some parts that should be component to your site, produce the

course appealing to your customer. I feel that some aspects of a web-based

course are necessary and others are optional. 7. 2 . you Essential Elements These

could be divided into static and powerful. 7. 2 . 1 . 1 Static Components These

components change hardly any. They can be you should get some web site in support of updated

since needed. 7. 2 . 1 . 1 . 1 The Training course Description This will likely often arrive directly from

the University appointments. 7. 2 . 1 . 1 ) 2 The Professor This could be as casual or since

formal because you like. What kind of first impression do you desire to make? Just how much

do you desire to add? Do you wish to hyperlink to your own personal Website (if you

have one)? 7. 2 . 1 . 1 ) 3 Requirements Again, this can often come from your

university or college calendar. It usually is a good point to specify virtually any particular

calculating hardware, computer software or expertise that will be required for students to be

able to consider your training course. 7. 2 . 1 . 1 . 4 The written text Here is a nice place to set a

searched cover in the text along with the ISBN, the publisher and all sorts of the

info needed for your potential students to acquire this text. Listed here is a

good place that will put a link to your institutes book shop assuming very low web

web page. 7. installment payments on your 1 . 1 ) 5 Marketing communications This is where putting as much info as you

can easily about how college students can reach you. Will you have workplace hours? Virtual office

hours? Can they reach you through Email? Just how do they reach each other? Is there a

listserv, a secure machine? 7. 2 . 1 . 1 . 6 Grading Students all seem to want to know

what they should do to get a indicate. This is a good destination to tell them about

assignments, quizzes, mid-terms and finals, and any other expectations you have

of those. 7. 2 . 1 . 2 Dynamic Components These parts may change often. They

might be up-to-date, or supplemented once a week or perhaps every couple of days. 7. 2 . 1 . 2 . 1

Program Board This kind of gets employed much more in the first section of the class. Because the

course gets into it this appears to be used much less frequently. 7. 2 . 1 ) 2 . a couple of

Assignments Place be positioned on the web site prior to the class begins for all

tasks, or may become readable by given times or since new tasks are

provided. 7. installment payments on your 1 . installment payments on your 3 Marketing and sales communications Options These are the actual components of the

website that enable interactivity in this time. The real power of the WWW is

global communication. Which is what makes web-affiliated courses and so exciting. Your

courses marketing and sales communications may include any number of the following: six. 2 . 1 . 2 . 5

Closed Listservs These work with standard Email to allow every members from the class to

send and receive messages from some other member of the class, including the

teacher. Messages will be automatically sent to all of the individuals personal

Email addresses. 7. 2 . 1 . installment payments on your 5 World wide web Forums These are places where people can

interact. Student-to-student, student-to-teacher and teacher-to-student or

educator to the complete class. These are sections online that pupils go to

and they are able to go through messages and participate in across the internet, asynchronousconversations. six. 2 . 1 . 2 . 6 Interactive real-time two-way sound or video There

happen to be numerous pieces of software currently available that allow desktop dual end video

and audio. These types of tend to require very high bandwidth, and because they arereal-time they require the taking part parties to all be on the web at the

same time. 7. 2 . 1 ) 2 . several Marks This is a place where your observing scheme can be

listed. It is also a place where you can post markings or tasks in (if you

possess a protected server that only your category can access). 7. installment payments on your 1 . 2 . 8 Category Notes Since

each week advances, or just prior to each weeks work, students may need to

have equivalent of lecture notes to supplement what is covered inside the text

publication, or what has been designated on the web. A lot of web computer software will allow you to

put the all the remarks on the web internet site and as specific dates get there, students

then simply have access to the notes. several. 2 . two Optional Elements These might be essential

based on your requirements. 7. 2 . 2 . 1 Sound clips These types of may be while sound

data (. WAV or. AU), audio internet streaming (Real Audio, Soundstream, Shockwave) or

MI-JOURNÉE files. several. 2 . 2 . 2 Animated graphics These may be as animated. GIFs, QuickTime

Shockwave or perhaps Java applications. 7. 2 . 2 . three or more Quizzes, specifically

self-correcting quizzes These could possibly be as part of an internet educational

software program (WebCT) or can be produced by yourself or your company. 7. installment payments on your 2 . four

Case research These might be as included as textual content pages or perhaps may be referenced to

websites. This is one area where copyright laws can really enter into play. The

cost of eradicating copyright over a set of Harvard business case studies could be out

from the question. several. 2 . installment payments on your 5 Video clips These may be as QuickTime? video or may be

carried out with the new Real Video which allows real-time online video streaming. several. 2 . 2 . 6 Web

Database Sites These will allow you to maintain and give access to databases

over the world wide web. 7. installment payments on your 2 . six Web Training Sessions These kinds of may be as easy as

step-by-step instructions for any topic with branching presented to added

sites. They will also be we all intelligent tutorials with across the internet interactive

tests. 7. three or more Points to Think about 7. three or more. 1 Open up Server An open server is going to

allow any person, anywhere online to access your details. 7. three or more. 2 Secure

Server A secure machine will only let persons with a type of

authorization code to reach your information.

8. 0 SOLUTIONS (This list does not make up an endorsement on anyones part.

These resources can be a jumping away points to help you get your course on the

internet. ) You should do not forget the many resources on your own grounds. 8. 1 My

solutions page This site has links to courses, methods, helper sites that aid

you in choosing which sort and structure of multimedia to use, sites that look at your

HTML pertaining to errors or perhaps idiosyncrasies, and many more.

almost 8. 2 Meetings, on-line or face-to-face NAWeb 98 The Virtual Grounds (October

3-6, 1998). This kind of international conference is in it is fourth yr. It is meant

solely for anyone developing courseware for delivery on the WWW or for those

delivering courseware over the WORLD WIDE WEB. almost eight. 3

Ebooks, listservs and associations Badrul Khans Web-affiliated Instruction (Englewood

Cliffs, NJ-NEW JERSEY: Educational Technology Publications, 1997) is quite good. I host the

WWWDEV listserv. This listserv hosts the NAWeb conferences, and has 1400 members

coming from around the world growing for delivery over the WORLD WIDE WEB or actually

delivering courseware over the WWW. The DEOSNEWS

listserv is involved in all facets of distance education. You can become a member of that one

by simply sending this message SUBSCRIBE DEOSNEWS name to

This is who and what they are: DEOS-L is a assistance provided to the Distance

Education community by The American Center for study regarding Distance Education

The Pa State University. Opinions stated are those of DEOS-L

members, and do not amount to endorsement of any judgment, product, or perhaps

service by ACSDE or Penn Point out. The Canadian Association pertaining to Distance Education

(CADE) could help The Affiliation for Mass media and

Technology in Education Canada (AMTEC) is another favourite of mine.

Employ every and any resource you can. Become a member of groups intended for support, and support others

in identical projects. This is certainly a speedily emerging field, and it is evolving and

growing just as quickly as it is rising. 8. 4 Other Here is where you put ideas

you pick up with the conference.


This site has backlinks to training, resources, helper sites that aid you in

choosing which sort and format of mass media to use, sites that check your HTML intended for

errors or perhaps idiosyncrasies, and many more.

almost eight. 2 Meetings, on-line or face-to-face NAWeb 98 The Virtual Campus (October

3-6, 1998). This international seminar is in the fourth yr. It is intended

solely for those developing courseware for delivery on the WWW or for all those

delivering courseware over the WWW. almost eight. 3

Literature, listservs and associations Badrul Khans Web-Based Instruction (Englewood

Cliffs, NJ-NEW JERSEY: Educational Technology Publications, 1997) is quite good. I number the

WWWDEV listserv. This listserv hosts the NAWeb conferences, and has 1400 members

via around the world developing for delivery over the WWW or in fact

delivering courseware over the WWW. The DEOSNEWS

listserv is linked to all facets of distance education. You can join that one

by simply sending this message SIGN UP TO DEOSNEWS your name to

This is what and who they are: DEOS-L is a service provided for the Distance

Education community by American Centre for the Study of Distance Education

The Pennsylvania State College or university. Opinions stated are those of DEOS-L

subscribers, and do not amount to endorsement of any view, product, or perhaps

service simply by ACSDE or Penn Express. The Canadian Association pertaining to Distance Education

(CADE) can frequently help The Affiliation for Multimedia and

Technology in Education Canada (AMTEC) is another favorite of my own.

Employ every and any useful resource you can. Sign up for groups pertaining to support, and support others

in comparable projects. This is a speedily emerging field, and it is innovating and

growing just as fast as it is appearing. 8. four Other This is where you put ideas

you pick up with the conference.

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