Utilitarianism, deontological, and virtue theory ethics are three ordre approaches to integrity. This conventional paper will go above the similarities and differences between virtue theory, utilitarianism, and deontological concepts. It will contain information with the variations in how every single concept information ethics, morality, and it will likewise discuss a private experience to describe the correlation between virtue, values, and moral perceptions as they connect with one of the three theories.

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Virtue theory emphasizes personality traits rather than the rules or consequences while deontology is definitely described as a task that is right only if it really is in accordance with a moral guideline or basic principle.

Utilitarianism puts more focus on the consequences which decisions must be made depending on happiness for the greatest number of individuals.

Virtue theory does not assess a person as good (or not) based on one single actions in their lives. Rather, it takes a look as time passes to judge ones character. Advantage theory likewise looks at previous mistakes that are not normally within a person’s historic nature.

For example , a virtuous person is someone who is kind across a large number of situations over a lifetime mainly because that is their very own character but not because they want to maximize electricity or gain favors or perhaps do their particular duty (“Virtue,  2010).

Utilitarianism generally relies on forecasting the consequences associated with an action. Utilitarianism sets that an action is morally right when the action produces more total energy for the group than any other alternative (Boylan, Part 12, 2009). In this moral theory, the results should totally be considered, since it will impact the most people.

Deontological ethical theory places more weight on the adherence to commitments and duties when examining an honest dilemma. This kind of emphasis is positioned on the action itself rather than the outcome of the action. Religious denominations practice this honest theory since rules, including the Ten Commandments are meant to become followed.

Advantage ethics is targeted on the benefits, or ethical character, whereas deontology focuses on responsibilities or guidelines. Utilitarianism is targeted on the consequences of activities. Virtue ethics is also called agent-based or personality ethics. When using the quality principles approach, one should take those point of view that in living their way of life they should try growing top quality in all that they do (Boylan, Chapter eleven, 2009). Utilitarianism is a technique of consequentialism; value that the ethical worth of the activity is established by their results. Utilitarianism indicates that the activity is pretty right when that activity generates more total software for the group than any other alternative (Boylan, Section 12, 2009). Deontological guidelines mostly assess the activity, depending on action’s sticking with a concept or guidelines. This kind of principle uses guidelines and responsibilities to determine what is “right.  Deontology preserves the wrongness of activities inside the kind of activity that it is, rather than the repercussions that triggers.

Personal Experience

The basic principle with the military is actually a typical portrayal of utilitarianism. From once one takes the oath of acceptance to the final day of active duty, the Navy instills the importance of virtues, values, and the appropriate moral activities. The advantage of the Navy blue is characteristic to an all-volunteer force providing today. Specifically, to be approved and to serve in the armed forces is an honor. In my opinion it is seen as an privilege by those offering to represent and defend our country. The value is proven in the Navy’s core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment. These kinds of simple principles give Navy members a spotlight and display their well worth to the firm. The moral concept of protecting the countries national pursuits through the using military pressure is yet another natural part of the United States Navy. As a military business, the Navy blue falls in line with the utilitarianism theory since it is the daily mission that calls for achieving what is best for this country.

Ethical expansion is necessary to the culture. The similarities and differences between virtue theory, utilitarianism, and deontological started out with identifying each independently values. Additionally , my personal encounter addresses just how each theory identifies ethics and values in relation to personal experiences with virtue, ideals, and meaningful concepts for a United States Navy service affiliate.


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