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Therapeutic Cloning for Leukimia and Malignancy

The Origin of Obstacles to Progress in Medical Science:

When Flemish College student Andreas Vesalius published the first medical textbook in anatomy in 1543, he did so for great personal risk, due to the strict prohibitions of the medieval Catholic Church against any posthumous dissection from the human body.

Partly for this reason, it might be almost one other full century before Bill Harvey appropriately outlined a persons circulatory system (Hellemans Lot, 1988).

Through the twentieth 100 years, the Chapel has ongoing to tone its good opposition to a few of the most helpful developments of modern medical improvement, such as organ donation, man-made insemination and, of course , contraceptive, even in the most impoverished regions of the earth where thousands of infants die every single day by starvation brought on by overpopulation. The most up-to-date area of conflict between medical research and the Church concerns the countless effective potential applying stem cell research and cloning technology for treating human diseases such as Leukemia and other cancer.

The Restorative Potential of Cloning Technology for Leukemia and other Cancers:

Leukemia is a best example of a devastating human illness that may be readily remedied with derivative applications of study that is the subject of much current controversy. In healthy people, blood cellular material are constantly produced in the marrow of bones. Leukemia consists of many specific related cancerous health issues of the white colored blood cellular material in which the acute forms damage the normal mechanisms by which bloodstream is produced in the marrow.

Generally, in Leukemia, defectively formed white colored blood cellular material completely overgrow the cuboid marrow, which is why the only medical therapy is a bone fragments marrow hair transplant from a normal donor. The web, unless the marrow subscriber is genetically identical for the recipient, the conventional autoimmune program will attack and destroy the newly transplanted bone tissue marrow. Only one in 15, 000 or 20, 1000 people can be an appropriate match for any given unrelated individual, and even brothers and sisters and parents are just thirty to forty percent likely to be appropriate bone marrow donors (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, 2003). Consequently, the patients while using most realistic hope of a successful bone fragments marrow hair transplant are those fortunate enough to have a living the same twin. Even so, harvesting bone marrow is an invasive and unpleasant procedure for the donor with risks of significant problems.

Cloning technology would permit Leukemia individuals all to get perfectly appropriate bone marrow, because if scientists should pursue medical research in stem cell and cloning technology, doctors could sooner or later extract come cells through the patient himself, from which an individual cell could be reprogrammed to produce healthy bone marrow following re-implantation (Krock, 2001). Wanting stem skin cells are probably even more beneficial for curing Leukemia, but current U. H. law definitely prohibits any kind of funding for continued originate cell analysis except upon stem cell lines currently in existence ahead of 2001.

Originate cell exploration and cloning technology represent potential solutions for many various other cancers besides Leukemia and Lymphoma. Generally, cancer is the result of a mutation in normal organic cells that triggers uncontrolled growth and multiplication. Many scientists believe that originate cell study and cloning technology support the elusive step to finally treating mankind with the scourge of many forms of cancers. Indeed, U. S. analysts recently released a study in the journal Family genes and Advancement in which they will demonstrated that also cancerous cellular material might be repaired using cloned embryonic cellular material. The particular try things out employed mouse embryos cloned from a melanoma pores and skin cell to develop healthy adult mice, demonstrating that malignancy might be preventable or inversible (Fox, 2004).

Cancer analysts have already proven successfully the principle of

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