The Occurrence at Oglala: The Leonard Peltier Story is a personal documentary which questions the claims of justice and equality in america. It is a Civil Rights documentary that recounts one function in the lives of Natives. This article is an expository function and not a critique. The aim here is to provide the major components of the documented and their implications for the doctrine of equal treatment under the rules in the United States. With other supporting options, it is my own hope which the readers would become educated about the problems of justice as it pertains to minority populations.

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Pinus radiata Ridge: The Political Circumstance The primary situations documented inside the film happened at a placed considered the poorest booking in the country, the Pine Ridge Of india Reservation in South Dakota. Pine Shape, with a inhabitants of about 12-15, 000 Lakota Indians, is known as a severely economically depressed place with the top murder level in the United States per capita. The high killing rate is definitely the result of intra-tribal rivalries fermented by limited Federal money.

The residents of Pine Ridge had divided themselves into two groupings, the full-blood and the merged blood.

The full-bloods had been the genetically pure local people with broadly conservative views. The mixed-bloods were Natives with White heritage who also generally preferred a more intensifying society. Typically, the mixed-blood dominated the administration with the reservation. To foster self-help and a sense of pride between themselves, the residents shaped the American Indian Motion (AIM). Inside the spring of 1972, Dick Wilson, a mixed-blood, became president the Tribal Council. The leader of the Tribal Council controlled the source of livelihood on the booking, the money from your Federal Government.

Pat was believed to be a very corrupt leader whom used death squads (Guardians of the Oglala Nations or GOONs) to silence his critics. Therefore, nearly all of the victims of the high tough rate in Pine Shape were the full-blood Natives. The inability of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) plus the Bureau of India Affairs (BIA) to look at the murders coupled with the simple fact that Pat was being maintained Federal cash gave the impression the Federal Government was in support from the actions of Wilson wonderful cohorts.

From this environment of fear and intimidation, most of the residents properly secured arms for self-defense. To publicize their very own plight, PURPOSE decided to obtain confrontational while using Federal Government. The group occupied Wounded Leg in late 1973. AIM received the desired marketing with the unintended consequences of any heavy military response from the Federal Government. After a three-day battle and two Native American deaths, the crisis was resolved. That, however , reinforced the belief among the list of Pine Shape residents that they can could not be based upon the Federal Government to find their interests.

As Wilson’s vigilantes moved their campaign of intimidation and eradication, Pine Shape residents started to be more concerned for lives and afraid of unknown people. Wilson’s Goons, in cooperation with the F and BIA, attempted to ruin the American Indian Motion. AIM associates became a lot afraid of strangers and always thought a protecting posture. It had been in this environment that two FBI agents, driving in two unmarked vehicles, produced an intense pursuit of a car into a seriously armed portion of the reservation in 75. A gun battle ensued in which the agents were killed.

It was not until after their deaths would any of the citizens of Pine Ridge be aware that they were Federal government Agents. Every one of the men mixed up in shootout fled. Leonard Peltier went to Canada. The Tests The events of that day became the focus of the Michael Apted’s documentary, Event at Oglala: The Leonard Peltier Story. The U. S. Govt brought indictments against Jimmy Eagle, Dareelle Butler, Greg Robideau, and Leonard Peltier. The case against Eagle was dismissed pertaining to lack of proof. According to the documentary, Peltier fled to Canada fearing that he would not get a fair trial anywhere in the usa.

Peltier battled extradition by Canada. Looking for a speedy trial and perceiving the extradition actions would take considerable time, the U. T. Government charged the different defendants with out Peltier. The case was taken up Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The us government tried to transfuse a sense of fear in the local population against the Native American inhabitants. It did not work. Confident that the authorities did not present case without any reasonable uncertainties, all the defendants were discovered not guilty because of self-defense. Peltier was the lone accuser left and the prosecutor wanted to convict him at all cost.

Federal real estate agents had been killed and somebody had to be convicted; and Peltier was the gentleman. If he had not fled to Canada, he would have got acquitted together with his colleagues. At this point, he must deal with a separate destiny. What adopted is a troubling look into how representatives of the Federal Government can manipulate persons and information to convict innocent people. It started out with the extradition. The U. S. Authorities used a perjured file to get Canada to extradite Peltier back to the us. Myrtle Poor Bear, the Government’s see in the extradition case, stated to be Peltier’s girlfriend.

It was a sit. She publicly stated in the documented that if she experienced seen Peltier in the courtroom, she would not need been able to distinguish him. Yet, they Federal government got her to signal two affidavits attesting to become on the scene when the Federal government Agents were murdered and they were killed by Peltier. Her compurgation of March 23rd suggested that the lady was not present when the real estate agents were murdered. Four days later, the lady signed another affidavit proving the fact that she was present if the agents had been killed and the perpetrator was Peltier. Fingerprints analyses from the location would not put Poor Bear in the scene.

Why, then, performed she lie? Poor Carry was threatened by representatives of the U. S. Government. She was shown the mutilated physique of a colleague and told that her fate could be worse. Additionally , she was told that she can lose her child towards the Government. Worrying that the Government had the energy to make great on it is threats, the girl decided to cooperate. The Government Agents then offered her the knowledge she attested to inside the affidavits. That representatives of the United States Government would deliberately lie to a overseas government and undermine foreign treaty is incredibly disturbing.

But that is what happened. With an eyewitness affidavits ((Linder, Famous Trials: Leonard Peltier Trial, paragraph 17) putting Peltier at the scene of the criminal offenses and discovering him as the perpetrator, the Canadian Government switched Peltier over to the United States. In respect to Bob Robideau, one of the defendants inside the first trial, the Canadians did not need the affidavits to extradite Peltier. It provided them the excuse as the Canadian Authorities has its own complications with the local populations of Natives.

No wonder these were willing to infringement an international treaty based on inconsistant evidence. The trial of Leonard Peltier was stuffed with many incongruencies in the Government’s case. David Harper, the Government’s excellent witnessed who also allegedly acquired a prison confession from Peltier, was a enfrascarse. His homeowner reported just how he had rehearsed his statements of data in the Manson case and Peltier’s case. Secondly, the bullet terme conseill� found at the murder field could not me personally matched to the one particular weapon.

Thirdly, the us government provided conflicted evidence regarding the vehicle the dead real estate agents were following. All preliminary reports suggested that the providers were using a red pick-up truck. This will have been the case because the person they were try to find, Jimmy Novelty helmet, was previous seeing generating a reddish pickup. Therefore it made feeling that they could chasing after a red pickup truck; however , to implicate Peltier, the prosecutors changed the automobile in the pursue from a red pickup to a red and white van since Peltier owned or operated a white and red van.

3 witnesses, who also at the trial placed Peltier at the killing scene, later on recanted all their statements and said that they were coerced (AIM For Freedom For Leonard Peltier). As opposed to his fellow workers who were tried in New jersey, Peltier was tried in Fargo, Southern Dakota by a jury that did not signify his peers (Linder, Renowned Trials: Leonard Peltier trial, paragraph 20). Peltier was found guilty in spite of the preponderance of very doubtful evidence. Ballistics analyses could not definitely tie Peltier’s weapon to the casings found at the murder picture because his gun was damaged within a motor vehicle flames.

The Government Real estate agents were apparently chasing one particular vehicle: it was both a red pickup and a red and white van. Witnesses were coerced. Even a Federal Appeals Court has found this case to get gross travesty of proper rights. “As late as The fall of 2003, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals recognized that ‘…Much of the government’s behavior in the Pine Shape Reservation and its prosecution of Mr. Peltier is to be ruined. The government withheld evidence. It intimidated witnesses. These facts are not disputed'” (AIM To get Freedom To get Leonard Peltier)

Opinion The credibility of any contencioso system engraves the fact it can be trusted by the people to administer justice impartially. When ever judicial program can be manipulated, especially by government, to disregard the rule of harmless until proven guilty, it is not necessarily Leonard Peltier alone that is the patient. We are all subjects because the legislativo system seems to lose its trustworthiness at home and abroad. As his imprisonment, many standard-setter figures include called for his on the grounds that he could be a politics prison.

Exemption International, the 14th Dalai Lama, the Belgium Parliament, the Un Commissioner upon Human Rights, the German Parliament, Archbishop Desmond R�ckchen, the German Parliament, Add some opuch. Jesse Jackson, and the European Parliament have the ability to called for his release (See Resolution). The continued imprisonment of Peltier as well undermines the United States in this efforts to become beacon of justice, equal rights, and reasonable play. So long as the world is constantly on the see Peltier as a personal prisoner, America’s call on various other nations, like Cuba and China, to produce their political prisoners will ring hollowed out, if not seen as hypocritical.

Worst coming from all, if the federal government can flower evidence, distort evidence, coerced witnesses, and intentionally falsify documents just to get a conviction in one case, what will prevent doing the same in any other case? Over a larger sociological point, the Pine Shape Indians start to see the case of Peltier an additional reason why they should be skeptical about the government searching for their hobbies. This is the same reason why Photography equipment Americans possess distrusted the federal government, especially law enforcement officials.

If the government wants to become a government for all those people, in spite of race, creed or racial, justice should be blind rather than, even manipulated by the govt. References Shoot for Freedom To get Peltier, 2009. An Internet newsletter. Retrieved about 12 May well 2009 via http://www. whoisleonardpeltier. info/background. htm Linder, Douglas. 2006. Famous Trials: The Leonard Peltier Trial, 1977. Retrieved about. 12 May possibly 2009 from: http://www. iterasi. net/openviewer. aspx? sqrlitid=eguyvxdeae-dwr5whj8t6g Resolution on the case of Leonard Peltier. Euro Parliament. 1999-02-11. Retrieved about 12 May 2009 by: http://www. webcitation. org/5LSGc933r.


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