Under The Same Moon

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The Position of Music in Under A similar Moon

Music plays an essential role in most lives and often it moves unnoticed. Because it is so dominant throughout your life it often becomes forgotten, persons become so used to that that it manages to lose its credit as just an average part of everyday life. Although music holds power. It holds the power to generate people think. It has the strength to induce emotions buried deep within just one enclosed with remembrances that would be better off not being kept in mind and occurs them to the surface. It is easy to forget that one in the sole main reasons why any feelings is felt during a film is because the background music playing in the back is directing one’s bodies to think that way. In Under The Same Moon, the music playing in the background helps create the atmosphere of any scene, enabling one to go through the emotion of this scene. The background music also sends a message to the films audiences. Music has the strength to take an ordinary moment and make it intense, producing one go through the emotions that have been already present, but now stronger and heavier than before.

The background music used in Underneath the Same Moon is not that of the soundtrack. Most of the songs that play in this movie happen to be backtracks, extra to the landscape that they are performed in. For example, seven minutes into the movie chimes are heard and music that indicates Carlitos is daydreaming. The music assists portray Carlitos imagining him self on the pavement that his mother is definitely describing. Music also helps one to feel the feeling of a landscape. When Carlitos’ abuela passes away and Carlitos is trying to wake her up, “abuelita, abuelita, inches the music playing in the background occurs a feeling of unhappiness and sadness. It is important to feel these types of emotions in the film (Riggen 2007). Without one, one may feel a feeling of sadness to get Carlitos but not a true feeling of reduction, which is what Carlitos can be feeling.

The difference among feeling unfortunate for Carlitos and feeling connected with Carlitos’ sadness is that in the second item one is able to identify with the character, something extremely important to any film or text. Especially in this kind of scene, one would not be able to interact with Carlitos unless of course there was music in the background to adjust to the feeling and feeling of the landscape. It is also crucial to note that nothing else mediums will make one feel as music does. This can be explained by musicality, “each person is gifted with the natural ability to react to music. It truly is this capacity which allows man: (a) to write, (b) to accomplish, and, (c) to enjoy music, ” (Knieter 46). Musicality is described as all man’s capacity to respond to music. It is a common language. The simple fact that Beneath the Same Moon is a The spanish language film, people will still be capable of understand what goes on inside the movie, whether or not they don’t speak Spanish, because of the music in the film and the thoughts it gives away.

Music can connect virtually any audience towards the film they are watching whether or not they don’t understand the language of the film. Music bridges the gap between the audience as well as the characters for the screen. Throughout the music utilized in films, the group is able to think empathy to get the personas, connecting privately even though that they never skilled exactly what the character in the film did. Individuals have made the theory how “underscoring relates to image content and guides the interpretation, inch (Hoeckner 2010). Thereby, the background music in a film could be the tipping point between someone viewing the loss and struggle Carlitos is facing and actually commiserating with the damage and struggle Carlitos is usually facing and therefore understanding this on a more deeply level. Music has been shown to arouse emotions in the audience of a film. “Presenting a movie with its linked soundtrack (versus with the volume muted) influenced both subjective and physiological indices of valence and arousal (Ellis 2005). The effect isn’t as much without the movie’s soundtrack.

The music in less than The Same Moon also directs a message about immigration, especially illegal migration. This is prominent around fifty-one: 00 when the song playing is mocking immigration simply by joking that Superman is usually an illegal alien. The song states, “it seems he’s rather than an American. Alternatively, he is just like me, undocumented¦and he is brunette, blue-eyed, and well-built and I’m dark, chubby, and short¦he will not pay taxes¦he doesn’t have a green card neither a license to fly¦” (Los Hermanos Ortiz 2002). This implies that just because superman was white and well off, he was written off while an against the law immigrant. The mockery in the song not only sends a note to the audience but also provokes feelings as well.

The power of music is endless. It can mail a message to its viewers in a way simple, spoken words cannot. Specially in a film, music has the power to provoke sentiment, allowing the group to empathize with the heroes, deeply connecting to the video in a way that is not possible without the films soundtrack. In Under The Same Moon, one can possibly experience Carlitos journey as he searches for his mother, honestly feeling the pain of his voyage, the aggravation, and eventually the triumph. Without music, this may not be made possible. Music is strange. It is hard to explain its beauty, simply in the fact that it is widespread in its capability to influence every man.

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