Muslim world, with almost a billon and a half population, and thus many highlights of climate and geography, and natural and human resources, may establish a superb and combined society.  The pocket of Western colonialism is consistently getting packed from this place for over 100 years; if in the imp�rialiste era, the neo-colonial time, or in modern era, this area has dished up the politics goals of arrogant universe, which America could be regarded as the top head of them.

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In case the Islamic nation obtains its unity, in the event that Islamic power shows his true that means, if genuine independency in this area is recognized, the cost effective and political and ethnic dominance in the enemy will probably be stopped.

Foes do not like this, and they are looking to prevent this kind of phenomenon coming from happening using their power. The trick they have found is usually to make a schism and unfortunately this kind of disease features penetrated inside Islamic community body. We seriously request you to consider this issue and contemplate it.

• Hard times of the Islamic Ummah (Nation)

Islamic region has passed hard periods and has seen many fluctuations in the background; and today they have reached into a decisive level. Today, in the event that Islamic Ummah arranges an acceptable attempt, it can choose a method to revoke lags and problems and hardships and sufferings with the Islamic community. If the directive motion of officials and elites; and the decisions in the entire Muslim world, is definitely delayed, actually for one working day, the Islamic Ummah can get wronged. Today is the working day of unifying the Islamic world.

You observe the adversary investment to discompose the latest poor unity. consider War Also different Islamic areas deal basically with the same conspiracies, they will try to produce schism among Islamic tribes, Islamic sects and Islamic nations simply by various standard excuses, to make persons of one area kill the folks of various other side and vice versa, these individuals spite the individuals, and those persons spite these people reciprocally, as well as the consequences is that they remain unacquainted with the real key enemy in the Muslim community and designers of dominance, superiority over this place of the world.

In the event the Muslim globe is combined, Palestine should never remain lonely today; the us government that has chosen by votes of the Palestinian people really should not be under pressure, and really should not be threaten to slice aids, if perhaps not deterred from its guidelines. The Muslim world will need to declare it is support of Palestinian people and Palestinian officials with unique expression and one of a kind sound.

In the event that this thought is considered, these persons which might be themselves reason for misfortune of Palestine region and federal government could not speak as a creditor. This is due to mold of Islamic world; it is because egoism of elites and politicians of Islamic world.

Special situation of Islamic world

Special brothers and sisters! Today the Islamic world is in special situation. It can be declared for many centuries, Islamic universe has had no opportunity the same or as well today. Today we have a great opportunity. Islamic nations had been awakened which has been created to the region of Islamic world. Islamic nations possess recognized their rights and several of Islamic leaders-though produce pretence- are full of spite and enmity of arrogant globe, and we observe this.

In many Islamic countries, leaders and politicians are against America and conceited powers manners. This is great opportunity for Islamic world and that we should use it. Politicians have a duty. Religious and perceptive leaders in addition have a duty which second work is not really less essential than the first.

Islamic Ummah under several threats and disrespects

At this point, Islamic Ummah is below various risks and disrespects. The heedless arrogance with leadership of America and with by using a Zionist being a middlemen and warmonger plan, takes one of the most abuses from segmentation and dissociation in the Islamic nations.

Day of initiative actions of Muslims

Today is definitely the day that Islamic international locations and government authorities can take the initiative actions and start an excellent task. Assisting the oppressed Palestinian land, supporting the Iraqi people, safeguarding the stability and independency of Lebanon and Syria and other countries in this region; happen to be public jobs and duties of the politics and faith based and cultural elites, countrywide gentlemen, teachers and youths are heavy than others. Unity and sympathy between followers of Islamic beliefs and avoiding sectarian and ethnic dissimilarities should be most significant slogans with the elites. Technological endeavor, political liveliness, social effort and mobilization of most forces in the main arenas should be on top of all their efforts.

Islamic nations should be awake

Islamic nations will need to awake and they should not consider the adversary conspiracy while an imperceptible matter, plus they should keep their watchfulness. Today may be the day of unity and sympathy with the Islamic nations around the world and government authorities. Here, I want to warn our country, Iraqi land, nation of Pakistan and other Muslim nations around the world and ask those to suppress and restrain faith based differences and conflicts between Shiite and Sunni. Today I see that there are plannings in order to war among Shiite and Sunni.

Killings and explosions that occur in mosques, Hosainiehs, the congregational prayers and Friday praying, indeed you will find the evil hands of Zionism and conceited regimes in them. It is not done by Muslims. Today, In Iraq, Serbia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and also in all of the other countries, Muslims possess a duty to pay attention to their own unanimity. (For most Muslims) Monotheism, God, prophecy, Resurrection, the Koran and Most of the procedures of Islamic Sharia are exactly the same; all of these are typical but adversary comes as well as puts a finger on the dissociation details and makes the hearts full of hatred to each other. He does so to reach his goals..

Our wonderful Imam was emphasizing around the unity coming from all Muslims, as they saw this risk and recognized it. In our region and other Muslim countries, United kingdom and its intelligence agencies produce dissociation among Shiite and Sunni. They may have extensive experience in this function; all should be careful. Today Zionist assistances also interfere in these actions. Our details show the evil hands of Zionists and enemies of Islam elements happen to be interfering, indirectly, in all events around the Muslim world.

• The Obligations of political and ethnic officials

The duties of politics authorities will be heavy. The cultural representatives, writers and scholars should prevent from divisive discussions; the Sunni and Shiite need to all focus on on this connections point and this expectation remains to be existent that scholars and political elites understand the current risks, understand the importance of oneness of Muslims and be familiar with plotting of enemies to break the unanimity and accord. •

Unity; the most important issue of Islam world. From your viewpoint, the main issue in the Islamic community is oneness. If this kind of alliance is done, our medical development can be reached. You can see the enemies in the Islamic world pressure on Iran’s elemental program.

They already know we are not really seeking atomic bombs. Scientific development through this country, technological development within an Islamic region upsets all of them. An Islamic country that has indicated it is not below policies of America; shows that it is not afraid. This Islamic nation must be built with most important technology of the world – the elemental technology.

The unity of Muslims is an actual want of today

Dear Brothers; special sisters! Today, unity for Muslims is usually an actual will need. • Unity in expression is the key of victory in the Islamic Ummah In general, the real key of victory of the Islamic Ummah is definitely the word oneness. If the Islamic nation wants to obtain creation in domains of science and material, and dominate its destiny, and be unveiled from unfamiliar dominations, and obtain of internal and outer prosperity, place be acquired by having the phrase unity. Imperialistic centers are employing every component to combining its electric power over the world. They may have tried to work with everything to breakdown and separate the Islamic world, and unfortunately they have been succeeded sensibly.

If today the Palestinian people suffer such a bitter destiny; if today the body of the Palestinian persons is weakling, and the misfortune of this region has inspired the individuals, it is because of the difference in the term between Muslims. If the word unity existed, this situation did not exist. In case the Islamic Iraq has been under military drive of the intruders, it is because of the big difference in the expression between Muslims.

If the Midsection East countries today are directly be threatened simply by proudly screams of America, it is because of the difference in the expression between Muslims. If Muslims want to be made it of this bad, and if they would like to save Palestinians, and if they need to stop the enemy coming from bothering Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan and other Islamic countries, the unity of word, unity of nations & governments and slogans is important. The day of Eid ul-Fitr is the working day of unanimity.

Holding the rope of Allah may be the duty of every Muslim.

Quran says: “Hold the string of Kristus and do not straggle”. Holding the rope of Allah can be described as duty for every Muslim, however the Quran, additionally to buy us to carry the rope of Thor, tells us that the holding must be in the form of organizations (All); creating this community and connections is another essential task.

Thus besides that Muslims should hold the rope of Thor, they must get it done with other Muslims. We should merely believe it correctly and do it. Verse of the Quran says: (he who disbelieves in the ideal and believes in Allah features grasped the firmest tie). This describes the suggest of rope of Kristus. How is usually holding the rope of Allah? (It is) Perception in Thor and disbelief in the ideal.

The holy prophet (PBUH) is the unity point of Muslim universe

Holy telepathist and messenger, Mohammad (PBUH), is the most important point to create unity, And the Islamic world can be jointed with one another at this point and it is a place is a place where the emotions of all the Muslims happen to be concentrated right now there; here is center of love in the world of Islam. Now you see the copy writers who have money from the Zionist, to pay attention to this middle and they are scorning it to eliminate the importance of insulting the Islamic Ummah gradually.

This really is a main stage; Politicians, academics and ethnic elite, authors, poets and artists should certainly focus on this time, all Muslims to obtain united with this point. They should not consider the disputed cases, to not accuse one another, not to excommunicate each other, to never dispossess the other person from faith. The minds of Muslims will be refreshed by knowing how the o Prophet and his love. All of us are his lovers.

• Meaning of Islamic unity is not to struggle

That means of Islamic unity is usually not to unify the different beliefs and morals of Islam. Discussions about religions, values and theological opinions should be done in the clinical, juridical field, and having different juridical opinions would have no influence on the Life and political facts. Our that means of the unanimity of the Muslim world is definitely not to make conflict, (do not conflict because you’ll be weaken).

Excommunicating the idolatrous is a need

In lots of parts of the Islamic Ummah, Allah is usually believed, however the Excommunicating the idolatrous will not exist. Excommunicating the idolatrous is necessary. Keeping the rope of Kristus without excommunicating the idolatrous is impossible. We do not bring countries and governments and nations for the war against America; we all ask them to not cooperate with enemies of Islam and Muslims. One way to do so should be to refuse their very own temptations about the unanimity of the Islamic Ummah and also to maintain its oneness.

• The size of arrogance

Today, all advertising organizations relevant to arrogance and colonialism and the assistants possess cooperated with one another to break the unity in the Islamic Ummah in this Islamic region simply by advertisement.

Islamic scholars has to be careful. You should be careful of these inventive and false religions that are breaking the oneness. Be careful of petro-dollars that are used to create department. These grubby hands make an effort to break the unity of Muslims. You must encounter these people. This requires curiosity of oneness and following a path of Islamic unity. It is not possible without this kind of.

• Arrogant world is usually afraid of Muslim unity

In campaign amongst right side and wrong side and arrogant power, Islam will be the main victor. Muslims unity and the creation of the Islamic Ummah are extremely dangerous and worrying pertaining to greedy conceited powers. So today furthermore to Great britain, American and Zionist intelligence systems as well try to avoid the unity of Muslims. A few other serious issues of imperialistic powers happen to be: the pass on of Islam Jihad, Islam of self-reliance, dignity and identity of Islam, and Islam up against the domination of foreigners in Iran to different parts of Muslim world and; thus creating tension among Iran and also other Islamic countries, is one of the serious goals from the Islam adversaries.

Despite each one of these ads, Suggestions of the Islamic Revolution of Iran allow us to all areas of the Muslim world, and common arising, movement and Islamic id among Muslims today, are generally not comparable with the last 20 years.

Against the Energy and improvement of Muslim world, America has got sluggish than 20 years ago, and have former grandeur and power, although America and its particular followers now are involved in the vortexes that as period increases, that they sink in these vortexes more and more, and a dangerous foreseeable future is predicted for them. All these facts reveal that, in respect to Keen traditions, the incorrect side the America is at the head of computer, will be conquered in current campaign between right side and false side without any doubt.

All Muslims should be liable and with tireless attempts, continue to their political, cultural, social and advertising attempts and enhance their cha?non. Call of Ahlul Trap (PBUH) enthusiasts is the contact of unanimity, dignity and spiritual and wise your life. The true teachings of Islam, which is manifested in Ahlul Bait (PBUH) ideology, is in fact spirituality devoid of isolation and spirituality with politics, mysticism, along with social activities, and entreaty, petition, appeal with jihad, and today the earth needs this kind of spiritualism.

Among the current crucial issues is usually to avoid combining religion educations with irrational belief. Scholars and notables ought to prevent prevalence of irrational issues by simply explaining the best Ahlul Trap (PBUH) educations.

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