This book tells regarding the including Christianity and psychology. The writer discusses incorporation a combining the two catalogs of God. According to Entwistle (2004), “the book of the lord’s Word labeled the Holy bible, and the book of The lord’s works displays His actions written during His creation. (p. 166).  He includes five models of the usage in the book that are: enemies, spies, colonialists, fairly neutral parties, and allies as subjects of 1 Sovereign. The enemies unit sees Christianity and psychology as enemies that need to be kept totally separate.

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The agents model features one self-control going into the other for taking only what works to them.

Psychology would enter the Christian world only to take the spiritual concepts that will work well with psychology. The colonialist version has 1 discipline colonizing or acquiring control and prominence above the other. Faith works with mindset as long as religion is superior to psychology. The neutral parties model provides both procedures coexisting and recognizing one another as long as they will respect each others’ boundaries.

Mindset recognizes that religion features good principles to offer but it really will not encroach on the religion’s domain. The allies while subjects of 1 Sovereign model have both equally disciplines working together to help people.

By using psychological and theological ideas together to find a better knowledge of the truth. In respect to Entwistle (2004), “God gave labor and birth to the subject of psychology (human behavior) when he produced human beings. The almighty granted us the footings of theology when He provided us His Word (p. 175).  The publication tells us that you have two ebooks of Goodness: His word and His works (Entwistle, 2004). Psychology works with God’s functions and theology deals with His word. The job as Christian counselors is to interpret both catalogs and incorporate them together so that we can use equally books to aid our clients.

Whenever we find something that does not make sense between both equally books, there is a conflict that needs to be resolved prior to we can put it to use. At this point, we need to go back and reread and study the two books to see if we can get the disparity. Entwistle (2004) says that god offered us the two books, although we have to translate them yourself. The problem is not with God’s catalogs, but it is a way we all interpret them. Human knowledge of God’s catalogs is based on our worldview (Entwistle, 2004). To properly integrate the 2 disciplines, we have to have a great understanding of both equally.

We simply cannot just know theology or mindset and anticipate to integrate these people well. We have to have a functioning knowledge of internal theories and concepts in addition to a working understanding of God’s phrase. We need to remember, though, our knowledge is merely as good as each of our interpretation. God’s works had been affected by the fall into sin, and as a piece of Our god our interpretations will be colored by the show up as well. I do think this book includes a lot of guidelines and concepts to it. I found that interesting to talk about the two catalogs of God, because I had fashioned heard the definition of and understood what it designed, but had not really considered what it included.

I also liked the models of the usage and their explanations. They were discussed well enough that anyone can follow them easily. A few of the things that bothered me the most regarding the book and its way of doing something is: the idea of model, the definition of integration, and where do we go came from here. If we are definitely the interpreters of God’s two books and that we know that the fall and sin include colored our interpretations, exactly how know in the event our interpretations of the catalogs are appropriate? Can we understand either publication accurately? In the event that our interpretations are wrong, can we carry out more damage than very good to our clients?

Is the definition of integration total enough to help us know very well what we need to support others? Whenever we use the current definitions of integration, do we get a full picture of what integration means to the two disciplines? With all the models of the use, where do we go up coming? How do we produce progress in the integration method? Can we ever before integrate into a point where we can acknowledge most facets of a model, or will presently there always be difference between the professions? These are all questions that I believe are important to consider about integration.

I believe that developing Christianity and psychology may benefit a Christian client by allowing all of us to address religious matters and use religious techniques for recovery. It is important to remember that religion and psychology are both elements of God’s real truth to all of us and can be utilized to help ourselves and others. When the two disciplines are bundled, we have much more options than when we make use of one or the other willpower separately. Finally use of the two disciplines can assist us reach people of faith as well as those people who are not Christian believers, if we may use them both cautiously and effectively.

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