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S. while using land from where these developing warehouses and factories were to be built. Undoubtedly, with the business of manufacturing businesses in Chinese suppliers, it had little by little developed to become known as one of many producers of technological products and merchandise – that is, mass production of technological products. China was pitted against its various other Asian friends and neighbors, especially Korea, when it comes to making (since Japan was referred to as cradle of technological invention and advancement and not a lot for developing technological products and materials.

The 3rd phase consists of the integration of China into the world industry. With the U. S. As its primary entrepreneur, China joined up with the World Operate Organization (WTO) at the onset of the modern world. The country continued its function as company of food to America, especially agricultural products such as edible meat, vegetables, essential oil seeds, sweets, cocoa, nuts, and tobacco substitutes (McMillion, 2000). In the meantime, U. S i9000. had provided support in the development of China’s gardening technology as part of its agreement in establishing trade relationships with the country. These support services are the provision of technical experience in the farming, protection, and distribution of farm items, research about plant technology, genetic engineering, genetic reproduction, and transgenic crops.

Transitions within the four-year period of control relations among U. H. And Chinese suppliers shifted once again to it is state during the 1980s. In addition to being a distributor of gardening products and data concerning farming technology, China is now becoming ‘groomed’ as the technology capital of Asia, in which U. S i9000. investors about computer and Internet technology are heavily investing within the establishment of manufacturing companies. One of China’s resources, apart from the accessibility to land in which to manufacture technological items, is the availability of cheap human labor. Thus, U. S i9000. -China trade relations moved so far as to add other Western nations as well, specifically users of the European Union (EU) (Asia Source, 2000). Though presently, trade associations are strained because of the personal and army threat that China positions for the U. S., trade associations and financial transactions involving the two countries are still constant, especially now that China is slowly and gradually invading the Asian marketplace, which is considered the largest industry of consumers these days (Shambaugh, 2001).


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