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The second HRM issue is that of training. The steel market being seen as mature organizations, often maintained government, can breed complacency. Nucor should ensure that management at its purchases and joint ventures has a high level to train in the devices and tactics that Nucor uses to drive its innovation. This teaching needs to be diffused throughout the organization. This increases risk, nevertheless , in the joint ventures since Nucor’s supervision systems are a source of competition advantage and they are disseminating those systems to firms with whom they contend on the global market.

The 3rd HRM issue that may happen is that of payment. It is difficult to draw top talent in low-cost mature industries because sometimes the spend is much less high as a result of cost control measures – particularly by Nucor where perks will be few – and because metallic is simply not really a sexy market. Developing compensation packages that attract and retain top talent to steel towns in a inexpensive environment is known as a difficult idea, but if resolved correctly would help HRM become a method to obtain competitive advantage for Nucor.

Under the current scenario, diversification may not benefit Nucor. There are two main reasons for this. Unrelated variation would not be efficient because Nucor’s core expertise are not easily transferred to totally new lines of organization. Firms in mature sectors are not well worth buying unless they have synergetic effects, which guidelines out unrelated diversification; firms in development industries need a different pair of managerial expertise than carry out mature firms like Nucor. Related diversification is also not advised because there is little room intended for the development of value-added products (forward integration) within a commodity organization and there is tiny benefit to backward integration either features prices of raw materials happen to be largely arranged by the market. Geographic diversification is the simply option which includes any value, but provided the sensitivity most nations around the world take to their very own steel sectors, there is tiny room intended for expanding in to the world’s growth markets; nongrowth markets provide little potential benefit.

Considering the fact that no variation makes sense, I would suggest that Nucor maintain its current organizational composition. The company contains a structure which has allowed it to become a great innovator in its field, until it is the just healthy key steel firm left in the United States. Organizing about products with numerous subsidiaries bound by simply an overarching corporate require allows each arm with the company to develop its own amazing technologies, although taking advantage of the developments in other areas. The joint venture element of the organization can continue to provide Nucor access to global market segments and to rising technologies, allowing it to stay before its U. S. -based competition, in order that should be managed and indeed it includes (Lococo Kumakura, 2010).

Nucor has been successful to date having its business model, particularly the focus upon innovation with an vision to reducing production costs. While foreign competition continues to be a risk, Nucor’s strengths have allowed them to do well regardless. Consequently, the company can be advised to be the study course – they do not need to generate any stress moves to diversification when ever focusing on their particular existing talents has always been satisfactory to succeed regardless of the intensity of competition.

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