Points Fall Apart is actually a story about personal morals and persuits and also a account about conflict. There is have difficulties between family members, culture, and religion of the Ibo people which is all brought on by a difference in personal beliefs and customs. You will discover the good opinions of the main personality, Okonkwo. We could also brought to the landscapes of his village, Umuofia. Finally, we come across how things fall apart when ever these morals and persuits are faced with those of the white missionaries. Chinua Achebe is a product of both native and European cultures.

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This has a great effect on the telling with the story. If he tells the storyline with a knowledge and personal activities in both cultures. This individual does not represent the Africa culture and the beliefs since barbaric. He simply explains to it as it is and how issues happened. It is the same with the white males. Chinua Achebe realized that not of the nationalities were awful, but they merely had a difference in morals. We see a conflict early on in the account between Okonkwo and his daddy, Unoka. “Okonkwo was dominated by one passion ” to hate everything that his father Unoka had liked.

One of those issues was gentleness and an additional was idleness (p. 13). Unoka was considered to be a failure. Okonkwo did not receive anything at all from his father and he had to begin with nothing at all. His goal in life was going to obtain great wealth also to have many wives or girlfriends and kids. The Ibo people regarded as these things signs of success. Yet, his finest goal was his wish to become one of the powerful parents of the group. It is Okonkwo’s inner anger and bitterness over his father’s failing that looked like there was the power behind every thing he do in life.

This is evident in the reality he usually felt that he had to complete what was macho and this individual hated some weakness. Just as Okonkwo did not want to be like his father, Nwoye did not need to be like Okonkwo. Nwoye possessed traits that Okonkwo did not such as meekness, forgiveness, and acceptance. Okonkwo saw these kinds of as signs of weakness. “Okonkwo never confirmed any feeling openly, until it always be the sentiment of anger. To show affection was a indication of weak spot, the only thing really worth demonstrating was strength (p. 28). Okonkwo considered Nwoye to be lazy and wished him to be successful like himself.

Okonkwo wished his child to be a wonderful farmer and a great guy. I will not need a son who cannot hold up his head inside the gathering in the clan. We would sooner strangle him with my own hands (p. 33). This is a good example of the difference in personal values among relatives. Some may possibly say that the book is all about the differences in beliefs between Africans and the colonizers, however it is more than that. It really is clear it turned out Okonkwo’s personal beliefs and never necessarily the views in the people of Umuofia which guided him in what this individual did. One of those is his reliance in the strength of anger.

Although he felt strongly in the beliefs and customs of the Ibo people, there are several situations in which Okonkwo made a decision to disobey the customs to be able to live out his own personal philosophy. For example , in chapter several, Okonkwo can be yelled at by Ezeani, the clergyman of the the planet goddess, for beating his wife through the sacred week of peace. Okonkwo would not feel sorrow for his actions and probably considered it being a sign of strength and manhood. Okonkwo was constantly worried about staying seen as poor. One good sort of this is when he kills Ikemefuna.

Okonkwo appreciated the youngster because he noticed several good qualities in him that this individual wished his own boy possessed. He previously to be slain because of certainly one of their persuits. When it came time to eliminate Ikemefuna, Okonkwo delivered the other and final blow coming from his cuchillo and murdered the son so that people would not think that he was poor. After Ikemefuna was slain, Okonkwo was unable to eat or drink for days because he was disappointed. But , he made himself remove those emotions and told himself that killing someone should not bother him as they feared getting seen as poor, like a “shivering woman (p. 5).

This same event is also a major break down for Okonkwo. Killing Ikemefuna represents eliminating off anything in which Okonkwo believed incredibly strongly in. He saw many of his own features in Ikemefuna. He could have done a lot of good intended for the tribe and Okonkwo was very proud of him but , he ends up eliminating Ikemefuna him self. Just as Okonkwo was attaining power and higher positions within the tribe, he was banned for seven years intended for accidentally eliminating another member of the tribe. They burnt all his huts straight down and he and he and his friends and family had to are in his motherland.

Even though everyone knew that he was faithful and that the exile was meant for murder, no-one was happy to challenge the tradition. The fact that the Ibo people relied on tradition and may not accept transform was a weak spot in their world. As Okonkwo was getting ready to return to Umuofia from his time is usually exile, he was expecting the people to be exited for his return. This individual thought they will be happy to get their warrior innovator back home. Their very own reaction has not been what he expected. This individual believed the people acquired grown weak. The missionaries had likewise arrived in Umuofia.

Okonkwo had not been scared of all of them at first. This individual did not feel that anyone will believe what they had to state. The introduction of the missionaries is the a significant the publication in which you have the biggest collide of values. When the Christian religion was introduced, many members of the clan who were not happy together with the Ibo faith became interested. Some of the title-less men were also interested. Nwoye, who would not approve of leaving the apparently evil dual babies inside the woods or the killing of Ikemefuna, was also enthusiastic about Christianity because it taught that killing blameless people was wrong.

Once Okonkwo observed that Nwoye was going to with the missionaries, he was infuriated and he kicked him out of the house. Generally, Okonkwo was fearful and intensely resistant to the brand new religion as it had possibly ruining living long operate of the tribe of planning to please the gods of its ancestors and forefathers. Just as we can see a difference in personal beliefs within the group, we can as well see the difference in customs or methods or purposes between the two missionaries. Mr. Brown was a very passive and understanding man, whereas, Mr.

Johnson was more forceful and condemning from the people. This individual did not make an effort to understand the customs of the group, he basically told these people that they were wrong and Christianity was right. Points really received heated up when a convert unmasked and killed a great egwugwu. In revenge, the church was burnt straight down. Okonkwo and other members with the clan had been brought prior to the commissioner and were harassed and crushed. It was after this that a community meeting was called. Okonkwo was enraged and determined to deal with the white-colored men.

Every time a messenger arrived at break up the meeting, Okonkwo was and so enraged that he slain the man. In the long run, Okonkwo fully commited suicide by hanging him self. He knew that the persons would not fight and having been ashamed of the actual Ibo culture had become. “He knew that Umuofia will not go to warfare. He realized because they’d let the different messenger get away. They had busted into tumult instead of action (p. 205). Everything he lived intended for and supported was going to be studied away by white males. He would not want to see that happen so he had taken his personal life.

But, this is sarcastic because, to do so , he was committing a great act that was considered one of the worst activities a member may do inside the Ibo culture. Throughout the story we see how strong Okonkwo’s personal philosophy were and exactly how much they will meant to him. Beliefs, equally personal and others of the contemporary society someone comes into the world into, be an important factor in their life. This kind of story can be an example of what goes on when all those beliefs will be taken away yet others are forced after a person. Everyone must believe in anything, and points fall apart whenever they no longer can.

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