The stroy of “the road to chlifa” is a tale about a young boy. Who also name karim Nakad. This individual came to Canada because his grandmother was sick, and he wished to stay in Canada. He likewise wanted to become a doctor in Canada, go back to his homeland(Lebanon), that help the people in the home country. Meanwhile, he was missing his special friend like Bechir and Nada. Nada was karim’s girlfriend in Lebanon. He lost her because there was obviously a Civil warfare in Lebanon.

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One day in bomb huge increase, he shed Nada Having been missing Nada a lot, he helped Nada’s siblings Maha and Jad.

When he lost Maha within a war after that, Karim got Jad with him to Canada to produce a better upcoming for him Prezi Records The road to ChlIfa BY: ShuaiburRahman Safi Lebanon traditions The religious beliefs of Islam also plays a key part in Lebanon’s culture. Movies and videotape cassettes happen to be popular.

Lebanon obtains television messages from Beirut’s private firms. Foods M’uhdara a heavy stew of onions, grain and lentils, is often regarded as a poor mans food Lebanese meals commence with a wide array of mezee– small salty dishes, such as dips, salads, pastries, and vegetables.

The Lebanese nationwide dish may be the kibbe, a meat pie made from finely minced lamb and burghul wheat. The national beverage is arak, a strong anise-flavored liquor made out of fermented grape juice. Human being condition Elegance against females is one of the bad human condition in Lebanon. Lebanon’s prison has very poor state and detention facilities remain poor, with overcrowding and lack of proper medical care a perennial trouble. Clothes Downtown women are extremely fashion. More traditional clothes are continue to worn in a few villages. Included in this are long dresses for women.

Men’s pants are full and baggy from your waist for the knee, then simply tightly built in from the knee to the ankle joint. Their jackets have fancy, brightly colored. Several older rural men continue to wear the traditional short, cone-shaped, brown felt hat. Publication summary The storyline of “The road to Chlifa” is a story in regards to a teenage young man. Who known as karim Nakad. He reached Canada because his granny was sick and tired, and he wanted to be in Canada. He also wanted to become a doctor in Canada, get back to his homeland (Lebanon), and help the people in the home country.

At the same time, he was lacking his dear friends just like Bechir and Nada. Nada was karim’s girlfriend in Lebanon. This individual lost her because there was obviously a Civil war in Lebanon. One day in bomb explosion, he lost Nada. He was missing Nada a lot, this individual helped Nada’s siblings Maha and Jad. When he dropped Maha in a war then simply, karim had taken Jad with him to Canada to create a better long term for him Religion: Lebanon’s primary spiritual groups, very roughly, are Shia Muslim, Christian, Sunni Muslim and Druze.

The division of electricity between the spiritual groups is definitely an interesting problem. Religion Morals: Christian-Muslim dichotomy is still the most prominent faiths in Lebanese’s society The existence of sectarian organizations divides the beliefs and it is responsible for teaching the faith and procedures to different Lebanon religions. Imaginative Arts: Lebanese music is well known around the world for its soothing rhythms and outrageous beats. A few Lebanese designers like Najwa Karam and Assi Hellani remain devoted to a classic type of music known as ‘Jabali’ (from the mountains).

Lebanese artists will be perhaps the many popular in the Middle East along with Egyptian performers, and the superstar scene. Different languages: Lebanon’s standard language is Arabic. French, Greek, Armenian and English are also broadly spoken and understood. Most Lebanese have reached least bilingual, with Lebanese Arabic, and English or French. Most of Lebanon’s greatest educational institutions have got primary instructions in The french language, or English language depending on whether the school, school, or school follows french or American education system.

Sports: Lebanon boasts half a dozen Ski resorts, with slopes suitable for snowboarders and Snowboarders of all ages and levels of knowledge. Off-slope, there are plenty of opportunities intended for Cross-country Winter sports, Snowshoeing, and Snowmobiling. Canoeing, Cycling, Rafting, Climbing, Swimming, Sailing and Spelunking are among the other common leisure time sports in Lebanon. Excursion and serious sports can also be possible over the country


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