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Homelessness in the UK

Homelessness, being a socio-economic issue, has been widespread in much of humanities history and continues to present itself while an issue even today, with many monetarily thriving american cities even now experiencing this challenge. In the UK, homelessness can be seen in many large neighborhoods and metropolitan areas with numerous causes becoming citied including: inequality, not enough affordable real estate and the lures of offense and drugs. This kind of report is going to examine in detail these causes and the measures that the Uk government have taken to classify and rectify well-known issue of homelessness.


First and foremost it is important to determine homelessness as it presents itself in the present00 day. Homelessness, in its absolute simplest type is defined as having no recognized or officially backed permanent residence or place to stay and is therefore typically found to get synonymous with ‘sleeping rough’ (Polakow and Guillean 2001). In the UK however there are five tests where a person must pass in order to be qualified as officially destitute according to the sociable housing enroll, these assessments are the following:

  • Is the person intentionally homeless?
  • Is the person entitled to assistance?
  • Will the person have got a local connection?
  • Is the person destitute?
  • May be the person in a priority need?

Causes of homelessness:

The causes of homelessness are often linked to various socio-economic road blocks and are typically rooted deeply into numerous social teams, often the the majority of vulnerable and less-affluent, homelessness can also impact more transitory communities and groups more adversely including immigrants and refugees (DeVerteuil 2011). Quickly, homelessness is often viewed as a purely economic circumstance with: joblessness, poor education and class centered struggles being cited as the main reasons for homelessness. On the other hand there are a numerous different triggers that can be associated with homelessness, above all are the social issues, drug use and crime had been linked due to the strains they can place not only on a person’s mental and physical well-being but the severe economic pressure that can cause losing one’s home or perhaps career (Fitzpatrick et ing 2011). Several studies also have linked institutional woes to homelessness including serving amount of time in a correctional facility or perhaps being in social treatment as a child, many former military and other armed-forces employees have already been found to possess a higher potential for ending up homelessness once again due to mental pressure that these occasions can possess on a person’s mental well-being (Del On line casino Jr and Jocoy 2008). Many modern studies have got additionally placed a zoom lens on the mental and psychoanalytical factors which can lead to poor mental into the conversely the eventual fall under homelessness. These kinds of studies have found many key signifiers in their subject’s minds which were found to enhance the likelihood of staying homeless, these kinds of signifiers incorporate: addictive personality traits often located to be related to drug use or surplus ‘crime addiction’, systemic destruction done by a lengthy years as a child of maltreatment or neglect has also been found to increase the chances of being homeless (Kearns 1994).

Strategies to battle homelessness:

Many of the previous British governments have taken different steps and strategies to decrease homelessness and they are often related in their initiatives to battle the root causes. Drug employ and category have been offered to increase the probability of an individual becoming homeless and therefore have seen many overhauls in both the consequence and treatment presented to those who engage with drugs, specifically, cannabis has been reclassified two times in the past 10 years, downgraded from B to C in 2004 and then upgraded returning to B last season (Gov. 2016). An increase in the available interpersonal care for the homeless have been encouraged by previous governments, however small legislation have been passed to really combat the core difficulty itself aside from various classification acts including the 2002 and 2004 destitute acts. It has therefore dropped upon numerous nonprofit charities and interpersonal care groups to provide foodstuff and shelter for the homeless such as Crisis and Shelter the two respectively operate in the UK with aims to help rehouse the homeless and present employment opportunities where offered (DeVerteuil et al 2009).

Geographical Spread:

Homelessness in the UK has a distinct bumpy spread with most cases of homelessness getting reported in large towns and metropolitan areas as opposed to rural areas nevertheless homelessness continues to be nevertheless reported in rural areas with high real estate prices staying cited as the primary trigger (Cloke ain al 2010). This is the basic rule with homelessness because rural areas are usually even more affluent particularly in developed countries where suburbanisation and non-urban migration took place. Cities also often struggle with homing the less affluent citizens due to land constraints and high levels of gentrification taking place specifically near the CBD so this consequently can lead to deficiencies in social enclosure and therefore a rise in homelessness (May and Cloke 2014). A tremendous north-south split can be seen in great britain where higher levels of homelessness can be observed in the North cities just like Liverpool, Gatwick and Manchester. This separate can be attributed to the previous industrialised nature of these cities and their former reliability on by-gone industries including mining and manufacturing, most of which were outsourced during the Thatcher government in the 1980’s (Hudson 2013). Nevertheless a significant volume of homelessness is concentrated working in london primarily due to its position while the capital from the UK plus the largest inhabitants centre and employer.

Homelessness act 2002/2004:

]The homelessness act of 2002 offers significantly shaped the way in which neighborhood councils and governmental body deal with homelessness, the act itself generally states that local authorities have got a duty of care to accommodate or transfer those who are, or, will become destitute within twenty-eight days. There are several exceptions to this act nevertheless , these include: anybody in question should be a citizen of the UK and also must have been born in britain, the person must be in ‘priority need’ of assistance and or rehousing, special allowances will be made for those who are deemed more vulnerable such as the very young or old and those who are pregnant or have a lot of medically recognised disability (Gov. 2002/2004). The overall success in the act has become debated numerous citing the lower number of homeless individuals becoming housed, various local local authorities cite lower levels of housing and real estate be constructed as the causes behind these kinds of low enclosure statistics.

Homelessness is an issue that may likely continue being present in the united kingdom unless the core triggers are undertaken by actual sweeping guidelines and adjustment upon regional councils to supply for its individuals whether they be homeless or perhaps not. Nonetheless it is critical to see homelessness in all its facets and not merely purely a result of economic inequalities.

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