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Ethnocentrism: We are the Best

Society is made on everybody thinking that their very own views, culture, ideas, and values vs. anyone else’s in the world. Regardless of where a person is from they are ethnocentric in some way. Persons can even be ethnocentric because that they feel the country is better than any other country in the world. Some people think that they cannot connect to ethnocentrism, however they can. If the person seems that all their religion may be the absolute only path to real truth and endless happiness, they are ethnocentric. Understanding what ethnocentrism is and exactly how it influences the world about us may explain the positives and negatives being ethnocentric produces. By classification ethnocentrism is “the trend to look at different cultures throughout the eyes of one’s own traditions, and thereby misrepresent them” (Giddens 72). Looking at one other culture through the eyes of your own means that you are not recognizing the culture in general, but how to compares to yours. When comparing cultures everyone in a specific culture is going to feel that their traditions is better than any other culture. Even if a culture is definitely better than one more culture, those in the inferior culture continue to be going to think that they have the best culture compared to the rest of the globe. Being ethnocentric allows people to take pride in their culture, nevertheless also causes people to turn into close minded.

Being ethnocentric does impact the way persons view the community around them. Every single culture in the world can study something coming from a different traditions. There are always better and more successful ways of doing something. Even so if folks are ethnocentric they cannot accept the idea that a different culture might be able to boost their way of life. If a country is consistently offending an additional country because the people are extremely ethnocentric, the other nation will become more resist to want to do any kind of business or perhaps trade with that country. Ethnocentrisms can affect progress within diverse societies and cultures, yet people are not able to acknowledge that. Just because a single culture turn up useful info for one specific group of people, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work for another group. Having a close mind, stops people coming from recognizing different diversity that all society provides. Also ethnocentrism affects just how people feel that other ethnicities can live in the same community. Every tradition has anything to offer to society and folks need to start off opening their very own eyes and accepting that. Even though the idea of ethnocentrism is normally viewed in a negative way, it does have some positive effects about society. The one thing ethnocentrism encourages is patriotism. People may come together and bond in the simple fact of loving the country. More people on board with this idea will allow more things to get done with the intention of what is perfect for the nation as a whole. “It provides protection to group associates by, creating sense of belonging most notable. Those members who will be weak, poor, hopeless, and helpless are encouraged simply by joining hands of it with them. This means it provides settlement to the people of low status” (Fooraq). Possessing a sense of ethnocentrism allows people who normally wouldn’t interact the chance to relationship. Bonding to people within a community permits a person to seem like they belong and have a sense of safety.

One more positive effect that comes from ethnocentrism is that no internal issues should come up. Everyone is about the same page about how things are performed, so there wouldn’t be an resistance. One more benefits to ethnocentrism is “the level of combination in such a group is very excessive and such is vital for developing purposes” (Prossylink). It is a huge positive that everyone is working together and getting along. Everything offers its positives and it includes its downsides. One adverse to ethnocentrism is that celebrate prejudice against other people. People have to deal with the conflicts that arise from people being prejudice. The national development of countries that have an ethnocentrism belief is often slower than other countries. Countries tend to not need to accept tips and possibly techniques for improving growth. Another negative is “it limits a person in a small cultural group that he goes. He continues to be within the limits of that group and is not really influenced by general cultural changes taking place around him in the world. He is still backwards in a way by this approach and switches into little improvements. Sometimes even he preaches against social alterations, it means, it discourages traditions change among the list of people” (Fooraq). Ethnocentrism leads to no variety in world.

Like everything else ethnocentrism features its positives and negatives in society. With ethnocentrism, people believe they are superior to other people in other cultures. Creating a ethnocentric attitude makes persons view the universe completely different plus they tend to ignore some excellent things that other civilizations can provide. Ethnocentrism encourages patriotism and permits people who didn’t interact each and every day to actually start interacting. Nevertheless , ethnocentrism as well creates prejudice amongst persons resulting in the possible lack of diversity in society. It’s better to only keep a minded about everything others have to offer. Persons should be adopting cultural distinctions, not looking to destroy all of them.

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