Developing up in Coney Island looked like there was no convenient task. For several, basketball could have been the only way out. For Russell, Tchaka, Stephon, and Cory it was the way in which out. It was a way so they can escape the rough environment and the low income stricken roadways that they were forced to live in during their youth. Even though each individual had their own destinies, the game of basketball was their discharge. It kept them via falling sufferer to the violence of the neighborhood and the almost certain failure that many with their peers eventually endured.

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As the writer implied, hockey was the just way to escape the lower income and crime of Coney Island. I believe in some ways that could have been accurate, but general there are many other ways to overcome such adversities other than playing the game of basketball. Hockey may have kept these people level headed and out of problems, but as we see the sport would not prepare all of them for the sport of lifestyle.

Although Stephon went on to have a professional career in the NBA, his peers weren’t as lucky. Basketball for them was only a simple method of a way out of Coney Area which they most received the opportunity at as a result of sport, but apparently non-e of them appeared to have had any kind of back up ideas incase all was to fail. I believe the sport may have been a major distraction to Corey, Tchaka, and Russell. They by no means prepared themselves to not achieve the NBA, which left them all with nothing to fall back upon.

I do think hockey is a valid option for college students to escape low income, but without the talent and character of someone like Stephon, getting drafted to the NBA is virtually impossible. Hockey may available a few doorways but there’s still not any guarantee. You will find a responsibility to knowing your self and when it can time to begin taking other things including the degree’s that can be earned as a result of sport seriously. As the storyline implies, and this case specifically, there were 4 and only a single went all the way up. Corey proceeded to employed by his father’s plumbing business. Tchaka wound up working cleaning in Las Vegas making $8. 50 an hour while looking to provide for his fiance and son. Finally, Russell wound up, in what inside my eyes appears to have fully commited suicide around the train tracks in San Clemente. Not what they dreamt of as Lincoln subsequently High field hockey stars.

Coney Island was obviously a place that often left people timid. The gangs, the drugs, plus the more than typically violence that took place on a regular basis, ultimately motivate these student-athletes to making a very good attempt about leaving Coney Island and escaping the poverty. Tchaka wanted poor to stay away from area that he had not been quite used to coming from Jamaica Queens. Everyone was more upscale presently there, so Tchaka wasn’t used to seeing automobiles being inflated on residential streets had been people lived. Crack and cocaine had been drugs that swept through Coney Area, and it had been something the student’s moms were happy their children don’t do. A life like it was just anything these four just wanted not any part of.

Although many student-athletes may get scholarships to venture to college, I feel that Lincoln high school does not adequately prepare these people for college or university. Lincoln Large was not reputed for its teachers, they were totally base upon athletics. Most of the players found Lincoln Large specifically to perform for the basketball group itself. They’d one of the best applications in the PSAL. Most players that got the ability would get by on the fact that they were legend players on the basketball staff, sort of just like special treatment as some could call it.

The relationship between teachers and hockey at Lincoln high was a very personal one. As the story intended, the head instructor of Lincoln subsequently High basically agreed to stay at Lincoln for so long as Stephon was a player. That’s what ultimately persuaded Stephon to go to Lincoln subsequently High. As well in the story, Stephon acquired mentioned that he was going to hit the coach for money for lunchtime and items of that characteristics, money that Stephon was certain that having been going to obtain. Most of the teachers knew what basketball intended to the school, and thus did majority of the sports athletes that visited Lincoln. They knew that they can had the very best chances by Lincoln to flee the lower income of Coney Island.


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