People have morals. The usual ones will be: Don’t lie, cheat, or perhaps steal. The swipe in “I’m a fool by simply Sherwood Anderson does not appear to possess these types of morals throughout the story, although he will seem to truly feel remorseful by the end of the account. He is situated, cheats, and steals, though not in a way most consider normal.

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In “I’m a fool the swipe is placed. He is about who also he is, in which he is by, and what he does.

He explains to Miss Elinor Woodbury, Mr. Wilbur Wesen, and Miss Lucy Wessen that he was “Walter Mathers for Marietta, Ohio,  and that his “father held the horse About Ben Ahem,  and that his father “had let him out to this Greg French intended for racing reasons, because us was proud and had never gone in to racing doing this, in our own way, After all, and Miss Lucy Wessen’s eyes had been shining.  He then went on to tell her about his “place straight down in Marietta, and “about the big fixe and the grand big house,  He had on the hill over a Ohio Riv.

This individual justifies this by saying he knew enough not to brag and to make it appear to be they were tugging it out of him instead of him showing them.

He cheats through the use of his rest that he’s Walter Mathers, son with the owner of About Ben Ahem. He explains to them that About Bill Ahem “would lose the first heat by pacing like a lame cow and after that he would keep coming back and skin area ’em surviving after that,  like he had seen it happen prior to. The swipe backs this kind of up by having Mr. Wilbur Wessen place thirty us dollars of his (the swipe’s) money on About Bill Ahem for top odds that he could easily get after the initial heat.

The swipe is a thief as they stills one other mans personality. “There ain’t any Walt Mathers, just like I said to her and them, and there hasn’t ever been one, but if there was, I bet I’d go down to Marietta, Kentkucky, and take him the next day.  This kind of constitutes a deadly attitude only to cover for himself.

At the end of the story the swipe will not tell Miss Lucy, Mister. Wilbur, or Miss Woodbury that this individual isn’t who he says he is, he won’t come clean with how he understood About Bill Ahem would win, or perhaps where he is from, actually after Miss Lucy says that she’d write to him mainly because “She whispered and explained it was like she and I could get out from the boat and walk upon water.  So despite the fact that theswipe can be remorseful at the conclusion of the tale and says “I’ll stop working an be a bottom and give him my job. I may care nothing at all for operating, and generating revenue, and saving it for no these kinds of fool because myself,  he is even now a liar, a be unfaithful, and a thief.


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