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Our body works based on what we will be consuming sometimes we feel bored, stressed, sad, anxious and each of our sleep amounts go down we believe and maybe it might be a disease, also we visit the doctor although we are very well, perhaps we all never feel that our mood revolve around that which we are consuming, some people think that eat healthier is suggestions of having a diet in order to shed pounds, on the contrary having a good diet means eating mets that contains each of the nutrients our body requires. When we acquire those most nutrients via food, that they help all of us to increase your power we feel a lot better in addition support us to prevent from ailment that are currently doing harm to us, this kind of, cholesterol, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases among others. To possess a balanced diet and get all gain from food, we need to know what will be the two categories of sustenance and which aliment belong in each group. Eating healthy and balanced is a lifestyle that we should get, to keep each of our mind and body healthy and active, consuming healthy food increase our energy transform our feelings and safeguard us from serious diseases.

The food nourishes our body and helps each of our organism to work better, nevertheless also influences our emotional state, there are many aliments that help improve our state of anxiety, depression and sadness, we obtain food benefits that are immediately related with a few emotional human hormones, that is why that they protect us from depression, anxiety which might be the disorders that we suffer most today either by simply work pressure or family problems and so forth serotonin and endorphins would be the neurotransmitters responsible for the claims of mind, when we you don’t have a balanced diet where we all consume diverse foods, the mood amounts go down and it is there, we begin to think tired, we all feel depressed, miserable and at night we are unable to sleep and there comes a time wherever we do not might like to do our daily obligations and this influences us at the personal and work environment. Strawberries have a high content of vitamin C, which helps in the production of endorphins and thereby adjusts mood, whilst Pineapple has many vitamins and minerals that stimulate the production of serotonin, because of this anybody will look with better mood, vitality and tranquility. Its compounds aid to calm anxiety, nervous frustration and work as a relaxant to better sleep and seafood such as salmon, sardines, mackerel and tuna are abundant in omega-3 fatty acids, which prevent depression and anxiety (mejor con salud, 2014).

Food includes nutrients that offer energy to the body, whenever we talk about nutrition we refer to what is essential for life, which can be divided into two groups, micronutrients and macronutrients, the 1st reference to vitamins and minerals, while the macronutrients they are excess fat, proteins and carbohydrates, each one of these nutrients work effectively in our human body giving all of us energy and making our body work better, according to better wellness (2014). A food full of nutrients, consists of many minerals and vitamins (also referred to as micronutrients), however, not many calories from fat. Vitamins and minerals nurture your body and help maintain overall health while lowering the risk of persistent diseases. Fruit and vegetables like avocado, broccoli, onions, cauliflower, member of the lettuce family, tomato, cucumber. Like fruits, strawberries, pineapple, banana, pears, and melon. Whole grains, grain, wheat, barley, corn, rolled oats. Seafood, low-fat dairy products including milk, yogurt and parmesan cheese are some rich foods, which will we must include in our daily diet plan.

Furthermore to consuming healthy foods, our company is protecting ourselves from serious diseases which can be currently doing harm to us, cholesterol is one of the diseases that most victims, the treatment to combat this disease, can cost a lot of money and take a number of years, the best option is usually to take care of ourselves in the meals, add to our daily diet food like oats, fish, peanuts, cooking with olive oil and can include salads within our meals. On the other hand, by eating foods low in fat but full of proteins including lean meat, milk, yogurt, fiber rich foods, fruits and vegetables, our company is preventing illnesses such as diabetes, on the other hand to keep our minds healthy and stop cardiovascular diseases. Nuts, dark chocolate, legumes, broccoli and strawberries couple of foods that will assist us prevent them.

Also a healthy diet takes care of the mind in different ways. First, it strengthens the blood vessels, to ensure that oxygen and nutrients that travel through the blood can reach each cell correctly. Second, nourishes human brain areas responsible for language, learning, and thinking, among others. Defends the body coming from inflation, a process related to various diseases, and, finally, healthful eating provides individuals nutrients that promote and participate in the expansion of new skin cells and new neuronal contacts (Richly ain al., 2014, p. 10).

Our body is eroding energy by doing our daily actions, we all possess a schedule that we are not able to avoid at the end of the day we generally feel terne but we can say that the next day we need to return to the routine, this is why we should feast upon the better way, since our body is definitely, what we eat, it requires many nutrients, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates to replenish strength every time we are degassing them, all the nutrients that the body needs, we obtain them from food, take in healthy foods, support us to improve our strength, in our daily diet we must consist of salads of vegetables, fruits, salmon, legumes, grains such as beans, wheat, corn, grain, and rooster, fish, pig, and goat meat that contain many substances that will give us energy. if we want to feel good and stay fit in every feature we must select for a healthful lifestyle, using a balanced diet plan does not mean losing weight, means eating the quantities of food that our body needs and especially eating consumed to include the nutrients that help all of us to

equilibrium our diet. Even so Healthy lifestyles are a global strategy, which is part of a contemporary health trend, basically presented within the reduction of disorders and well being promotion, probably the key second or the beginning of this trend was in 2004 and was generated with a declaration by world well being organization, to enhance risk elements such as unhealthy eating and sedentary way of life, therefore standards of living are determined by the presence of risk factors or of defensive factors pertaining to well-being, which is why reason they must be seen as a powerful process that will not it simply consists of person actions or perhaps behaviors, yet also of actions of a social mother nature. Lifestyles had been considered as determinants and health factors in the state of health associated with an individual (ministerio de salud Gibierno delete Sakvador, 2016).

Having a healthy way of living includes diet plan which must include parts of foodstuff with the required nutrients that we need, food have many nutrition from which we have many benefits consist of fruits, vegetables, meats inside our diet boosts our energy and increase our academic or work performance, consuming healthy likewise keeps the mind and body lively, our head has more ability to retain info, we also prevent development of heart diseases, cholesterol diabetes among others. Each of our state of mind will depend a lot upon what we eat, this is why we should a great lifestyle by eating healthy and helping the body to feel good.

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