The terms “best fit” and “best practice” are used in strategic hrm and applied to the specific coverage area of praise systems. Every single approach endeavors to explain how that HUMAN RESOURCES policies on the whole and prize policies in particular can lead to increased organizational effectiveness.

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The “best fit” perspective claims that the firm’s praise system ought to be aligned to support the organization’s business strategy in order to achieve competitive advantage. “Best practice” advocates claim that there is a package deal of HOURS policies including the reward system that lead to very motivated and committed personnel who are the key to an organization’s competitive advantage.

There is a lack of quality about the particular characteristics of either perspective as used on pay style.

Lawler (1995, p. 14) states that organizational devices must begin with business approach because “…it specifies the particular company wants to accomplish, just how it would like to behave, plus the kinds of performance and performance levels it must demonstrate to be effective.

” Business strategy, driving individual and organizational behaviors, is definitely the touchstone for the development of the reward strategy.

The dependant nature from the reward product is emphasized by Lawler (1995, p. 14) when he says, “indeed the ‘new pay’ is not just a set of reimbursement practices at all, but rather just one way of thinking about the position of reward systems within a complex organization…it argues against an supposition that certain guidelines must be included into a company’s approach to pay. ” Indeed, he contrasts the prize system for any traditional managing style with one that encourages employee involvement. The correct suit for the previous includes a prize system that is job-based with merit shell out while for these it is skill-based with bonus deals based on business success.

Schuster and Zingheim (1993, s. 6) as well follow a conditional approach yet argue that “Merit pay and traditional performance appraisal help to make it difficult to view workers as key elements of organizational strategy and tactics. ” They claim that every component of an company reward system should bring about expanding employees’ line of web page “…to include concern about how their business is executing. ” (Schuster and Zingheim, 1993, p. 6) Variable or motivation pay, which is not consolidated into base shell out, replaces the regular merit strategy.

According to Conway (2003), research examining ‘high determination management’ in HRM offers its roots in both the configurationally as well as the universal theoretical frameworks. Marchington and Wilkinson (2002, g. 177), declare that “most from the interest during the last decade or so has been in models of “high commitment” or “best practice” HRM, stimulated initially by the work of a number of US academics, but produced more recently simply by people in Britain as well. ” Whilst, for the most part this really is a generalist HR argument, writers just like Pfeffer and Huselid applied best practice principles to the field of reward. In doing this they develop the work of Herzberg (1966) and Kohn (1993).

The two approaches believe that HR methods should be complimentary. However , in accordance to Purcell (1999, p. 27), “…what is most notable about the best practice version is there is no discussion upon company technique at all. ” The actual premise of this view is that organizations implementing a set of best practices attract super human resources, talent and competencies. “These outstanding human resources will, in turn, influence the approach the organization adopts and is the cause of the competitive benefits. ” (Milkovich & Newman, 2002, s. 30)

Recommends suggest you will find mutually compatible ‘bundles’ of HR plans that showcase high degrees of employee motivation and dedication that absolutely impact on company performance. While there is not unanimous agreement in identifying these types of practices, checklist generally comes with: selective hiring, extensive schooling, employment security, a framework that stimulates employee participation and pay guidelines that lead in relation to sector competitors. (Pfeffer, 1998a; Huselid, 1995) 1 obvious point of conundrum is in the area of pay associated with performance evaluation. Pfeffer (1998a, pp. 203-204) criticizes advantage pay on five environment: 1 . Subjectivity and capriciousness that reward political skills… rather than overall performance.

2 . An emphasis on the achievements of the individuals…consequently undermining teamwork.

3. An absence of matter for company performance.

4. Encouragement of short-term focus…5. The tendency of such devices to produce fear in the workplace.

This brief description in the two techniques indicates that there is one key area of contract. HR procedures should be consonant. Reward devices, as one coverage area should interconnect and complement various other policies like employee selection, training and gratification appraisal. However , there is also a fundamental disagreement. Best fit policies will be contingent. They are really developed or amended to maintain a “line of sight” with strategy. This means that an organization’s reward system will be unique and really should conceivably transform with main adjustments to organizational approach. Best practice policies are universal. The policy package deal does not modify regardless of the company strategic thrust. This shows that similar praise systems is going to prevail throughout organizations and industries.

Yet , advocates of either approach are not in complete arrangement about the effect on praise systems. Schuster and Zingheim (1993) suggest that employee advantages should always be linked with organizational efficiency. Lawler’s (1995) approach is really contingent. His traditional supervision design choice does not include any kind of pay aspect that may differ with company performance. Even though considered a universal procedure, best practice advocates haven�t identified an agreed pack HR guidelines. There is also a striking lack of universality with regard to incentive systems. Theoretical discussion and empirical research does not reveal specific prize elements followed by companies with a ‘best practice’ orientation.

As a realization, I would hardly recommend the practices with no conducting even more studies of every specific Egypt organization or perhaps classified sector. Currently, the general public sector in Egypt cannot afford creating a reliable program using the “best fit” approach. Only when all of us reach a moment of having a commonly supported understanding of the HR research, then the reimbursement model can be unified, although covering the will need or Egyptian society.


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