A large number of people argue that the very high cost research exceeds its potential benefits. Present one debate for and one discussion against raising current funding for atomic-structure research. Make use of specific examples from this lessons in your answers to support every single position.

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The use of the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machine is actually a topic of debate with arguments pertaining to and against its use of this equipment for medical purposes. A spat that helps the use of the MRI is that study in this field of atomic structure has already led to many advances that have provided wonderful public benefit.

An example can be finding the soft tissue damage that the x-ray probably would not find due to magnets, low radio trend frequency and tuning from the MRI equipment. Although these machines do not fix the problem it acts as a strong tool to offer doctors and surgeons noninvasive imaging with the body by sending pulses and fine tuning the substances of the human body. Atomic ” structure continues to be in its infancy plus the reason that research in this field is so essential is because buying understanding how debris work allows us better understanding of the fundamentals of the world we all live in.

In the event that research in this field never existed, it would be harder to understand how electrons, protons and neutrons operate. If it weren’t for Rutherford taking the time to formulate the rare metal foil experiment, we would not even know the essentials of how atoms work. Current data about how atoms and electrons operate is based firmly on observations alone for this reason predictions and accuracy are commonly inaccurate. Extended funding must be either increased or maintained to comprehending the design of debris and start in the grass origins to understanding more complex compounds. In contrast, a common argument against the need for continued research is the fact that cost outweighs its benefits. An example of this can be the MRI and X-ray devices and how costly it is to create and maintain them.

One of the major difficulties with the MRI and X-ray machines is that, although they may well provide answers to patents and doctors. These equipment are expensive to use and “not all people have equal access to the huge benefits resulting from this research (pg. 3). The accessibility is a huge issue since regardless if financing is there, whom are the equipment going to be applied on? Who may be reaping some great benefits of this analysis? There are many honest and sociological issues that come to light with increased financing, accessibility, transportability anduniversality that pertains to the utilization of atomic ” structure study. This is also beyond the quality of results from the experiments and purposes the funding can be used for. Some argue that the money would be of higher use upon research that is certainly more tangible, that gives results quickly and effectively. Research upon atomic-structure is additionally very different by 100 years in the past when choosing the basics of the atom was much easier and fewer expensive. To conclude, if atomic-structure research is continued, the issue will continue to be a contributing factor about how much economic support that much needed research will obtain.


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