The Aeta is actually a group of native people who live in scattered, separated mountainous elements of Luzon. The Aeta precursors are nomadic and build only temporary shelters. Nevertheless , the well-situated and more modernized Aeta possess moved to neighborhoods and regions of cleared mountains. One of the areas the fact that Aeta has inhabited for thousands of years is the area of Mt. Pinatubo. When Mt. Pinatubo erupted, the Aetas lost their home.

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They were forced to live in expulsion centers for a few months.

In a year in the eruption, a number of the Aeta people have returned for their land. Because they went back with their homes, that they found all their mountains and hills covered in volcanic ash. This kind of proved to be their very own greatest challenge because it forced them to adjust to a transformed post-eruption environment. The Aetas possess a knowledge for the relationships among plants, family pets and months. They recognized their environment; therefore , they will managed to get over their obstacle. They attemptedto cultivate and adopt fresh crops which proved to be powerful.

They soon learned that the ash helped inside the cultivation of tubers. The brand new volcanic material mixed with best soil makes fertile ground that the Aeta people utilized for root crops, vegetables and peanuts. The Aetas are also one of the first habitants of the nation. They have noticed the beauty of the nature around them.

Therefore , they know what is important in their environment. They are aware of the actual will be eliminating if that they neglect this. The Aetas’ various thoughts about religion as well contribute to the results they have on the environment. A lot of believe in a supreme becoming who guidelines over lesser spirits or perhaps deities. Some believe that good and bad spirits inhabit the environment, just like spirits in the sea, skies and other locations. Because of these philosophy, they make sure to protect all their environment and present respect to it. Understanding these information, it is secure to conclude which the Aetas effect on their environment positively.

In contrast to this, the modern society’s effects on the environment are drastic. People have continuously killed the planet and there are just one or two movements committed to fixing these kinds of problems. Environmentally friendly concerns which were not an immediate concern inside the 19th century became a problem that needs immediate solutions within a hundred years period. Pollution, global warming, less normal water supply”all these are generally concerns that must be faced as the Aetas have faced the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo.

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