Stereotype, Mental Illness, Mental Disorder, Teenage Depression

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, 2009). For the extent that these young people are perceived when it comes to stereotypical views by physicians will likely be the extent where the therapeutic relationship will probably be adversely damaged. In this regard, Villaneuva and her associates determine that, “Myths and stereotypes about mental illness that could create personal biases and lead to discrimination. Such unoriginal views along with long-standing values about mental illness can impact the nurse-patient relationship and ultimately influence the care that people receive” (p. 221).

In answer to this likelihood of stereotypical perceptions influencing clinicians’ treatment of teenagers with mental disorders, an increasing number of programs across the nation have been introduced in recent years to educate the public and healthcare specialists concerning stereotypes about mental illness on the whole and between young people specifically. Popular stereotypes about mental illness, nevertheless, can be powerful forces which are not easily improved. For example , research by Hinkelman and Granello (2003) discovered that, “Media portrayals of individuals with mental illness often include psychotic killers or violent those who sustain little if any basis the truth is. People frequently use slang words including crazy, psychotic, or schizo to refer to others whose behavior deviates to some extent from a great expected norm” (p. 259). Further, false information with regards to mental illness only contributes to these types of stereotypes, plus the need for a more informed construction among health-related professionals that takes into account the stereotypes and prejudices which may otherwise influence their remedying of these young adults. In this regard, Hinkelman and Granello add that, “The climate to get acceptance of individuals with mental illness have been an area of ongoing advocacy for mental health professionals” (p. 260). These experts identified several gender-related factors that affect stereotypical awareness about the mentally ill, such as (a) female university students had fewer restrictive plus more benevolent thinking toward people who have mental condition than their particular male colleagues and (b) female students had more positive attitudes toward seeking emotional services than male learners (Hinkelman Granello, 2003). These types of findings may well health counselors identify significant disruptions in the social and family support used for treating young people with mental medical issues, because family members in particular who hold unoriginal views can fail to help the support in techniques promote great outcomes. Based upon their studies, these experts speculate that, “It is possible that individuals with rigid gender-role adherence may well have limited abilities to supply social or perhaps familial support to individuals with mental illness, and interactions between these people may, in fact , be detrimental to the operating of the person with the illness, ” creating this an important treatment consideration intended for healthcare experts (Hinkelman Granello, 2003, g. 260).


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