We live in a generation that relies heavily on technology and on the web. People use much time on the net on the Web, if for job, school or perhaps University groundwork, for fun or simply for social networking. So , with this main reason this issue of increased use of technology and the Net is a matter of great curiosity for all of us. For this reason we chose to do our research project related and based upon the different types of websites that are of main interest for the people.

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First of all, all of us will start chatting a little bit about the technology and the Internet in general. When we look at any dictionary intended for the definition of technology that they define that as: “the branch of reassurance that deals with the creation and use of technological means and their interrelation with life, world, and the environment, drawing upon industry these kinds of subjects since arts, architectural, applied science, and real science ¦ “, and naturally, that is that.

Over the years, we have viewed the evolution of technology. Technology and Global Transform describes just how technology provides shaped society and the environment over the last 200 years.

Technology has led us from the farmville farm to the manufacturer to the internet, plus the impacts have become global. The technology keeps growing so quickly. Now you does not have to send a letter simply by mail and wait times to be received, you just mail an email but it will surely be received immediately. This can be an example of the way the technology has evolved. This is a very useful tool and certainly the generation relies heavily on her, in particular when we discuss the Internet. This has become the every day use of lots of people around the world numerous, children, teenagers, adults, and including grandpa and grandma. Use of net has grown a whole lot since it was introduced in the world. Used for a multiple things either for the workplace, entertainment or informative. The web has brought a change in many areas of life. Currently one can access the internet conveniently, from your pc, iPod, ipad tablet, cellphone, and so forth It is one of the greatest contributors to make the world into a global small town. Now, discussing talk specifically about the websites. It is a connected group of web pages on the World Wide Web thought to be a single organization, usually preserved by one individual organization and devoted to an individual topic or several closely related topics.

A website is a set of related web pages which has text, images, video, sound, etc . It can be hosted upon at least one world wide web server, accessible via a network such as the Net or a non-public local area network. How a number of Internet pages can be found? Of course , there are hundreds of millions and everything for multiple uses. The net is a network of pcs that offer access and details to people. To use the Internet, you run a number of programs with respect to the type of data you wish to perspective. Our particular research, will be evaluating the many and various websites which exist and the most employed by people possibly in general or between children that fork out a lot of time within the internet. All of us will also be analyzing their uses and why people consider them because important within their use. Likewise we will be considering and contrasting some surveys conducted simply by Internet and also other related simply by ourselves for the issue of websites.

We are focusing on 3 specific types of websites: educational use, social networks and websites of enjoyment and entertainment. In May 2012, The security software conducted a web survey in the usa to determine which were the favorite websites for teenagers. Children between the ages of 13 and 18 responded to the survey for any total populace of 1, 004 responses. The results in the top 3 were the following: first place was Facebook, in that case Twitter and in third place, Google+. Require are not the only ones that was pointed out, in the review also shows up Tumblr, 4chan, Pinterest, and Myspace. When we see these kinds of findings, these results looked very peculiar and interesting and that is why we all base our investigation with this topic. As we analyzed these results, we all though the thought of ‹‹doing a basic survey to verify if the outcomes of the paid survey conducted in america in May 2012 by McAfee coincided with this friend’s opinion. Thus, all of us launched an internet survey. Whatever we did? Our first step was randomly choose 30 persons between the ages of 17-21. We done the review with three simple concerns.

The first question that we make was based on how a large number of daily hours the teenagers spend on the net. This is because we know that nowadays the adolescents spend a lot of time in the internet and we wish to found make a survey that support each of our opinion. Inside our survey simply two people replied that they were on the Internet just between 1 to 2 hours, by furthermore, 12 others said that that they spent between 3-4 hours and of sixteen respondents declared they spent more than 4 hours for the Internet. This first query not only tells us that most of the people dedicate more than 4 hours on the web, but it makes us feel that probably a number of these young people only need an habit in spending so much period on the internet daily. We must be careful with this and one particular important thing we must keep at heart always is that we must build control and balance within our time. Abnormal use in some type of computer can become risky.

It can influence multiple points: even our sight right up until we get a chance to rest in order to share with family and friends. Inclusive, relating to new research, teens that spend an unreasonable amount of time for the Internet could be at improved risk of depression because they are by itself in a computer without a sociable life. This could also be mirrored in the body of the young. At the United States and Puerto Vasto, there is a big problem of obesity in teenagers. Many of the circumstances blamed for obesity in American teenagers also influence Puerto Rico: families that work more and take in fewer dishes at home, in certain neighborhoods a fear of crime that keeps children indoors, although mainly, as a result of excessive period spent by youth in front of the computer. For that reason, is very important to keep that we almost all need to workout and take in healthy to keep up a good physique and good health and dedicate less time online. We aren’t spend at all times in the internet.

The other question in our survey was: what is your main reason for online? And the outcome was: 17 persons said pertaining to social and interaction, 10 said to get entertainment and only 3 persons said to get education. This kind of worried all of us a lot mainly because these effects reflect the loss of time around the Internet children instead of spending time with their research. That’s why all of us emphasize once again the creation of a good balance inside our time. The third and last question was: Which is your favorite website? And the results were: Facebook . com was the favourite for twenty one people, Twitter was the beloved to 8 and later one person said Google. Facebook has more than one billion active users, more than half of these using Facebook on a portable device. This kind of social network is regarded as like an dependency for a lot of persons. Internet addictions, especially to social media, have been well written about. And the truth is that we are going to feeling like those might have a touch of Facebook craving.

Is this dependency real, although? In Chinese suppliers, Taiwan and South Korea “Internet Dependency Disorder is already accepted like a psychological prognosis. Facebook and Internet addiction can easily have damaging effects, for instance a decrease in each of our attention span. In fact , seeing that 2000, each of our collective interest span offers decreased simply by 40%. Research workers in Norway have printed a new internal scale to measure Facebook addiction, the first of this category worldwide. That they hope that researchers will see the new psychometric tool useful in investigating issue behavior related to Facebook employ. With this research information, we can determine that Facebook or myspace, like many other social networks, are an dependency in Muelle Rico and the United States, but is a huge issue worldwide. 2 weeks . double-edged blade for sure.

For this reason we must be mindful. This does not show that all social networks are awful or should not exist. Just we want to generate awareness when it comes to and be genuine. Today we all have access to technology, the Internet and multiple websites, but all of us only want to focus on that we has to be careful to not fall into dependency. All this can be a great resource and a fantastic help to each of our education, educational preparation, inside the work, and also to socialize, thus let’s produce our own balance in the utilization of them. Besides the Internet, there are numerous books that may be of great help. Most resources are there. It truly is in all of us to use them as an edge and not allow them to become each of our double-edged weapon.

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