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This examine aimed to find out if an old shoebox and a thick container foil can be converted to amore useful bit of cooking equipment. The feasibility of reflective photo voltaic heated barbeque that is built from a cardboard boxes box, tin foil, and poster table as alternative cooking equipment was studied with this research project. The cardboard field was slice and formed. The container foil is settled in the centre making it looks like a slip. We go outside in the heat of the sun.

The barbeque sticks were placed in the spot where reflection of the sun light focuses on the hotdog. just like a real skewer the hotdog were cooked properly therefor moments. Tasted this and there you are. Real hotdogs on keep just like mother used to prepare food.

CHAPTER My spouse and i


A sun heated barbeque can be built from a cardboard box, container foil, and poster panel. Sunlight visits the reflective surface and focuses on the dog saved in the center.

Students can perform in pairs or separately if you will discover enough materials. This is a parabolic cooker we developed a while ago, therefore unfortunately we all can’t demonstrate step by step images of its construction. However , it’s easy to see just how it was assembled. It makes a great Physics project. In contrast to most, you will actually get some use out of it afterwards. A number of the principles this demonstrates will be:

1 . Optics: focusing parallel rays of incident mild through the use of a parabolic looking glass.

2 . Energy transformation: light to heat

3. Renewable energy: solar power


General Target:

This kind of study of Solar Heated Grill make an effort to find out if an old shoe carton box can be handy in making a alternative food preparation machine.

Significance of the examine:

* This serves as a great eye-opener for individuals who don’t have a grill in their backyard. As well they can as well reduce their solid waste products at home since their gonna use their particular old sneaker box. 2. Provide details to pupils and teachers with respect to the recycling where possible of ticket box or even old shoe box. * Serve as motivating factor for the colleges or institutions to direct their pupils and to additional strengthen their particular capabilities pertaining to developing old carton field into a cooking grill and also other processes to maximize the taking of older carton field.

Furthermore, the results of the study will provide empirically based data to plan makers in Ecological recycled Waste Administration. (RA 9003) junk planisphère are usually stocked or thrown out elsewhere. Switching these non-functional cartons would not only support RA 9003 but it also starts an avenue to build up technology in the community.


This kind of study was conducted Aug 07, 2010 to September 10, 2010. Finalized in one day. It is limited to the use of fichier box, container foil. Glu, musking tape barbeque sticks, and hotdogs. Yummy. The conversion associated with an old ticket box in a solar heated grill is an essential concern of this research. The outcome can be done by simply properly putting together it.


For purpose of clarity, the following terms used in the analysis are hereby defined:

Hotdog ” A commonly-used (but etymologically obscure) term to get a sausage thatis usually eaten in a bun with ketchup, mustard, and/or relish.

Bbq grill ” Outdoor cooking equipment. To cook food previously mentioned charcoal, gas or different means of warmth. (Typically outside)

Tin Foil ” A wrapping substance to keep foodstuff fresh.

Skewer ” is known as a thin metal or real wood stick used to hold pieces of food jointly. They are utilized while barbecuing or cooking meats, and in other cooking applications.




Hot Canines rank up there Burgers as ended up being summer foodstuff. However , whilst people can take a handmade hamburger critically, the hot dog tends to be some thing inexpensive and flavorless. Really for this reason i don’t generally like hotdogs. I prefer anything better in the grill. This is why it’s better to put a sausage in the grill rather than those pricey fast food warm dogs. If you be one of the world’s a couple of billion people that don’t eat pork you are in luck. There are a great number of hot dog variations out there which might be as good as the initial. Sausages produced from turkey, gound beef, chicken contain flavors and some circumstances superior to presently there pork alternative. You can generally find these kinds of available in community health food stores or perhaps specialty beef markets. There are probably numerous ways to fill up a hotdog as there are strategies to top of your hamburger. You top your puppy in this order: yellow mustard, relish, onions, tomatoes, pickles, peppers, and celery salt. And few things can make a meal away of a hotdog like a large dose of chili.




* Two items of heavy card (like the medial side of a card carton). The first part must be at least five inches sq and the second smaller part must be by least four inches by five in ..

* An item of light poster board ten inches wide and sixteen inches wide long.

5. Twelve-inch large aluminium foil. (You will use about 32 inches with the material. )

* Several masking mp3. (You might experiment with other types of tape. )

* 9 inch lengthy sticks about 1/16 inch in size. You may also employ lengths of heavy wire.


1 ) Select a lengthy narrow field; the longer the box a lot more heat collection is possible. Select a focal length between 5³ and 10³ and design and style a parabolic curve because seen in the picture. One design template could be intended for all the cookers. Trace the curve for the open end of the box so that it is usually centered and straight.

2 . Cut out the curve which has a utility blade. Stress the value of being actual. Measure and cut a bit of poster plank that will resolve flush against the opening for the box. Add this with tape start at the center and working toward to ends.

3. Cover the contour with white-colored glue and apply aluminium foil gleaming side away. Start in the center and smooth toward the edges. Never wrinkle or perhaps fold the foil; you want it because smooth as possible.

4. Make use of two leftovers of cardboard taped with each side since supports. Using the sun or possibly a projector mild, test the focal point. There should be a glowing spot wherever light is targeted; mark this spot and punch a hole pertaining to theskewer. Use a section of a coat hanger from which the paint has become removed for any skewer.

a few. Enjoy your hot dog!



This kind of chapter reveals the data, evaluation and model of findings. It is through this part whereby the data have been completely sorted away, tabulated, put through statistical examination and then the findings had been interpreted. When we had produced the hotdog barbeque out of recycled old carton field. And grilled the hotdog there thru spotted sunlight reflections within the tin foil. We asked somebody to rate the flavor and acceptance of the food.



Each of our hypothesis was right. The hot dog barbeque grill made of cardboard can really cooked properly delicious hotdogs which is appropriate in the real-world; the pot is cheap if built. Because the materials are not expensive. Developed hotdog is equivalent to it is prepared in the bbq grill. We think that if a refractive hot dog cooker can be built from a cardboard box, tin foil, and poster board is possible that hotdog can be cooked there merely our mother used to make. We think it is cheaper and economical as we are in a warm country; we think that this will be acceptable inside our time.


On the basis of the conclusions developed, the following recommendations are offered pertaining to possible further more study. 1 ) Information disseminations to the people for the proper recycling where possible of outdated and dilapidated Carton bins and other recycled wastes ought to be intensified. 2 . People ought to know the beliefs of taking not only the biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste materials but also for those to do all their part to cut down on squander pollution that affects the environment. 3. Ticket users must be guided accordingly on how to recycling destroyed shoe cartons instead of to gunk them elsewhere, because dumping them in other places, will ultimately can cause messy surroundings. On their behalf also in reducing the fire that happen to be fatal to human beings.


Solar Cooking Frequently-Asked Concerns

What are the basic kinds of photo voltaic cookers?

You will discover three fundamental kinds:

* Box cookers

2. This type of cooker has been the good thing about slow, possibly cooking of large quantities of food. Different versions include slanting the face toward the sun and the number of mirrors. You’ll find a write-up discussing sun box pot design share.

5. Panel cookers

* This kind of recent creation was started by Roger Bernard in France. From this design, numerous flat solar panels concentrate sun light onto a pot within a plastic bag or under a glass bowl. The advantage of this design is they can be constructed in an hour or so pertaining to next to nothing. In Kenya, these are generally being produced for the Kakuma Asylum Camp job for US$2 each.

* Parabolic cookers

2. These are usually concave hard disks that concentrate the light on to the bottom of the pot. A benefit is that foods cook regarding as fast as over a conventional oven. The disadvantage is they are complicated to make, they need to be centered often to follow the sun, and they can cause burns and attention injury in the event that not utilized correctly. Many of these concerns have got recently been decreased by Dr . Dieter Seifert’s design.

Whom made the first photo voltaic cooker?

2. The initial solar oven we know of was developed by Horace de Saussure, aSwiss naturalist experimenting as soon as 1767.

Wherever are sun ovens getting used the most?

5. There are dependable reports that we now have over 75, 000 cookers in use in both India andChina. Our company is aware of solar cooking projects in most with the countries on the planet. Solar Cookers International has had a cutting-edge in Kenya using the CooKitpanel cooker. More than 5000 households are now solar power cooking presently there.

Would a mirror make a much better reflector?

* While magnifying mirrors are more reflective than less difficult materials just like aluminum foil, but the added gain is typically not worth the increased price and fragility involved with using a mirror.

In the event you build a box cooker away of cardboard boxes, won’t this catch fire?

* Number Paper burns up at 451OF (233OC) plus your cooker refuses to get that hot.

What are the results if the sunshine goes in front side of the atmosphere while I’m cooking?

5. Your food is going to continue to prepare food as long as you possess 20 a few minutes of sunlight an hour (using a field cooker). It is not recommended that you just cook meats unattended the moment there is a prospect of substantial cloudiness. If you can be sure that the atmosphere will stay crystal clear though, you may put in any sort of food in the morning, face the oven towards the south and the foodstuff will be cooked properly when you go back home at the end of the day.


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