The story of Romeo and Juliet is constantly on the interest and engage viewers and readers to the present day. One of the reasons for this may be that it explores universal styles which are continue to of interest and concern to everyday people. The play makes us consider issues, including love, devotion to their family and friends, expert, and fortune. Each of these themes is reviewed below regarding the perform.

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Romeo and Juliet contains many examples of commitment of one person or group to another person or group.

Loyal actions in the enjoy do not also have positive results and cannot always be seen to obtain been the best course of action. Sometimes, as we discover in the beginning of the perform, loyalty can cause violence and people behaving improperly or wrongly.

Student Responsibilities

1 . Within your groups, go over and make a decision on a definition of loyalty. Within your answer consider the following: Precisely what is loyalty and how does a devoted person react? Where does loyalty start off and stop?

installment payments on your Think of for least three examples of when a person or perhaps group reveals loyalty in Romeo and Juliet. Write down:

a. Who was devoted to whom?

b. That they were loyal”what did they certainly that confirmed loyalty? c. What the consequence of their actions”did their loyalty have confident or bad outcomes ultimately?

3. Using the scenes of Romeo and Juliet that we have studied in class, find three quotations that show a character can be feeling split or pulled in two directions by their loyalties. Write down the quotation and explain what shows about the character also to whom they are loyal.


Authority is usually illustrated and explored in Romeo and Juliet. In Shakespeare’s time, authority was very closely associated in someones minds towards the naturalorder of the world and to the need of Goodness. For example , the authority from the king or perhaps queen was believed to be directed at them simply by God. Therefore , anyone who proceeded to go against the expert of the california king or full would be considered to be committing a crime or sin against the would like of God. People who went against power were seen as going up against the natural order and many persons believed that could just end in disaster.

Student Responsibilities

4. There are many other words and phrases related to the term ‘authority’. One example is: authoritarian, allow, authoritative. Check out each of these words and find out what form of term that they are, for instance , noun, épithète, adverb. Set a brief classification for each of the words like the word ‘authority’.

5. Get and take note of three good examples from the enjoy where a single person or group has authority over one more group.

6. Describe 3 situations inside the play every time a person or perhaps group disobeys authority. Precisely what is the end result in each circumstance? Which of such examples of disobedience are the the majority of serious kinds in your opinion?

7. Are there any situations in Romeo and Juliet exactly where people in authority tend not to do their particular jobs effectively? For example , do the people in authority often carry out their jobs because carefully and as well as they should?

8. What meaning or idea do you think William shakespeare might have wanted to say in Romeo and Juliet about the nature of authority and about obeying authority?


Love in Romeo and Juliet is presented nearly as a disease that makes you literally ill and that makes you behave in a silly way.

College student Tasks

9. Read the two statements about the theme of love in Romeo and Juliet. Asa group, choose the statement that you just agree with more and find quotations and examples from the perform to support your opinion. Be ready to contribute your ideas to a discussion in the classroom. a. “Romeo and Juliet is one of the greatest love stories of all times.  n. “Romeo and Juliet is far more about interest, hate, and the importance of behavior than it truly is about love. 

Fate versus cost-free will

In Shakespeare’s time, fate was seen as your own personal fortune or perhaps destiny that was established by The almighty. You could avoid or steer clear of it. Your fate was said to be lined up with the celebrities (that is why astrologers include such importance for some people). On the other hand, there may be free will certainly. This is where a person usually takes control and makes his or her own destiny therefore changing the need of Our god. This was seen as an sin.

Scholar Tasks

15. Write down 3 examples of fortune or free will via Romeo and Juliet.

14. What concept was Shakespeare trying to convey about destiny and free will?


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