Comic books proven themselves because an independent multimedia in which history abides its very own rules; advancement of tale follows by simply specific make use of frames sequences and their formula. Judging by the structure of comic books and graphic novels we can see a large number of similarities with other medias, just like movies modifications of comic books and just movie itself.

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Yet , we cannot deny exclusive differences of the two medias. Films have their own belief and circulation of time and so do image novels. Both equally make an effects by using their particular way of storytelling.

But what multimedia is better intended for telling stories when it comes to video adaptations of comic books? Personally idea to create comic book story to big screen has its drawbacks and benefits. Beside clear part of motion picture ” appear, some films benefit from initial visual design of their source material, movies like Sin City, 300 and Dick Tracy, which makes them striking as a result of film’s “moving image characteristic. Or other way about, for example , when ever film overseer like Tim Burton applied his very own visual design while producing Batman, which has been supported by weird and eccentric characters like Joker and The Penguin through Gotham on its own.

Same with Guillermo Del Toro great adaptation of Hellboy. But my placement is that comedian book films are not that sophisticated when compared with their initial material, nevertheless only if consider that unique material were stand alone graphic novels like “Watchmen, “V is for Vendetta, “Sin City e. t. c. Although at the same time, movies based on popular pledge of comics sector like “X-men, “Spider-man, “Batman and so on, in some cases, don’t seriously fall that far behind from their comedian book types. To show we can analyze several films that were filmed based upon graphic novels and break them down by kinds of what make comics to be “comics and then compare.

“Comics¦juxtaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate series, intended to convey information and/or to make an cosmetic response i actually the viewer (Scott McCloud, “Understanding of comics) Starting from obvious ” comic books will be collections of static photos, therefore the way how audience perceives details depends on the way how comic book designer manipulate these kinds of visuals. In Scott McCloud’s book “Understanding of Comics author tells us about how comic books use each of our understanding of events by executing

particular transition of “frames just like scene to scene, action to action or aspect to aspect. We are not able to also forget about “the graphical style of a certain comic book, which likewise plays a major role in storytelling. Additionally , “composition of these two especially taken components is what keeps all images together to make a specific story, on each web page separately and jointly. Las vegas is a very image example, when playing comic pages and on screen. Creators of this movie, which includes author of original Sin City (Frank Miller), captured the strongest feature of comedian book ” black and white imagery with a few coloured elements, grotesque characters and, in certain parts, photographs were took out from amusing book energy. “Some of the stills in the film appear so much like frames from the comic book as to generate no difference. And which narration that plays just like the captions on top of the shape, setting the stage and expressing a stark existential world view.  (Roger Ebert)

Among examples of it is scene where Marv gets rid of priest in confessional booth, it was transferred frame simply by frame from comic book page. This scene, for me, is the best in which represents comic book way of narrative in film. Because series of initial frames will be “action to action provides almost similar pacing with movie, in spite of difference in executing them, when in comic publication it is shown using one page and movie this can be a movement of frames.

Sin City is a good example of a very well moved material from one media to a new, but mostly because materials is much more stylised than, for example , Watchmen in which style can be used more as a supporting device: “The celebrities are mined for the archetypes they contain; personas are rotated and balanced into a hyperdimension. We get not so much their existence as their substance; the movie is not as to what the character types say or what they do, although about who they are in our wildest dreams.  (Roger Ebert)

Visually motion picture does not second-rate to unique work, though comic pictures look much bolder and it facilitates character’s design and make scenes look much more organic, when in movie you still see that celebrities are just stars and that is wherever audience must use their particular suspension of disbelief:

“a willingness to suspend one’s critical faculties and imagine the unbelievable; sacrifice of realism and logic with regard to enjoyment (Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

Although we are unable to say that Sin City is completely original work, that obviously borrows a lot of elements via older comic books, such as “The Spirit or “Dick Tracy and coming from films of 30-40’s. Factor such “crawling shadows utilized intensively in several frames and added a great deal to every scene were character types casted dark areas on their surroundings. This demonstrates that comics are not that totally different from movies, with regards to what they are demonstrating to audience, but kind of comics media is what makes it unique and substantive:

“each successive shape of a video is forecasted on exactly the same space ” the ” screen ” while every frame of comics need to occupy a different sort of space¦space does for comics what period does to get film!  (Scott McCloud) That being said, by example of Sin City we can admit graphical features are not that hard to reproduce in movie wherever stylisation is actually a major characteristic, same with structures. However , structure of the complete page functions completely differently from films and that is exactly where adaptations fail at reproducing comic books’ form. One other example of visual novel version is Watchmen created by Alan Moore and Dork Gibbons. The moment Sin City is more stylised history, Watchmen is more about context and themes. As visual novel it uses every prospect that is directed at it since comics mass media. One of the most interesting is make up of support frames throughout the story

Film adaptation of Watchmen would not show offered themes in the same way like first version does, simply because it shouldn’t have this ability like “page composition, and even if tried to use it might have ruined the shape of film media. As an example, running concept of the Rorschach’s mask, which changes its style constantly. Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore created styles that are shaped and in the center of the book you can find this kind of symmetry too, and not just at random placed, although used in the scene wherever Rorschach is being interviewd by psychiatrist with Rorschach test. In motion picture, though, we could not find this added narrative, in spite of film director’s (Zack Snyder) attempts to recreate additional visuals of Rorschach’s idea, like a lot of silhouettes of symmetrical pictures, mostly in scenes where characters


Talking about Rorschach’s mask in terms of portrayal in both versions: in comic book mask was changing, nevertheless due to media of comics, we could only see particular patterns, which are deliberately drawn as anything straightforward to stress what personality was under-going, or just like vague habits as audiences’ personal evaluation, especially when Rorschach was facing towards visitor in close ups. This kind of ingenious method of creators to determine once again comic book’s multimedia and their comprehension of it proves that comic books form will always take positive aspects to use its’ own constraints for creating a thing very exclusive for its press. In motion picture version constant moving of pattern does not let give full attention to it lengthy enough before this replaces simply by another style. Although there is a single pattern that can tell what is Rorschach’s disposition is at that moment ” scene Rorschach’s ambush simply by police forces. His mask creates crosses on his eye which is effective but significantly less original than ideas from comic book.

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