Do you think it’s far unbelievable to feel completely happy and unfortunate at the same time? In fact, it is really possible to think these two thoughts inasmuch since it is something which happened to my opinion five years back when I graduated from college. I was cheerful because it was my graduating party, but I was unfortunate because we all my classmates and me personally ” would go our separate ways again after 4 years of getting in a good relationship.. To begin with, as I had gotten up earlier than usual and also myself to get the party, I reached college early.

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Of course I had been really happy at that time and I took a seat up coming to my personal classmates, my local freinds. After a very little time, as each of our classmates, guests and our teachers reached the large hall, the get together began with the reciting of some Quranic verses, plus the welcoming presentation. Then we listened to the speeches in the rector with the university ” University of Aden, the dean of the faculty of Education-Aden plus the graduates’ valedictorian.

After that we enjoyed several celebratory parts of the get together, such as viewing a play and playing some well-liked and pleasurable songs performed by several students. The required party of our graduation wound up with announcing the names of the reverance students and distributing records of evaluation at the finale at the time from which we noticed the call to Al-Dhuhr prayer. Then, following prayer everyone in our group was looking forward to the particular party of the group ” group two ” on the college grounds. It had been decided the day before by the group students to create lunch, pastry and drinks. So we began to eat those delicious homemade dishes and then relocated to have some truffles, and sweets as one genuine family. Once everybody acquired finished eating, the group get together started nicely with recalling and speaking about our college or university memories and stories with hearts full of nostalgia longing to return to these sweet earlier days and moments.

Lastly, despite the obscured feelings of sadness and nostalgia, we had some occasions of fun and amusement the moment some of each of our female classmates brought some humorous assessments they had ready about the personalities of all of us. But since we started to talk about our farewell and asked the other person to write down several memorable remarks in their laptops as well, emotions got activated until a few eyes stuffed with tears plus the hearts of became full of mixed delight and misery, hopes and disappointments and also waves of nostalgia pertaining to the much loved past and storms of longing for the hoped upcoming. To conclude, of course , on our significant time of graduating, we segregated as it was the farewell time, but we made our way of conntacting each other by simply creating a group on “Facebook with the same name of your study group.

And we learned a lot through this encounter, such as “whomever you like, some day you will be parted from and that we knew this is the mores of existence, which has their advantages and disadvantages inside our points of view. Finally, my own graduation party was therefore exciting mainly because I managed to graduate from college; on the other hand, that day was one of the saddest days of my entire life as a result of distancing us after four a lot of brotherhood, intimacy, friendship and closeness.

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