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Bangladesh continues to be progressing in the field of technology. Each of our government has implemented a new plan named Digital Bangladesh by 2021 that includes the use of IT pertaining to management, government and governance. So , the IT sector is thriving now in our country creating more job opportunities for computer system engineers and IT specialists. According to Kaspersky Laboratory, Bangladesh features ranked in second-placed intended for attacked by simply mobile malware and it has become one of the most weak countries on the web. Cyber safety is a real concern and corporations spend intensely to ensure the reliability of their personal computers.

Information Technology with a specialization in Internetworking and Web Security system will help to figure out in depth familiarity with security as well as how to protect valuable data by cyber-attackers.

I have picked Australia instead of any other countries or my own home country mainly because Australian universities offer a wide selection of courses and very good for higher studies plus some of them on top of world university rankings especially in technology sector.

The reason for choosing Macquarie University for more my research is because

  • Macquarie College or university is situated in Sydney which is one of the planet’s best student-friendly cities particularly for international students
  • Like many other international college students, I would like to analyze in a nation where there can be described as multicultural environment and Macquarie University is exactly the place for this.
  • Macquarie University has a 5-star QS rating.
  • Provides many Scholarships.
  • Macquarie College or university also offers an exchange and international opportunities for international students.

“Go West, young man, and grow up with the country. inches Horace Greeley, founder, and editor with the New York Podium.

My overall objective is to get the amount from Macquarie University and use the encounter for scientific development in my own nation. The education and experience We are gaining you will see transferable to my future academic work, research or a career within an industry.

The value of an Australian degree in your task sector is incredibly high. Big technology businesses also offer better salaries than local Designers or THIS specialists. With enough knowledge, I can actually start IT business of my own.

I had an important bike crash back in 2015 and had recently been suffering the past two . 5 years. At this point, I can walk without a crutch. It is the main reason for my study gap after completing my undergraduate in Malaysia.

There may be another saddest parts of warring was my own mother’s loss of life. She passed away 7 months ago and i also cant cope with the loss. I actually am even now struggling to get back up again.

So , Master of Information Technology which has a specialization in Internetworking and Cyber Secureness is a necessary program and I would like to study this program. I sincerely think that graduation by Macquarie School will be a superb step in this.

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