Symbolic Interactionism, Behaviorism, Self Identity, Socialism

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There are 3 main sociological perspectives depending on which health care will be reviewed in this paper. These viewpoints include functionalism, conflict and symbolic connections. These are the three perspectives which could give a better insight into the healthcare.


Functionalism is usually when various units in the society come together and form a single device in order to conduct various capabilities. Functionalism is defined as the theory of mind in terms of contemporary viewpoint. The theory was created as an essential alternative to the identity theory of brain as well as behaviorism. One of the main specifics highlighted by theory is that all efficient roles are the founders from the mental claims of an individual as belief, pain and desires. These types of mental states are the origin relations of the other mental claims that include physical inputs and behavioral outputs. Functionalism can thereby end up being defined as the theoretical progressing between the behavioral output and physical rendering. The theory is based on the fact that all individuals have a purpose in the society. Particular number of functions in the family, plus the churches. It truly is believed by functionalists which the functions which might be played by simply families or churches perform important tasks in serving the people.


The concept provided by theory of conflict is that the society functions in such a way that every person and teams works in such a way those advantages are maximized. These contributions work in this kind of a way that revolutions are seen in the field of politics. The theory talks about the disputes that exist between various different kinds of social classes that include proletarian classes and also bourgeois classes and various different theories that include socialism as well as capitalism. One of the main facts that need to be pointed out here is that conflict is likely to refuse functionalism that believes that sole individuals enjoy more important functions in the world, rather the groups of people.

Symbolic interactionism

There are three main points of views given by the theory of symbolic interactionism. Firstly, all people act toward things in a similar manner, as the points are identified. The connotations of these everything is derived from the social relationships that the person has to individuals. Thirdly, and most significantly, the meaning of the things is derived from the understanding of the people from the ways that the individual deals with these things. One of many facts that need to be mentioned the following is that interpersonal interaction is somewhat more of a constructivist approach to make sure that there is certainly an understanding in the individuals pertaining to the building of the social life with the help of the interactions that take place with one another. Thereby one of the primary concepts that have been given by the kinds of the social interactions that the people have. Connotations of the things that encircle the folks are derived from the social relationships that the persons have in the society. Just how self-identities happen to be constructed and exactly how on the based on these meanings, self-identities are manufactured by these individuals. Mainly the idea has defined that the ways in which the persons react inside the situations is far more based on the way in which the situations are recognized by the individuals.

Functionalism and healthcare

America’s healthcare market is one of the most significant industries. One of the main facts that need to be mentioned this is that need for health and healthcare is realized by the functionalists. One of the main and many important areas in which functionalism has been integrated especially in the field of health-related is in the circumstance of patient and doctor relationship. This relationship is among the most important part with the healthcare because doctors are required to communicate with the patients to be able to deliver better healthcare. Each of the needs and treatments with the patients are looked after by the doctors. These are generally the relationships that also define the different levels of governmental policies that take place at the amount of hospitals and healthcare. The politics in healthcare is far more defined by the public curiosity and the expert in the hostipal wards as well as health-related (Buechner, 2008, p. 43).

Applications in healthcare

One of the many theories which hold great importance in the field of healthcare is the Parson’s concept of unwell role. In respect to this theory, when operation of the cultural system is considered, when the general level of health is too low and the standard of incidence of illness is too high; it defines the failure with the healthcare program. This is because to the fact that illness is the central reason from the failure of social roles that are played out by the communities. Thereby, one of the main facts which can be seen is that health have been defined with regards to the normal features that can be performed by the specific within the society. Health is additionally defined by fact showing how role commitments are achieved by the person. Thereby, this cannot be argued here that illness is a pure neurological function.

Functionalism affecting the views of your individual in health care

Functionalism defines the sociology in terms of individual beliefs. Healthcare is also based on the beliefs which might be incorporated by doctors and patients by using an individual level. These are the beliefs which might be known to be imparted in the health-related systems by doctors and patients. There are certain beliefs with the doctors and also the patients with an individual level that are used to define and make procedures.

Functionalism influencing the method to social alter within healthcare

The individual beliefs that are imparted by the doctors as well as the people are the ones that works extremely well for policymaking. The new policies would bring better changes in healthcare (Buechner, 2008, g. 91).

How can functionalism impact the views of society

Functionalism describes the way in which the belief associated with an individual would bring changes in the culture. The philosophy and the benefits of interpretation of an individual has been produced more importance by functionalism. Thereby, there is an increased acknowledgement in the world of the ideas given by functionalism, especially in relation to changes that can be brought by these kinds of individual values (Lang, and Moleski, 2010, p. 65).

Theory of conflict and healthcare

One of the primary facts presumed by the discord theory is fantastic social changes can be pressured by wealthier and more fortunate people within the poor and fewer privileged people in the contemporary society. Thereby, there is certainly great negativity in the principles given by theory of discord.

Applications in healthcare

Vintage pyramid framework is and then the issue theory. A lot more powerful and privileged institutions are the ones that influence the terms to the people. These organizations include lawmakers, policymakers and political organizations. In health care, all guidelines that are finally designed or perhaps changed are based on the advices and advantages of the bigger authorities and privileged ones (Sitton, 1996, p. 89).

Conflict theory affecting the views associated with an individual in health care

If you have an increased implementation of discord theory in the field of healthcare, the normal man fantastic needs probably would not be taken into consideration. The changes or any type of new plans that are made in healthcare is only going to highlight exactly what is needed by privileged ones and the wealthiest in the world. Thus a rich person can think of having good luck within the contemporary society as compared to those with fewer privileges. Healthcare much more based on the needs with the patients that are in a have to be realized by the doctors and also the policymakers. The needs of less privileged patients are different as compared to the needs of more happy patients. They are the differences that must be taken into account. When changes are being made in neuro-scientific healthcare, these kinds of changes should be based on the needs of both abundant and poor patients somewhat only the richer ones. There is no doubt about the very fact that the negative opinions in the culture will increase if the role of most in the society is not taken into account in a proper manner (Harris, and Joseph, 2003, p. 43).

Conflict theory affecting the approach to sociable change inside health care

Social change in the situation of theory of issue can only end up being brought by the powers and privileges which have been held by powerful and richer persons in the community. Therefore any social changes which can be enforced are merely based on the needs of the richer ones. Thereby, from here it can be realized that cultural change will be enforced when theory of conflict can be followed.

How exactly does functionalism affect the views of society

The theory of issue has been recognized to increase negative thoughts within the world. When there exists a general thought within the society that all changes in the society depends on the alterations that are needed by the more potent ones and by the

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