The Scope of the study is for the Enrollment system of the said College or university. The study will include Diliman Network connection s i9000 and how they will work. It really is focus on the network data Management that used by the It staff. In the position of Diliman computer technology Start they use old-fashioned way of registration system that take a while to carry on a software, base in what we examine the global technology make up and up the improvement regarding web browsing so we trying to make some code or plan that can be destroyed by the accompanied by a data supervision and web page design.

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The study is all about how we can make program can send a data in another application and how will be the effect of this system to our environment in diliman computer technology institute. But in some many reason were knowledge are limited, our program are limited of this thing because of some losing data we attended to avoid.

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>The study does not cover a payroll system.

>The study not included to code Upgrading system.

>The Programmer no responsibilities In terms of error of data and data loss.

This limitation is can be harm to our program and the time that given to us is not enough because if we included this limitation are system need to be know by other company and we needed to deal with their terms and condition.

1.2 Statement of the problem

In this study we have many Question that we trying to avoid. In our case we confused some of the methodology in sending data, how long the program cost time to make if time given is enough for us to finished, if our program can be user-friendly of its design that we attended to have, how Big the size of storage data needed in our system in storage, data transfer we are confused in this study how will can do this and if their need firewall ,network management, and server, and how will be the program effectiveness.

>Time contingency

>User friendliness



>Data storage

>Data Transfer

With this study that trying to prevent a dropping of data that given to personnel if our program are completely operate and lunched to the webpage and web page.

1 . 5 Definitions of terms

1 . five. 1 Network

To have a connection in two component to system which will website and software

1 ) 5. 2 Send Data

This method which help the transferring info from website to computer software

1 . 5. 3 Receive Data

These systems which help to store data and receive info from website that designs.

1 . 5. 4 Deliberar staff

Registrar is responsible for securing data that receive and the individual who manage the program and internet site.

1 . five. 5 Application

It’s the installable application that connected to web site plus the one in charge of setting, acquiring and collecting.

1 . a few. 6 Site

It is the webpage that connected to computer software, and it’s the responsible for Conversation of the consumer and suceder staff.

Performance of Enrolling in DILIMAN COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE using online Registration

Ramos Clinton bh Electronic. Palomer

Mark Fernan Bacus

B. S i9000. Information Technology Individuals

(September 2013)


1 . 0 Introduction

1 . 1 Backdrop of the study

This analyze aims to appear w/ an internet enrollment approach to DILIMAN SOFTWARE INSTITUTE pupils w/c have information important data such as name, yr, section, and so forth this thesis we recommended is for all and most particularly in the school of DILIMAN SOFTWARE INSTITUTE to enable to produced information by different people.

Nowadays It is important to each college and universities to have an enrollment every single school season. But these universities are using different methods. Just like here in DILIMAN COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY COMMENCE, they are using the very common manual method of enrollment.

With this case, enrollment period in the school is very period assuming however since. The school is not that recognized in its discipline some people is not going to notice that.

The recommended systems will able to help the school reduce the number of days and nights to all that enrollment period may take. Additionally this study will also

help to advertise the school by the use of online enrollment system.

1 . 4 Value of the study

In the university of DILIMAN COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY START their means of enrolling and registration system is manual and this kind of procedure is frustrating for all that are looking for to enroll. To ensure that we chosen to make also to propose to the dean the system we are going to produce to have an quickly process of enrolling here in DILIMAN COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY COMPANY. Even though they are really in the province or far from DILIMAN COLLEGE or perhaps if they are out of town they can nonetheless enroll through the system. All of us make this kind of topic intended for the school of DILIMAN SOFTWARE INSTITUTE to get the easy means of any requirements that’s demands for enrolling in DILIMAN COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY and also for less hassle in the students and oldsters that have and work.


installment payments on your 0. Relative literature

installment payments on your 1 . The strategy superiority ” Enrollment will be accessible on the web to all parent students from diliman software institute and fresh a arriving students. The ask for and notice make are similar structure. The program will be adapted in just about any browser (sample Google, Opera, Internet Explorer) as non-active the computer and gadget apply keep a internet sexual intercourse.

This can also be obtain ask from the consumer or pupil that may be enrolled in Diliman Computer Technology Institute. The personnel can also answer to the ask that emit, by the progression of e-mail. The program are also developed to present. info of career in the college student. it is also awarded a edge to the college to superscribe their renown in the state it is also may imprint instantly in computer.

2 . 2 . The program are protected making use of this demonstrate ” The program are mean the record safeguarded. It present password and username that personnel will be granted. This program present data to issue. It is also present parental

manipulation access in eliminating and designing data. Superiority of this system to older progression are definitely the count use.

Chapter 3


three or more. 1 Advantages

This part outlines the study of the strategy of the examine. This Research we’re inform that we can make a simple way of communicating at school through on the net enrollment. System is Safe tier to use. Program are created in order to save files, printing, delete and receive. Program are coded and design and style by the use of Mysql, Visual Standard and html.

3. a couple of Research Targets

>The Objective of this system should be to minimize the common problem about Enrollment program.

>System is to provide a Same Process to be ready like manual Enrollment, that may far community can join their form.

>Program intended to receive a file from student.

>System intended to encourage the far community to be sign-up on diliman.

3. several Research Problem

The Question inside our System is how you can be connected in Bank in order that we avoid included having to pay System that take a large number of function that can be receive and record the cash that enter in and out. The system are not applicable about in updating but it capable to Set the view outside the window of the world wide web of the web page by the help staff. How many Duplicate that Need to be protect the information. how you can control the entry of non change suitable information by non eligible person. What would

be the result of Some Error. Changing System can be harm inside the System. The Recovery System is limited and can’t support the several idea.

three or more. 4 Human population

The Growth from the population of student will probably be can bigger if the Program will be work correctly. In such a case Population are come lower and reduced when the amount of year of course are larger, because the problem of the Inhabitants down are cause of position of student if the software will be success student will be will be not needed to be back and Port to fill-up in short their time will be decrease in the term of enrollment. the last analyze the population of student happen to be show help to make lower(figure a few. 4) in this instance show exactly how are batch drop. The system is straightforward to provide the truly amazing back ground to student through the School for that reason system we could indirectly or directly support. The program approximate to use lot of study sample by using Mysql for info saving Image basic pertaining to Designing and the like. That can help will be System.

several. 5 System Collection

The gathering of data help to make stronger for the reason that coder work with many program that can help to guard and protected data. Like: Visual simple, OleDb connection, Microsoft access, and html code; The Collection of data are sent to internet ad see the Receiver app and internet receiver which could have a back-up data files.

3. six Data style

3. 6. 1 Simple to use

The System is incredibly Easy to use since it design to assist the user or staff. The program is design like a normal form that user may use the program such as a normal kind that need to fill-up.

several. 6. 2 Protection

several. 6. installment payments on your 1 Program Receiver

The machine provide a basic safety function just like log-in and log-out, it can be automatically shutdown the laptop or computer if their many trials happen in log-in in the program.

3. 6. 2 . 2Application on web

The System design to simply accept a information and immediately send that to receiver application, their very own no payment that needed so that necessary transaction will probably be make difficulty.

3. 7 Analysis

This software is very simple technique of communication with this design it might only get information, and take various months to study because of application that will be use like Aesthetic basic Oledb that connected to the internet also to the Application recipient.

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